DUPB brings inclusive events to DU students

Chloe Barrett

Hayley Posner

Jillian Queri

If you’re a student at the University of Denver, chances are you’ve gone tubing and crammed 20 of your closest friends into a one bedroom lodge at Winter Carnival. Maybe you’ve also enjoyed live music at DU’s Music Fest each spring or celebrated the Hindu culture by adorning your peers with colored cornstarch. But do you know who makes these unique DU events possible?

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Students reveal untold stories of life without abroad

Many students accepted to the University of Denver dream of studying abroad during their junior year of college, a dream made easy by the university’s high study abroad rankings. Shockingly, there are a number of students who chose not to study abroad and face an entirely new experience during their junior fall quarter while 70 percent of their class is traveling the world.

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Costs of Trimming: Why DU males choose to grow beards Anyway

Some will say that beards are coming back into American Culture. Whether it is for a job interview, or a first date, facial hair impacts the reputation of men–especially young adults on a college campus. At Denver University–a school emphasizing business and networking–appearance counts. With studies linking facial hair to maturity, there had to be some trend on campus. Several Students from the DU campus, as well a few students from other colleges, had a variety of perspectives to add.


Travis Mason cleans up his beard before heading out.

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Delta Gamma Anchor Cup Tournament

This audio slideshow focuses on Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Cup, a soccer bracket tournament that raises funds for their philanthropy, Service For Sight. This slideshow features Amelia Schwartz who created the event alongside one of Delta Gamma’s Vice President’s Anna Holcomb. Through Amelia’s interview in addition to Paxton’s, director of T-shirt creative for Delta Gamma, I sought to tell the story of what goes into the making of Anchor Cup, what it consists of, and who benefits from the event. I did this through the use of photos featuring Delta Gamma members, both Amelia and Anna, as well as Paxton featured in the shirt as well as participants in the soccer tournament, including volunteers that coached teams.

I chose to photograph these people to provide a full understanding of what the event entailed beyond what Amelia and Paxton said. I purposefully did not fully correlate images to what was said in the interviews because there was so much more to the event than what was said. The drawback of the interviews was the lack of comfort ability with handling interview questions, and I believe that had I given the questions to the interviewers ahead of the time I would have received more illicit responses. The process of integrating the audio and photos was not easy, after editing the audio on iMovie to remove my voice asking both interviewees the questions in addition to any awkward pauses, the photos would not effectively move into the slideshow without the audio self-deleting. I will try and use different outlets such as Final Cut for the upcoming projects in order to avoid the iMovie flaws I have discovered when creating this audio slideshow.

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Beans Cafe proves to be a hidden gem on campus

When our class was assigned this project, I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to focus on. I picked Beans Cafe because I like coffee and small, unique businesses, and I didn’t know too much about the café and wanted to learn more about it. My roommate was always raving about how amazing the coffee was and that she doesn’t go anywhere else for her lattes and I didn’t start going there until fall of this year– something I definitely regret now!

I wanted to show the audience, both those who are familiar and new to Beans, how special Beans truly is and learn more about the people that work there and who are patrons there. One thing that sets Beans apart from other local and campus coffee shops is the fact that it’s student run, which has a huge influence on menu items, events Beans throws, and the overall atmosphere of the café.

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DU’s Culture Fest celebrates diversity

While doing research for my issues story on the lack of racial and ethnic diversity and representation at DU, I discovered on DU’s “Quick Facts” page the Fall 2014 first-year class has only 20.5% students of color, with no further breakdown provided. This compelled me to dig deeper to try to understand what life at DU is like from the perspective of a student of color. I found that while it might be hard sometimes to have your voice heard, there are multiple diverse communities at DU that strengthen and empower these underrepresented student voices. One day that unites and celebrates the many diverse DU student backgrounds, organizations, associations, and alliances on campus is Culture Fest.

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Pulling back the curtain on DU’s ethnically underrepresented campus

University of Denver campus sign.

University of Denver campus sign.

The University of Denver is recognized as the oldest academic institution in the Rocky Mountain area since its founding in 1864, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a Colorado seminary. DU is currently home to about 11,500 students with over 100 undergraduate and 120 graduate academic programs, and according to U.S. News & World Report, is ranked #88 out of the nation’s top 100 universities. However, the DU website’s “Quick Facts” page has only one statistic listed for the ethnic breakdown of the fall 2014 first-year student demographic, 20.5%, with no further breakdown for the ‘students of color’ statistic provided.

While all of these accomplishments are things the university should be proud of, these do not answer the question of why there is a lack of racial and ethnic diversity at DU. Some could even consider this as being a drawback to the university’s illustrious history and reputation as a prestigious private institution.

An in-depth look at how diverse the institution is compared to others across the nation is provided, as well as DU’s 2006 adoption of “Inclusive Excellence” (IE) on campus. Several DU undergraduate students who come from ethnic minorities have also spoken up about being underrepresented on campus, how this affects their own identities, and how they relate to their peers and other students from their own cultural backgrounds.

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Delta Gamma has first exchange

DG's and SAE's compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center

DG’s and SAE’s compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center.

This past weekend DU’s Delta Gamma sorority had their first exchange with a fraternity in 2 and a half years. The exchange took place at Boondocks Family Fun center in North Denver.

Since 2012, Delta Gamma has been on a probationary status with their national executive offices. This status, called ‘report to council’, prevented them from having many of the social events members of Greek life typically enjoy. No longer under report to council, Delta Gamma is excited to start hosting these social events they have been missing out on.  Continue reading

DU’s Gamma Phi Beta sorority hosts annual philanthropy event, Spagammi

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU’s Theta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta hosted its annual philanthropy event, Spagammi, last Thursday. The event is an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, which raises funds for the sorority’s philanthropy, Girls on the Run.

“Spagammi is great because it brings people from all different groups within the DU community together to eat a lot of spaghetti, have a good time and raise money for a really good cause,” Gamma Phi Beta sophomore Molly Rogow said. Continue reading

Facebook plays role in lives of college students, for better or for worse

This slideshow is a companion piece to my issue story on how Facebook functions within college students’ interpersonal relationships.   The story I was seeking to tell was the broader way in which Facebook is incorporated into the lives of many college students. My slideshow captured this through a wide variety of photos, from photos of the technology that enables Facebook users to connect online to pictures of the users themselves. The focus of the slideshow is the umbrella topic of Facebook and college students.

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