Love & Romance

Emphasizing sexual health and education at DU

My topic came from the recent controversy and possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded by the GOP, which Paul Ryan said he “vowed” to accomplish earlier this year. With this story and slideshow, I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the organization to students at DU (and women everywhere,) explain the variety of services the organization offers (not just abortion,) and how women would be affected if the government were to stop reimbursing Planned Parenthood.

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College break-ups bring heartbreak

The slideshow aims to bring awareness to the seriousness of college break-ups. The interview participants made it clear that many people in their lives did not take their break-up seriously because most people think that break-ups do not have the capability to truly harm a person’s mental state.

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Hookup culture at DU

The slideshow is a collection of photos that relate to my story about the hookup culture on DU’s campus and social media’s contribution. The point I want to get across is the fact that dating is not popular in this generation. College students tend to be involved in casual hookup relationships instead. This slideshows intention is to inform the viewer about that topic by using photos with captions.

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Lack of dating among DU students


Tinder, a commonly used dating app.

Each generation creates a new dating scene with rules and social norms different from previous generations. Years ago it was common for two people to go on a date and was considered a normal, acceptable activity. In this millennial generation, it’s very rare for people to go on dates, and casual hookups are more common. It’s been argued that today’s college students don’t know how to date. The advancement of technology has impacted this generation by weakening face-to-face interaction skills.

The use of smartphones and social media apps contribute to the dating scene by making people more reachable. Texting has become the biggest platform for college students to communicate through.

Annalise Lejeune, a sophomore at DU, talks about the negatives with this, “We are obligated to always stay in touch, all these rules, and multiple apps, it’s dizzying.” She went on to describe that this generation tends to meet each other, start hooking up, and then gets to know one another; a backwards approach to dating. Continue reading

Taking college break-ups seriously


Abigail: it hasn’t gotten easier, I don’t think it ever will.  Photo credit: Chelsea Hernandez

“Experiencing heartbreak while under the pressures of college life can be overwhelming and detrimental to your mental health”, says Kalie Elizabeth Ray. She is sophomore at Pickens Technical College in Aurora, Colorado. She has had her fair share of heartbreak in the last few years and explains that break-ups in college are much more serious than most people think.

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DU students navigate relationships while balancing other responsibilities

Students at the University of Denver are at all different stages of life when it comes to their relationship statuses. Some students deviate the traditional societal norms and are starting to tie the knot while they are still working towards their college degree. Others stick to the standard college experience and have different priorities during their time at DU.  Continue reading

College relationships less important, especially among female students


Ulga McCollom, 20, with a guy friend.

Couples on college campuses used to be commonplace. But things have changed and fewer students are in long-term relationships.

Some say this shift has occurred because college relationships are becoming less meaningful and less desirable to students. A hookup culture is prevailing on a majority of college campuses.

According to a study done by St. Olaf University, about 75 percent of students have engaged in a hookup with someone they had known less than 24 hours.

Students can identify with this.

Emily T., 20, a finance and international relations major at Tulane University.

Hooking up is big here, I feel like it’s part of college culture,” said Emily. “I’ve hooked up with 8 guys in the last year. I don’t really do relationships. I see myself more prepared for life when I graduate, hopefully with an awesome job. But definitely not married. Relationships just aren’t important to me right now, maybe by the time I’m 30 they’ll be more meaningful to me.”

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Romantic relationships among college students

Relationships among college students

I chose to write my story on romantic relationships among college students. I focused on a few couples, two of which go to DU and another couple whom attend the University of Wyoming. The basis for this slideshow was basically to see the ways in which romantic relationships may affect the average students life during college. There are many different aspects to college that are hard to get a hold of and I feel as though this is a huge part of many college students lives.

Through this slideshow I decided to add pictures of not only the couples that I interviewed, but also other photos that I thought related to this topic. For example, I went to Washington Park and took pictures of nature and people in a natural setting. I thought this would be an appropriate place because a majority of DU students spend their free time in places such as this around campus and it is a good place to photograph people with a nice setting around them. I also tried to incorporate photos of students and close ups of people because I thought that relates to the topic of love which was a theme in the story.

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The ups and downs of romantic relationships among college students

Amber and Brett enjoy each other's company

There is much more to college life than academics. The average student is usually juggling school, a social life, a job, and possibly a romantic relationship on a daily basis. Many students at the University of Denver are experiencing the struggles and also perks that all of the different aspects of college life are throwing their way.

It can be very difficult to move away from the familiarity of your hometown, to a place where everyone is seen as a stranger. Some students have a tendency to fall quickly into relationships the second they enter college; and it can be very easy to get caught up in lust rather than love.

One particular romantic relationship, which bloomed on the campus of the University of Denver, is between 21-year-old Amber and her boyfriend Brett. They met in their very first class of their freshman year and have been together ever since. They are now juniors and their relationship is going strong. So, what’s the secret?

Amber found that, “having someone who understands me and someone that I can rely on has made this year far easier”.

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DU students take on distances

The topic of this slideshow is long distance relationships. While this topic is hard to photograph I tried to take pictures that embodied some of the ideas of long distance relationships. Long distance relationships (LDR’s) are something that has become a norm in the college scene and often causes a lot of stress to students when they are trying to balance a relationship in the mix with school work, jobs, and extracurriculars. When trying to get photos of couples it posed several issues. Some of the couples I wanted to photograph were several states apart, others broke up after I had interviewed them, so naturally photographing them was not an option, and some requested to remain anonymous, which posed challenges for pictures. I was really only able to photograph one couple together, which required me to use my imagination when taking pictures of them, as well as using different types of photos in the slide show. The photos that I chose to use in my slide show I chose because I thought they represented what the couples told me about their relationships and how they cope with the distance. For instance Moore and Fatta are in the same state and live an hour away from each other. Fatta often comes up to DU on the weekends to spend time with Moore so I was able to get them together and take picture of them together. However, in French’s case her boyfriend lives in Illinois and the next time he is coming to visit is in May so I had to improvise and take pictures of her Skyping with him, for instance, and talking on the phone, etc.
After writing my issue story number one and interviewing several couples about how they cope with the distance I realized that while I thought many of the relationships were the same or similar, they weren’t, so i really wanted to capture what it was like to live 100 miles away from each other as opposed to 1,000 miles away from each other. This made the way I took photos of Moore and Fatta different from the way I took photos of French. Taking photos of this topic was also difficult because while the couples agreed to it, it felt somewhat awkward taking photos of them in what felt like should’ve been a private moment shared just between the two of them and not between the three of us. However, all of the people who were in the pictures were thrilled with the outcome and very very appreciative of the photos.