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Crunch Times: Upcoming Finals Stress at DU

Ready or not, DU students are wrapping up the first quarter of 2016. Finals are around the corner, and each DU student has a personal game plan. A short time between mid-terms, however, leaves many students without space to breath. Even with much work to be done, students put their mental health first. For many, a break from the books makes the difference between an “A” and a mental breakdown. Even so, each student shows a different outlook on the situation.

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DU’s Ritchie Center offers a unique on-campus job for students

The focus of my slideshow is a specific on-campus job at DU and the student I chose to interview about that job. The photos I chose to include were mainly of Iris Abraham, the girl I focused on, along with her tasks that go into her job, and shots of the kids in action during the party. With these photos, I’m trying to capture this specific on-campus job by showing the work that goes into and also the joy and happiness that it brings to the kids.
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Life after meal plans

For my audio slideshow I decided to focus on students and their eating habits, more specifically, DU students who live off campus.  The title of my slideshow is intended to give the viewer some insight as to what the video will address.  The goal of my slideshow is to make other students who live off campus aware of how their peers are going about college life without a meal plan.  The privilege of living off campus comes with many responsibilities that on-campus housing does not entail.   Continue reading

Caffeine culture on DU’s campus

How do college students start their mornings? With a big cup of coffee while reviewing a planner filled with academic and social obligations. The amount of caffeine intake on the University of Denver has become a health issue. This slideshow focuses in on the culture and the community that has developed around coffee and caffeine intake on the University of Denver’s campus.  Continue reading

DU campus lacks healthy food choices, frustrating students

Over the years, healthy and mindful eating has gained traction across the nation and it has especially taken off on college campuses. At the University of Denver (DU), students are active and interested in where their food comes from, caring about what types of food they are fueling their bodies with.

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DU students craving healthy food on campus

The "Healthy Options" board, located in DU's Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri

The “Healthy Options” board, located in DU’s Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri.

DENVER- A popular trend amongst millennials, healthy eating has been gaining momentum on college campuses, including the University of Denver (DU).

With three dining halls, three cafes and two convenience stores located across DU’s campus, students are provided with a variety of food options wherever they go, but not all of them are healthy.

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College students: complicated relationship with caffeine

Latte Shot

Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms — Photograph by Shannon O’Mara

The University of Denver is home to Beans Coffee Shop. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location on campus, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.

University of Denver second year, Veronica Angell has been working at Beans for about 6 months. She loves her job because she is a part of something successful that people on campus love and support constantly.

One of the people that Angell serves is University of Denver, third year accounting major, Courtney Smith. Because of the vigorous expectations for accounting majors, Smith spends long hours awake in the library studying every element that is necessary for the accounting core. These long hours in the library cause Smith to rely on caffeine to function each and everyday. Continue reading

Relay for life: walking to fight cancer

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.22.41 PM

Decorated Luminaria Bags As Participants Walk Laps

The DU chapter of Colleges Against Cancer in collaboration with the American Cancer Society hosted a campus event, Camp Relay for Life, to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer. It took place at the University of Denver’s Gates Field House, as DU is one of the many locations for thegreater denver area. Teams from DU’s student orgs competed in the Relay for Life, staying up throughout the night walking for awareness and support, for those who battle, have battled and lost their lives to cancer.

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Delta Gamma Anchor Cup Tournament

This audio slideshow focuses on Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Cup, a soccer bracket tournament that raises funds for their philanthropy, Service For Sight. This slideshow features Amelia Schwartz who created the event alongside one of Delta Gamma’s Vice President’s Anna Holcomb. Through Amelia’s interview in addition to Paxton’s, director of T-shirt creative for Delta Gamma, I sought to tell the story of what goes into the making of Anchor Cup, what it consists of, and who benefits from the event. I did this through the use of photos featuring Delta Gamma members, both Amelia and Anna, as well as Paxton featured in the shirt as well as participants in the soccer tournament, including volunteers that coached teams.

I chose to photograph these people to provide a full understanding of what the event entailed beyond what Amelia and Paxton said. I purposefully did not fully correlate images to what was said in the interviews because there was so much more to the event than what was said. The drawback of the interviews was the lack of comfort ability with handling interview questions, and I believe that had I given the questions to the interviewers ahead of the time I would have received more illicit responses. The process of integrating the audio and photos was not easy, after editing the audio on iMovie to remove my voice asking both interviewees the questions in addition to any awkward pauses, the photos would not effectively move into the slideshow without the audio self-deleting. I will try and use different outlets such as Final Cut for the upcoming projects in order to avoid the iMovie flaws I have discovered when creating this audio slideshow.

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Students for Sustainable Food fights to improve Sodexo fare on DU campus

This slideshow continues to tell the story of the Real Food Challenge proposed by the DU Students for Sustainable Food and signed by the University of Denver in 2014. This story features the hydrotower that has been installed in the Centennial Halls cafeteria, quotes from SSF members, and the contrast between the food offered currently and the goals of the Real Food Challenge. It is clear that there is still a long way to go, and a lot of hard work to put in.

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