After College

Moving On: Pioneers’ Christian Burgdorf

Ellie Knott, Phalan Klein

For Bill Tierney’s Pioneers, excellence is the unanimous standard. His end game however? that his players will have fun and excel in sport and life far past his time as their coach. For three time all American and two time captain Christian Burgdorf, Lacrosse still is and always will be a “Fun game.” We caught up with Christian to talk about the end of his career as a pioneer and the recent Major League Lacrosse Draft. Continue reading

Case de Paz: Providing hospitality to those affected by immigrant detention

For my audio slideshow I decided to highlight a local organization, Casa de Paz. As can be seen from the array of household photos the organization is manned by few volunteers in a suburban home across from the Aurora Detention Center. The photos range from home-made thank you cards, cozy living room furniture, eloquent meals prepared by college students, interacting with immigrants, and the everyday duties of running a 2-bedroom house. I was fortunate enough to meet Paul, a well-spoken Haitian staying at Casa de Paz who seeks asylum in the United States. I also interviewed Erin, a college student who volunteers at the Casa in her spare time. I feel as if the photographs captured the loving and cozy Casa. Continue reading

DU’s first woman president in a decade

This project was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about audio story telling, also about Adobe Premiere. The software is fun to use and can be picked up fairly quickly. I also learned a lot about USG. It was fun to re-connect with Tess and get to know her more as our president rather than my friend. She put in a lot of hard work over the past two-years and will continue on here at DU as a graduate student.

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An Inside Look at the “Denver Voice”

My slideshow was on Denver’s street paper, the Denver Voice, so my photos consist of various shots of the paper, the people involved in it, and the Voice office. I took photos of articles and covers in the paper to provide context, as well as identifying photos of the several sources I interviewed – the staff of the paper, two homeless vendors, and a homeless contributor. I also got ambient shots of the office for b-roll, and shots of the vendors interacting with staff and each other to accompany audio clips that described the benefits of the vendor program. (I had hoped to get some action shots of the vendor who normally stands on University and Evans to provide diversity and show the process of vending, but unfortunately, he apparently stopped selling there for two weeks. I had to adjust and get more photos from the office.)

These photos tell the stories of not only the paper and the vendor program itself, but also the personal experiences of individual vendors and contributors. These personal experiences add another dimension to the story, and photos were able to capture this, through things like the joy in Kat and Justin’s faces and the natural interaction between a homeless vendor and an office staff member.

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Journalism dying or transforming?

There is a common idea that journalism is dying; newspapers are read less, journalists are finding it more difficult to find careers in traditional journalism, and newspaper industries are running out of business. In the slideshow, I discuss facts and ideas that have cultivated the belief of the death of journalism, and use photos to describe the journalism industry as well as the attitudes of DU students about such a belief. I incorporate quotes and thoughts from the interviewed DU students, whether they are journalism majors or not, to understand how the generation that will be the world’s next career-seekers feel about their futures post-graduation.

The slideshow also discusses the declination of enrollment in the journalism field within universities. Contrast from the article, where I only explain the turmoil of journalism as a career, the slideshow includes a perspective of the journalism hardships in education as well. This allows viewers to understand the scope of what people involved in journalism are challenged with, whereas the article restricts readers to only considering life after college.

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Where to get internship help at DU

My story topic for this slideshow and my previous issue story is on internships and some tips DU students could benefit from. Through this slideshow, my hope was to create visual representations of some of the resources students have that can facilitate their internship application process. With this story in mind, I chose to include the pictures—like the information center at the Career Services office and the MFJS sign—that gave a clear idea of what students can find on campus. Continue reading

Should journalism students be worried?

header photo

Denver Post lobby – Courtesy of Jake Pemberton

Over the years, traditional media has been experiencing a decline in audience, revenue, and sense of importance. The rise of the digital world, such as the Internet and social media, can take most of the responsibility for such a decline. Nowadays, consumers are one click away from accessing any and all information with the touch of a finger, which discourages those to continue getting information for a price. Due to the recent decline of traditional media, critics and journalism professionals have described the journalism industry as “dying”.

Despite the negative perspective of the industry’s future, journalism students of the University of Denver interviewed for this story say they are still optimistic about their lives post-graduation.

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Finals at the University of Denver: student’s stress levels rise

Finals are approaching for the University of Denver. Awaiting summer, students are anxious to finish exams and enjoy their vacations.

Coping Methods for Finals

During finals, the DU study body is under high stress. In order to cope with the large workload that comes along with having multiple finals, students have various strategies.

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Weekly market Friday Night Bazaar showcases local businesses

A night of friends, fun and food

Friday Night Bazaar is a weekly artisan event that began on March 6th of this year.

“Friday Night Bazaar was inspired by TheBigWonderful because we needed an indoor sister event for TheBigWonderful, so we took this renovated warehouse space and turned it into kind of an indoor centralized marketplace,” said Social Coordinator and Marketing Liaison Kristen Vinson.

“It’s a place for vendors and local artisans to showcase what they’ve got going on. I think it’s really cool that pets are allowed-it’s animal/family friendly. We try to represent a huge genre of vendors here, and I think that that is across the board. Anything from jewelry to clothing to home décor, lawn stuff, anything you could think of, it’s here,” said Vinson. Continue reading

Seniors and the graduation time bomb

My slideshow continues on the topic of what seniors will be doing post graduation. I wanted to emphasize how well the University of Denver prepares students for the future. In the process, I was pleased to find such positive feedback from students. Most seniors reported that they feel their DU education has been valuable and prepared them for careers and plans ahead. I wanted to tell a story throughout the slideshow of different opportunities and advice for seniors come graduation in the spring.

I chose to photograph seniors that I interviewed and popular places to study, work and relevant photos to graduating college. My topic allowed a bit of freedom in the photography. I was able to be creative in what I felt were important images and themes to portray. For example, I thought capturing seniors and buildings around campus was important to show that the people are still in student mode and are gearing up for graduation.

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