Beans Cafe: DU’s hidden gem

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Caffeine culture on DU’s campus

How do college students start their mornings? With a big cup of coffee while reviewing a planner filled with academic and social obligations. The amount of caffeine intake on the University of Denver has become a health issue. This slideshow focuses in on the culture and the community that has developed around coffee and caffeine intake on the University of Denver’s campus.  Continue reading

DU campus lacks healthy food choices, frustrating students

Over the years, healthy and mindful eating has gained traction across the nation and it has especially taken off on college campuses. At the University of Denver (DU), students are active and interested in where their food comes from, caring about what types of food they are fueling their bodies with.

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DU students craving healthy food on campus

The "Healthy Options" board, located in DU's Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri

The “Healthy Options” board, located in DU’s Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri.

DENVER- A popular trend amongst millennials, healthy eating has been gaining momentum on college campuses, including the University of Denver (DU).

With three dining halls, three cafes and two convenience stores located across DU’s campus, students are provided with a variety of food options wherever they go, but not all of them are healthy.

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College students: complicated relationship with caffeine

Latte Shot

Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms — Photograph by Shannon O’Mara

The University of Denver is home to Beans Coffee Shop. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location on campus, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.

University of Denver second year, Veronica Angell has been working at Beans for about 6 months. She loves her job because she is a part of something successful that people on campus love and support constantly.

One of the people that Angell serves is University of Denver, third year accounting major, Courtney Smith. Because of the vigorous expectations for accounting majors, Smith spends long hours awake in the library studying every element that is necessary for the accounting core. These long hours in the library cause Smith to rely on caffeine to function each and everyday. Continue reading

Weekly market Friday Night Bazaar showcases local businesses

A night of friends, fun and food

Friday Night Bazaar is a weekly artisan event that began on March 6th of this year.

“Friday Night Bazaar was inspired by TheBigWonderful because we needed an indoor sister event for TheBigWonderful, so we took this renovated warehouse space and turned it into kind of an indoor centralized marketplace,” said Social Coordinator and Marketing Liaison Kristen Vinson.

“It’s a place for vendors and local artisans to showcase what they’ve got going on. I think it’s really cool that pets are allowed-it’s animal/family friendly. We try to represent a huge genre of vendors here, and I think that that is across the board. Anything from jewelry to clothing to home décor, lawn stuff, anything you could think of, it’s here,” said Vinson. Continue reading

Beans Cafe proves to be a hidden gem on campus

When our class was assigned this project, I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to focus on. I picked Beans Cafe because I like coffee and small, unique businesses, and I didn’t know too much about the café and wanted to learn more about it. My roommate was always raving about how amazing the coffee was and that she doesn’t go anywhere else for her lattes and I didn’t start going there until fall of this year– something I definitely regret now!

I wanted to show the audience, both those who are familiar and new to Beans, how special Beans truly is and learn more about the people that work there and who are patrons there. One thing that sets Beans apart from other local and campus coffee shops is the fact that it’s student run, which has a huge influence on menu items, events Beans throws, and the overall atmosphere of the café.

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Pancakes with a side of philanthropy: DHOP 2015 is a hit with DU students

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Students for Sustainable Food fights to improve Sodexo fare on DU campus

This slideshow continues to tell the story of the Real Food Challenge proposed by the DU Students for Sustainable Food and signed by the University of Denver in 2014. This story features the hydrotower that has been installed in the Centennial Halls cafeteria, quotes from SSF members, and the contrast between the food offered currently and the goals of the Real Food Challenge. It is clear that there is still a long way to go, and a lot of hard work to put in.

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Not hungry for long: DU’s food choices on and around campus

My slideshow continues with the topic of what options students have on and around campus for their meal choices. Both the story and slideshow did not highlight copious amounts of healthy choices without students taking the personal initiative to customize their meals. I wanted this slideshow to represent all types of food, not only fast food or healthy food in order to get a full background on the restaurant choices students attend on and around campus. This slideshow highlights both options on campus provided by the University and restaurants around campus to which students who obliged were documented attending.

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