Images from the midst of DU’s Winter crime-wave


DENVER – As the Winter temperatures plummet and the workload of classes begins to weigh down on DU students, there’s yet another issue for people to be stressed over: crime. Just since November of 2015, there have been 84 Campus Safety reports filed; many of which concern sexual assault, armed robbery, or forced fondling. This is unfortunately not simply a spike in criminal activity, but rather a continuation of an alarming trend for the University of Denver area. Continue reading

What to wear: snow and ice edition

My slide show focuses in on what types of winter weather clothing items students should wear when it is icy and cold outside. Being in proper winter gear for braving the slipper paths on campus is very important, and no one likes freezing on their way to class. My topic covered not only foot wear but also coats, layers, and other accessories students should consider investing in in order to be safe and warm during the winter months here in Colorado.

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Crime-ageddon: The alarming increase in illegal activity in the DU area

Photo by DJ Callahan, Evans St. Alley

Photo by DJ Callahan, Evans St. Alley

DENVER – It’s every late-night studier’s worst nightmare. You’re walking home from the library, laptop and textbooks in tow, when you realize that you’re not the only one out on the dimly-lit streets late at night. The setting turns from innocent to hostile as you realize what is about to happen: you are getting robbed at gunpoint. This occurrence, once thought of as an outlier in the University of Denver area’s crime history, is now becoming more common than ever before. Even on campus, it seems that nobody is safe from the riff-raff that the wealthy university draws to its gates. Continue reading

DU’s Inclusive Excellence promotes acceptance towards Muslim students in the wake of terrorism

This past November, more than 120 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a series of attacks of unprecedented scale by the terrorist group, ISIS. The fear that followed this violence has resulted in unjust treatment toward Muslim people everywhere, with communities in Texas to Florida to Nebraska reporting threats and defacement of mosques, passengers refusing to get on flights with people who “look Muslim” and much worse.

DU's commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community Photo by Chloe Barrett

DU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community
Photo by Chloe Barrett

Additionally, following the Paris Attacks, national attention has been drawn to Islamophobia on college campuses, a charge that DU is not entirely innocent of. Second-year business marketing student, Kylee Skall recalls seeing an abundance of hateful, Islamophobic slurs on the anonymous social networking app Yik Yak following the Paris Attacks in November.

“I remember there being a lot of really graphic, violent threats,” said Skall. “Stuff like ‘murder all Muslims’ and ‘ban Muslims from America.’”

Arguably, cruel and ignorant messages such as this are nothing new for anonymous forums like Yik Yak, but it would seem that this malice has begun to transcend the virtual realm into the everyday life of students at DU. Second-year political science and public policy student, Cheyenne Hunt, reports seeing a poster in Sturm hall in mid-January showing a woman wearing a hijab—the purpose of which is to encourage cultural sensitivity on DU’s campus—with the words “go back home” written on it.

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What to wear to survive a Colorado winter

The University of Denver is home to a wide range of students hailing from all corners of the country, many of whom don’t have prior experience with snow or cold weather. Due to this fact, many students are unprepared for the snow and ice covered paths that snake the University’s campus.

Snow boot marks can be seen all around campus

Snow boot marks can be seen all around campus

As fall quarter came to an end last year at The University of Denver, it had become abundantly clear that come January there would be loads of snow descending and plenty of frigid winter days. On such days it is always interesting to see what students are bundled up in to brave the wintery weather on and around campus.

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The rise of the hobbyist drone on college campuses around the world


While sitting in class on the first day our instructor, Dr. Christof Demont-Heinrich, starting talking about his fascination in drone use. I have personally had first-hand experience flying a drone over the summer for my father’s real estate business. I immediately asked if this could be my topic for our first two projects and he gave me the go-ahead! I wanted to dig into the world of drones and find as much information on them as I could. I found I didn’t know as much about drones as I thought I did.

I wanted to steer my story in more of an informational direction. I wanted to provide students reading this article with the rules and regulations on drone use in the United States. In doing this I started looking into the benefits and disadvantages of having drones on a college campus. Could they be harmful to academics and/or safety or are they beneficial to our growing culture of electronics? This was the question I wanted to answer for my story. Continue reading

Drones on college campuses: instrumental or detrimental?

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming more prominent on college campuses across the globe every year. Last year a lawsuit was filed against the Federal Aviation Administration by many United States universities classifying the administrations handling of the rise of drones as “a grave threat to science, research, education, and technological innovation across the United States.”

Notwithstanding the prohibition the FAA has put on drone use in classrooms, institutions are adding drone classes to their curriculum. Universities are using drones to do scientific research as well as utilizing drone footage for sports practices.

What is a drone and what are the regulations?

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly referred to as a “drone”, is a remotely piloted aircraft. Individuals who use these drones for hobby or recreational purposes are referred to as hobbyist drone users.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is struggling with creating federal and state regulations as the influx in hobbyist drone users are increasing.

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Student safety at the University of Denver

“We have a 24 hour dispatch center located in this building and that’s always manned and we always have officers on the street that can respond to calls,” said Stephen Banet, a campus safety sergeant at the University of Denver

Du has taken many security precautions to prevent students from becoming victims of any sort of crimes on or around campus.  In the student dorms there are card-access only security doors and/or swipe pads inside elevators. Every students email address is registered in the University’s emergency notification system to alert them quickly of any crimes around campus. Continue reading

Campus safety is everyone’s concern

My photo slide share/slideshow depicts the issue of safety on University of Denver’s campus. To illustrate the different factors of campus safety, I photographed Campus Safety, various places around campus, students and things pertaining to crimes relevant to the University.  It is my intention to present these photographs with some interesting statistics provided by DU’s campus safety police. The photos are self-explanatory with further detail in the caption.

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DU students’ opinions differ about levels of safeness on campus

Campus safety is a primary concern of every college or university. Given the young demographic and student activity there is cause for worry. At DU, statistics confirm that crime rates in the community are higher when school is in session and students are living in close quarters.

Stephen BanetCampus safety is a concern

Consensus is that students at the University of Denver feel relatively safe on campus and statistics from the Department of Campus Security Crime Log which is available to the public, indicate the crime rate has remained at a consistent level without increasing. While Campus Safety strives to do an excellent job patrolling the campus, investigating reports of incidences and reprimanding offenders, students’ opinions as to their effectiveness, however, are mixed.

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