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Parking at DU causes frustration and angst among students

At the University of Denver, the most agitating part of a student’s life should be class. Unfortunately for some, parking, rather than education itself, is one of the more dominant stressers in life. With limited space and time for street parking and expensive passes for on-campus parking, the options presented to students are often perceived as unreasonable.

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The off season isn’t really off, according to these student athletes

Leah is a member of the soccer team at DU and Kayla is a member of the volleyball team. Playing a division one sport at a university is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of dedication. Even when our sports are in the off season we still have to be in the gym training and competing. 

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Take Me to Africa

While the Black Student Alliance has become well established on DU’s campus, there was no organization for students who wanted a stronger connection to Africa.  Freshmen Anifa Musengimana and Sarah Tesfai decided to fill that absence at DU.

That is how African Students United came to DU.  The organization aims to “create a space to celebrate educate, and participate in the understanding of the many rich, diverse cultures of Africa”.  The organization is intended for students of African descent and anyone who wants to be an ally on campus.

ASU has been in existence since January 2017, and did their first big performance at Black Undergraduate Student Alliance’s event “Taste of African Dance”.  The President of ASU, Anifa Musengimana says, “When we saw how successful that event was, and everybody who came together to celebrate African culture, we knew that we needed to have this event.”

ASU did just that on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Davis Auditorium from 5:30-9pm, with Take Me to Africa.  The event featured traditional African food, local vendors, performances and a fashion show.

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Lamont ends the year with strong voices

Professor Chris Wiger is our first interviewee. He is the Director of Public Relations at the Lamont School of Music. “We had about 300 performance majors they are all trying to be singers, classical musicians, Jazz musicians and my job is to get people to all the concerts they gave each year which about 300 concerts, 250 which are absolutely free.“ he said with a smile.

The Lamont Sign

The Newman Center for Performing Arts Sign, where the concert took place on May 18, 2017.

Hunter Martin is a freshman at DU and he is the member of the Lamont Chorale. Martin’s major is vocal performance and he focus on classical music and opera, so it’s requirement to be a part of the chorale. He started singing when he was 9 and he also joined the musical theater for long time.

He told us a lot of details about their choir rehearsal. For example, they practice three times a week. On Monday, they only have one hour and sectional exercise, basic alone and other times for two hours each. The rehearsal always start with some warm ups. “We hear each other and hear the harmonies and after that, Doctor Sailer, she gonna picks a part each piece, so we will sing the all the way through, she will stop, pick a part and singing it again all the way through until we should able to look it on by ourselves.” he explained.

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“Four” highlights seniors’ hard work

Four is comprised of the artwork of four graduating seniors from the University of Denver who are completing their BFA’s in the Studio Art Program. Claire Anderson, Hannah Rose Cole, Leeandra Durfey, and Sabrina Yagman are all very unique artists who had the opportunity to present their artwork at the Vicky Myhren Gallery opening on May 18, 2017.

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Parking at the University of Denver angers students

Parking with Ellie and Phalan!

The life of a Resident Assistant

The majority of the photos in the slideshow are taken in Centennial Halls which is a first year residence hall at the University of Denver. The audio slideshow is narrated by two resident assistants, Eloy Chavez who is a first-year RA and Meagan Dizon who is a 2nd year RA. They both talk about what it’s like having the RA job and what kind of challenges they face. They also talk about how rewarding the job is and what they have learned from it.

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Senior Maddy Stevenson is playing for a Cause


QSA: a student lead organization promoting acceptance



The photos I chose for this audios-how assignment all represent QSA, its members, and some of their significant events/activities. I start off with the QSA logo and other graphic design made by members to represent the group as a whole. I also include lots of pictures of meetings and QSA members holding messages/signs. I asked them to do this because I thought it would be a great way for them to show their messages within this project, and they had already made the signs and backdrop for another photo-shoot. I think the group shots are especially important because they represent individuals coming together to proliferate acceptance and support. Other pictures I included were flyers/announcements that involved events QSA had/has coming up (since I couldn’t be there to shoot these events) because this was a good way to show some of the work/things the organization has been doing on campus.

My topic involves a profile of a student organization on campus, the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA). I’m covering/focusing on this because I think it is important for all types of people and sexualities to be accepted on college campuses. I think that QSA does good work to provide a safe place and bring people together. They promote awareness, support, and acceptance here at DU. I intended to communicate that acceptance of all different types of sexualities is crucial so that students can feel welcomed and safe in their academic and often home environments. The story here involves this student lead group that is doing important work to help/support people of all genders and sexual orientations.

I believe that all of my photographs represent what Queen, the president of the org is taking about. The pictures represent the group as a whole, show different students coming together and spreading their messages, and also visualize some of the events and messages themselves. I placed the slides in a specific order to try and best represent what Queen is saying. For example, when she talks about the Valentine’s Day dinner, Drag show, or painting event I include flyers created by QSA for that event. I try to best visualize the work and positivity that QSA embodies. My audio is based off of one interview, however she is the president of the org and had so many useful/good things to talk to me about. I feel like she gave a great overall description of QSA’s accomplishments. I didn’t include text in most of my photos because I thought most of the visuals and audio clips spoke for themselves, however I did add a couple to clarify information about some photos. Integrating audio took much longer than I thought because it was hard to cut down a whole interview with an abundance of great information into a 2 minute video. Text was also difficult because I found it hard to edit the text how I wanted while also making it easy to read on the screen.

I think what really worked for this project was going to the meetings and getting interviews with important members. For the most part, I think my pictures and audio make an interesting profile. I also thought it worked pretty well to have pictures of different messages/events/announcements to create a comprehensive representation of the organization. What was difficult for me was the editing not the collection of raw materials. I think that it would be a good idea to keep practicing with premier to become more advanced in the future. I found it hard to create text especially, and sometimes I would make mistakes and have to immediately undo them. Next time I would like to get more voices and ambient sounds. I would also like to be better with titles and captioning at that point! I did learn a lot about editing audio, creating different photo effects (Ken Burns) and generally using how to learn premier. I liked the type/variety of pictures I got, and would take similar photos if doing another organization profile. Overall, I learned a lot about editing, recording good quality audio, taking photos that visualize a story, placing photos and ideas in a sequence that makes sense, and how to represent a group of people in an unbiased way that also showcases their activities.