The University of Denver’s Greek community welcomes new sorority

The University of Denver’s sororities voted to welcome a new sorority to campus. There is a general consensus among the members of the Greek community that the addition of a sorority, planned to join campus in the fall of 2014, is beneficial.

new bids

Two members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority prepare to welcome new members on “Bid day.”

“[The addition of a sorority] will just be good to expand our Greek life,” president of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority Marisa Maurer said. “We need more houses and this way the members of the Greek community can keep getting stronger on campus. I honestly don’t know if there are any cons. I guess that a new sorority will make rush more competitive but it is definitely for the best.”

According to Mauer, the application process for the sororities interested in joining DU’s campus is pretty intensive. Firstly, the five sororities currently on campus, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, and Delta Zeta, all voted on whether a new sorority should be allowed on campus.

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College students say Facebook both fosters and hurts real-life relationships

Is Facebook good or bad for college students? University of Denver students are divided on whether the #1 most popular social networking site in the United States helps them foster relationships in college.

Is Facebook good or bad for college student relationships? Photo by Hsing Tseng.

Is Facebook good or bad for college student relationships? Photo by Hsing Tseng.

Students use Facebook to connect with friends

Bao Le, a fourth-year Business major, signed up for a Facebook account in his first year of college and uses the site actively for at least three hours every day.

“It was told to me that without one, it’d be easy to miss out on events and that it was essential to making more friends. These days, I mainly use Facebook to connect/socialize with people that I don’t see very often in person. A lot of times, my friends are either very busy or are not in the state anymore and it’s a great way of maintaining friendships,” said Le.

Aaron Fisher, a second-year majoring in International Studies and Economics, also uses Facebook to connect with friends online.

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University of Denver sorority holds karaoke night for philanthropy

On Tuesday February 26th, the women of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority held their annual karaoke contest “Gamma Phi Oke”. Gamma Phi Oke is the sorority’s most important fundraiser.

This contest was open to any individual or student who wanted to perform at this karaoke night for a night of laughs, talent, and philanthropy. The purpose of the event is to raise money for Gamma Phi’s philanthropy of choice; this year was Girl’s Inc. of Metro Denver.

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Cafe culture at DU

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DU students escape to the mountains

Through this audio slideshow, I am trying to tell the story of DU kids escaping to the mountains on weekends. I am trying to explain that skiing and snowboarding is a big part of DU culture, and that the mountains are the reason many students choose to study at DU and stay in Colorado for college.

I wanted to explain that many people at DU ski and enjoy skiing. I also wanted to include information about how students feel about the snowfall from last year compared to the snowfall this year and if it was affecting how much they were skiing.

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Discovering LGBT nightlife in Denver


The topic of my slideshow is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) nightlife in Denver. Initially, I wanted to tell the story of a gay Denver University student’s night out in Denver. Unfortunately, the student that I intended on profiling fell ill, and was unable to go out. Although the new idea for my story was relatively the same, my approach and execution were different from my original plans. Continue reading

The Women’s College gives working mothers flexibility in education

When 34-year-old Rachel Contizano plans her day, she recognizes the importance of balancing her life as a single mother with her life as a full-time student at the University of Denver’s Women’s College.

The Women’s College at the University of Denver provides working mothers with an environment to learn, grow and balance motherhood while getting an education.

“Taking care of a four-year-old and going to school full-time is actually not the easiest thing to do,” said Contizano.

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Student events committee at University of Denver offers free fun for students

By Anna Gauldin, Hannah Gilham and Katy Owens

The University of Denver Programming Board, also known as DUPB, organizes affordable and enjoyable events for students on campus, ranging from homecoming to concerts to movie nights.

DUPB’s goal is “fun, free entertainment for students,” according to Richard Maez, the co-chair of the DUPB Traditions committee. According to Maez, DUPB is one of the largest student organizations on campus and seeks to provide programming for all students, whatever their major, year or interests.

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Unknown clubs at DU will forever impact the greater Denver area

Produced & Written by: Brenda Rohn, Carly Ann Moore, and Samantha Selincourt

“A private university dedicated to the public good,” is the mission statement of the University of Denver (DU). This mission pertains to more than just DU itself as it is echoed by the goal of most of the student organizations on campus.

DU has 40 active intramural and club sports and more than 129 clubs based on academics, culture, religion, politics, service, and Greek life on campus.  Clearly not everyone can know everything about all these organizations; therefore, many successful organizations that make a huge difference on campus are sometimes over shadowed or even unknown.

When students are asked what kind of clubs are on DU’s campus, usually the answers are Alpine Club, DU Grilling Society (D.U.G.S.), the Clarion, intramural broomball, etc.  Although these clubs are composed of quite a few students, there are a number of organizations that make a significant impact on the DU and Denver Community, but may not be the first to come to mind.

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF), DU Service and Chance (DUSC), and Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) are among those organizations that reflect the vision of the University of Denver.  All of these organizations make a difference to DU students themselves, and to the greater community around them.

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Women empower others during Tri-Delta’s Fat Talk Free Week

The photos I chose to take for this slide show are depictions of Fat Talk and Fat Talk Free Week.  I first of all took a lot of pictures of the two ladies that I interviewed because it was important to capture how they felt confident in their bodies and how they do things in their life to show self-confidence and pride.  Then I took photos of thing that symbolize eating, size or media pressure.  I also got pictures of some of the campaigns that Tri-Delta uses to promote their program.  A compilation of all these different types of photos certainly creates a sense of Tri-Delta is trying to accomplish with this campaign.  I am trying to exhibit what the campaign is, what it means, and how we can avoid using negative language towards ourselves and others. By following the example of the ladies shown, we can empower other women to feel confident and talk confidently.

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