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The Invictus Initiative works to build love globally

My audio/visual story represents Madison Davis and the Invictus Initiative’s strive for volunteering and the creation of a better community globally. My photo project represents how the Invictus Initiative works to fundraise for their trips and what volunteering means to them.

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Japanese culture thrives at DU

The Japanese Bunka Kai Culture and Language Club is one of the many culture-based organizations on campus. Through my slideshow, I aimed to show how the club began from the pure passion of students, as well as how student effort made it become official in the last few years. Additionally, I aimed to show how the club gets involved on campus, as well as how it contributes to DU’s inclusive excellence through promoting Japanese culture.

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Students reveal untold stories of life without abroad

Many students accepted to the University of Denver dream of studying abroad during their junior year of college, a dream made easy by the university’s high study abroad rankings. Shockingly, there are a number of students who chose not to study abroad and face an entirely new experience during their junior fall quarter while 70 percent of their class is traveling the world.

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International Students Faced with Cultural Adjustment

Assimilating to cultures and ways of life is not always easy.  For my Final Cut Pro, I explored how international students from the University of Denver cope with being away from home and adjust to new cultural experiences.  There are two sides to this inquiry.  Marlene Arnold, a Senior International Advisor with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) spoke to me about the various resources her office offers to members of DU’s extensive international demographic.  Continue reading

DU Students Relish Opportunity to Learn a New Language at Home and Abroad

Returning students learn to adjust post-abroad

In covering the topic of student’s re-adjustment to home and campus post-abroad, I wanted my photos to effectively show some of the aspects of campus that had changed while students were abroad. I also wanted to capture some of the ways that students learn to preserve their memories from abroad with things like their souvenirs, mementos and room décor. I also tried to illustrate the joy students feel when reuniting with their friends as well as the stress students endure from trying to juggle so many changes at once. I also gaves examples of ways students can help de-stress themselves and ease back into the normal rythem. Finally, I also wanted to point students in the right direction of where they can look to find support upon returning and get involved with sharing their experiences from abroad.

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Study abroad boosts students’ interest in foreign language

Students pursue independent study in a second or third language

Students pursue independent study in a second or third language

Winter Quarter is a period of limbo at the University of Denver, when Juniors return from Study Abroad while Sophomores are selecting where they will be the coming fall. The travel bug is certainly biting and giving students itchy feet, but have any tongues been tickled by linguistics?

The ability to communicate effectively in a second or even third language has become increasingly important in our globalized world. DU students are coming to see the value such knowledge will bring to their professional and personal lives.

This is evident in the facts behind Pioneers studying abroad in locations where English is not the lingua franca, so to speak.

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Post-abroad adjustments: DU students return to campus


A collection of postcards Madeline Nash acquired from friends and from her own time abroad.

The University of Denver campus may look a bit more crowded this winter quarter than in autumn. There was recently a resurgence of third and fourth year students returning from semesters of studying around the world.

“It’s all embraces and big hugs when you see your friends for the first time. It feels so awesome to reunite,” said Madeline Nash, a junior International Studies and Spanish major who went abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The DU Fact and Figures page cites DU as, in 2011, ranking sixth in the nation in the percentage of undergraduate students who study abroad, with about 63.4 percent of the undergraduates at DU choosing to go abroad for at least a semester.

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Winter quarter then operates as a period of re-adjustment for the juniors and seniors returning to campus. It is the time to re-acclimate to the routine and culture of the United States and of DU as well.

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Study abroad: the other side

Basically I focused just about all of my pictures based on what the subjects in my interviews were saying. At times it was a bit difficult to capture exactly what they were describing but I felt I used relatable photos to what the subjects were saying. My project focused on two aspects here at DU. I briefly described and explained the unique study abroad program DU has that allows a large majority of students to go abroad their junior year. I felt it was very necessary to point out how the university really supports and tries to make the study abroad experience available to all students. However, not all students go abroad and this is what I primarily focused my slideshow on. Continue reading