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DU’s off season: What are students up to this summer?

As spring quarter at the University of Denver comes to an end, students around campus are beginning their transition into summer break. For some DU students this means packing up their bags and heading back to their home state, while others are choosing to spend the summer somewhere new or stay here on campus. Continue reading

Take Me to Africa

While the Black Student Alliance has become well established on DU’s campus, there was no organization for students who wanted a stronger connection to Africa.  Freshmen Anifa Musengimana and Sarah Tesfai decided to fill that absence at DU.

That is how African Students United came to DU.  The organization aims to “create a space to celebrate educate, and participate in the understanding of the many rich, diverse cultures of Africa”.  The organization is intended for students of African descent and anyone who wants to be an ally on campus.

ASU has been in existence since January 2017, and did their first big performance at Black Undergraduate Student Alliance’s event “Taste of African Dance”.  The President of ASU, Anifa Musengimana says, “When we saw how successful that event was, and everybody who came together to celebrate African culture, we knew that we needed to have this event.”

ASU did just that on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Davis Auditorium from 5:30-9pm, with Take Me to Africa.  The event featured traditional African food, local vendors, performances and a fashion show.

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Improv at DU offers comedic relief

My audio slideshow represents a night when Skintight Outrage, an Improv group at the University of Denver, performs for DU students. It includes audio from members of the club as well as laughter and voices of the audience. Members of the Improv group describe why they love Improv and what being on the team means to them on a deeper level. Through the photos in my slideshow, I attempt to tell the story of a night when Skintight Outrage performs. Beginning with short rhetoric’s from members of the club describing why they like Improv in general, I want my audience to understand what the slideshow will be about. I then end the introduction with a picture of a “Skintight Outrage” sign, paired with audio from Andrew, a member of the group, saying “Enjoy the show!”

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Behind the scenes of DU’s Theatre Department

Anna Walsh

Savannah Christie


For 8 weeks, the University of Denver Theater department has worked tirelessly to prefect their production of the musical, The Little Shop of Horrors. The show consists of over 50 cast and crewmembers, the majority of which are DU students.

“We spend about four hours at night a rehearsal,” says Thomas Lynch, a junior at DU and the lovesick lead, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. “It’s hard to balance school work with the show, especially as it gets closer to opening night.”

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DUPB brings inclusive events to DU students

Chloe Barrett

Hayley Posner

Jillian Queri

If you’re a student at the University of Denver, chances are you’ve gone tubing and crammed 20 of your closest friends into a one bedroom lodge at Winter Carnival. Maybe you’ve also enjoyed live music at DU’s Music Fest each spring or celebrated the Hindu culture by adorning your peers with colored cornstarch. But do you know who makes these unique DU events possible?

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What is KXDU?


Our story focuses on KXDU , DU’s only student run radio station which broadcasts entirely online. With around 30 DJ’s, and shows every day of the week, KXDU is readily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Radio broadcasting has deep roots in American history, from AM stations in the early 20th during the “Golden Age of Radio” , to FM stations debuting and changing media landscape forever. To get our story we interviewed two radio hosts keeping this tradition alive, Bohdi Cooper of the Shohdi with Bohdi, and Weston Eckloff of North South East and Weston. In addition we interviewed two freshmen to see what new students think of KXDU and whether they listen to any of the programs it offers.

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The untold opportunities of the Newman Center revealed

The Newman Center is one of the newest buildings at the University of Denver. You don’t have to step inside to know that Newman is full of beauty because the outside architecture of the building expresses what happens inside: art. Unfortunately, not many students on campus know the secret treasures that the Newman Center holds. Located on the southern end of campus, the Newman Center is out of sight for many students who are not involved with the music program.

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Students discover untold opportunities in the music department

[Photo by Jordan Greenwall] Newman Center for Performing Arts at the University of Denver

[Photo by Jordan Greenwall]
Newman Center for Performing Arts at the University of Denver

DENVER- The Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver is widely recognized for its premier education in music performance. However, students who do not study music at the university are often naïve as to the opportunities offered to them by the music department.

The Newman Center for Performing Arts houses the Lamont School and boasts beautifully built facilities that are separate from the main campus, making it less known the majority of the university’s student body. Continue reading

Weekly market Friday Night Bazaar showcases local businesses

A night of friends, fun and food

Friday Night Bazaar is a weekly artisan event that began on March 6th of this year.

“Friday Night Bazaar was inspired by TheBigWonderful because we needed an indoor sister event for TheBigWonderful, so we took this renovated warehouse space and turned it into kind of an indoor centralized marketplace,” said Social Coordinator and Marketing Liaison Kristen Vinson.

“It’s a place for vendors and local artisans to showcase what they’ve got going on. I think it’s really cool that pets are allowed-it’s animal/family friendly. We try to represent a huge genre of vendors here, and I think that that is across the board. Anything from jewelry to clothing to home décor, lawn stuff, anything you could think of, it’s here,” said Vinson. Continue reading

Beans Cafe proves to be a hidden gem on campus

When our class was assigned this project, I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to focus on. I picked Beans Cafe because I like coffee and small, unique businesses, and I didn’t know too much about the café and wanted to learn more about it. My roommate was always raving about how amazing the coffee was and that she doesn’t go anywhere else for her lattes and I didn’t start going there until fall of this year– something I definitely regret now!

I wanted to show the audience, both those who are familiar and new to Beans, how special Beans truly is and learn more about the people that work there and who are patrons there. One thing that sets Beans apart from other local and campus coffee shops is the fact that it’s student run, which has a huge influence on menu items, events Beans throws, and the overall atmosphere of the café.

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