The Mass Communications building: beauty on the inside

At the University of Denver, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies (MFJS) majors take a majority of their classes in the Mass Communications building. Like the professors and department-heads who teach courses and have offices there, though, most of them strongly dislike its basically-off-campus location.

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Students reveal untold stories of life without abroad

Many students accepted to the University of Denver dream of studying abroad during their junior year of college, a dream made easy by the university’s high study abroad rankings. Shockingly, there are a number of students who chose not to study abroad and face an entirely new experience during their junior fall quarter while 70 percent of their class is traveling the world.

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Crunch Times: Upcoming Finals Stress at DU

Ready or not, DU students are wrapping up the first quarter of 2016. Finals are around the corner, and each DU student has a personal game plan. A short time between mid-terms, however, leaves many students without space to breath. Even with much work to be done, students put their mental health first. For many, a break from the books makes the difference between an “A” and a mental breakdown. Even so, each student shows a different outlook on the situation.

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Building: A better world

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Islamophobia: how DU got it right

Islamophobia is a prominent issue being faced on college campuses across the country. In the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks, when the tenets of terrorism are being muddled with mainstream Islam by even our presidential candidates, DU has succeeded in educating its community and providing a more welcoming environment for all students.

In my photographs, I strive to convey the positive experience of Muslim students such as my interview subject, Samiha, at DU. I took the photographs of Samiha in front of recognizable campus landmarks to make them as unique to our campus as possible. Additionally, I included a photo of a poster in Sturm, the location of the vandalized poster, to give viewers a sense of how noticeable said message was to commuting students and professors. Finally, I took a plethora of photos of the Denver Islamic Society to shine light on the Muslim Community within the greater area of Denver. Continue reading

Finals at the University of Denver: student’s stress levels rise

Finals are approaching for the University of Denver. Awaiting summer, students are anxious to finish exams and enjoy their vacations.

Coping Methods for Finals

During finals, the DU study body is under high stress. In order to cope with the large workload that comes along with having multiple finals, students have various strategies.

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Denver University The Bridge Project: Growing minds. Creating possibilities.

I had a really fun time going to The Bridge Project at the Columbine site and taking these photos! I have been volunteering at the columbine site for a couple months now and I wanted to try and capture the energy and love that I see every day on site. I wanted to inform my audience about this wonderful program and the change that they are making in their community.

I put the slides in the order that I did because I first wanted my audience to have an overview of what the bridge was in the eyes Sergio. He is one of few words. And Betty was just so charismatic when she talked about the kids that I felt it was good to show that love and affection right off the bat. Jacquelyn was my favorite interview. She went into full details about the program for about 15 minutes. I had to pick and choose what I felt the most important parts of the program were so that I could keep it under 3 minutes. Cutting the audio I found to be quite difficult. I struggled with trying to make the sections flow together without a hitch. I am very familiar with adding text to a slideshow so that turned out to be quite east.

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DU Student Elections

My project on the DU elections started off to be pretty difficult for me. I am very new to using iMovie/premiere Pro. Another class of mine was using Premiere Pro during the same time so I decided to stick to that program while doing this assignment. Overall, I am really happy with Premiere Pro because it allows for advanced editing and it’s a great skill to have.

The interview process was interesting and fun for me to hear the opinions and ideas of my peers. Most of the people I interviewed are friends of mine which made for easy conversation. Interviewing three people was nice to have extra material and the Jack/Nikki duo worked nicely together. During the interviews, I found the interviewees to get a little off topic. I wanted them to focus on why they chose to run for USG, but sometimes they strayed into talking about their plans once they were elected, etc.

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Seniors and the graduation time bomb

My slideshow continues on the topic of what seniors will be doing post graduation. I wanted to emphasize how well the University of Denver prepares students for the future. In the process, I was pleased to find such positive feedback from students. Most seniors reported that they feel their DU education has been valuable and prepared them for careers and plans ahead. I wanted to tell a story throughout the slideshow of different opportunities and advice for seniors come graduation in the spring.

I chose to photograph seniors that I interviewed and popular places to study, work and relevant photos to graduating college. My topic allowed a bit of freedom in the photography. I was able to be creative in what I felt were important images and themes to portray. For example, I thought capturing seniors and buildings around campus was important to show that the people are still in student mode and are gearing up for graduation.

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Women outnumber men in MFJS

Written Reflection

          The power point assignment that built off of our Issue Story #1 was satisfying and even a little fun to make. It was rewarding to go around campus and peek a little bit more into the lives of the community of the University of Denver. I was very interested in convering the topic of the representation of women in the media studies department at DU because as I have gotten into higher level classes in my major, I have noticed more and more that my classes are overwhelmingly made up of females. This was remarkable to me not just in the fact itself, but because I never really saw journalism as one of the programs that is known for attracting females more than males. I am also taking a class (in the MFJS department) that focuses on gender relations especially in different industries. We just finished an introduction to feminism, which I think is what got me thinking about the disparity in general. I thought that this would be a unique and relevant topic to cover because it is very apparent but it is not talked about very much. Continue reading