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Binging without purging: students consider the ramifications of their instant streaming habits

DU student in Anderson Academic Commons squanders his time

DU student squanders time in Anderson Academic Commons 

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Friday and Russell Anderson, a first year psychology graduate student at the University of Denver, sits on his bed, with a computer on his lap. As he settles into the comfort of his apartment, he reflects on his workload for the weekend: a neuroscience exam on Monday and several hours of assigned reading. Overall, Anderson feels certain he can manage with time to spare for visits to the gym and a party with his friends.

By Monday morning, however, Anderson has done none of this. The entire weekend has slipped away, into a black hole. Amnesia? A drinking binge? No. Continue reading

A look inside the Idiosingcrasies, a University of Denver acapela group

I chose to do my audio slideshow and the acapela group Idiosyncrasies because I thought it would be visually appealing as well as a good opportunity to get great audio. I attended a few of the groups’ practices to obtain the pictures and audio. Through my slideshow I wanted to introduce the Idiosyncrasies to people who do not know who they are or what they do. Therefore, I asked my interviewee basic questions and I took photos of the members simply singing and preparing for their next show. The photographs in the slideshow were chosen to illustrate the hard work, dedication, and passion involved in being in the Idiosyncrasies. I tried to get a variety of shots including the planning, fun, and of course singing that goes on during a typical practice. I placed the pictures in a particular order so that they would correlate to what Morgan, the girl I interviewed, was saying. For example, I put shots of the individuals Morgan mentioned as she mentioned them and I put shots of the group laughing and interacting with each other when Morgan discussed the great relationships among group members. In terms of audio, again, I tried to make it match up to the photographs. I also felt it necessary to play background music of the group singing because that is what they are known for. I started the slideshow with their warmup to give the viewer a feeling of being at the practice. Then I played most of a song throughout the rest of the slideshow, making sure to have breaks in the interview so the viewer could hear the song.

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Looking behind the scenes at the Root 40 Music Festival

The photos that I took for the slideshow are of different aspects of the Root 40 Music Festival. I took photos of a lot of behind the scenes set up for the first day of the festival of bands, merchandise stations, and the people who were working at the festival. I also took pictures of various bands that played on different nights during the weeklong festival. Some of these bands included Vomit Slaughter, Paradox Afterlife, and the A-Oks. Through these photos, I wanted to show how much work was involved in putting the festival together and how many people were really involved. The scale of the festival was huge, and I wanted to emphasize what a great opportunity this festival provides for interns, volunteers, bands, and even audience members.
The photo slides were placed strategically with what the interviewees were talking about. For example, when the intern I interviewed (Colin Starner) was talking about his duties that he was assigned throughout the process of Root 40, I coordinated the pictures of fliers and Colin stage-managing when he explained these aspects of his job. Through the audio, I wanted to highlight what it was like to help organize such a large music festival because the general public doesn’t quite know the effort people behind the scenes put into making a festival great and run smoothly. During this project, I learned that great pictures can really compliment audio clips to effectively demonstrate a point. I found audio editing rather easy, except for cutting out little bits and still having it sound smooth. I realized how much work really goes into making an audio slideshow work well with the pictures that I took, but I really enjoyed the process and creating my own video from little bits and pieces of pictures and audio clips. Next time, I would probably try to do my interview first just to make sure that the pictures completely match up with my audio clips because I think it adds a whole other level to a project.

David Moffett, DU vocal performance major, prepares for junior music recital

For the pictures in my audio slideshow, I tried my best to provide a variety of close-ups and wide-shots. I intended to mix up the angles, follow the rule of thirds, and create interesting lines. I took pictures of David rehearsing for his recital, pictures of the Lamont School of Music, and David in his apartment performing warm up rituals. I attempted to gather pictures from as many settings as possible, in order to avoid repetition and to keep the pictures interesting.

It was challenging to match the pictures with the audio, but for the most part, I believe that I accomplished this. I should take more pictures in the future so that I have a wider variety to choose from, and more flexibility during the editing process. As far as the story I wanted to tell, I tried to create a clear beginning, middle, and end. For the conclusion, I used pictures as foreshadowing, pointing to David’s future. Since there was no clear way to represent this visually, it was more metaphorical, showing the Lamont School of Music as a jumping off point. Continue reading

Non-major class at DU Lamont School of Music–opportunities for everyone


The Lamont school of Music, an accredited member of National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), founded in 1924, has been

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

providing music opportunities to non-music major students at University of Denver.


Popular classes

“Studio lessons are the most popular,” introduced Kerry Walsh, the student affairs coordinator at the Lamont School of Music. “But they are only offered based on whether we have a graduate teaching assistant in the area.” Continue reading

University of Denver sorority holds karaoke night for philanthropy

On Tuesday February 26th, the women of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority held their annual karaoke contest “Gamma Phi Oke”. Gamma Phi Oke is the sorority’s most important fundraiser.

This contest was open to any individual or student who wanted to perform at this karaoke night for a night of laughs, talent, and philanthropy. The purpose of the event is to raise money for Gamma Phi’s philanthropy of choice; this year was Girl’s Inc. of Metro Denver.

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KVDU Broadcaster profile: Madison Watson

I chose to profile a broadcaster at KVDU college radio station. Madison Watson, a junior at DU, is very involved in the music scene in Denver as well as here on campus. The photos in my slide show were taken in the KVDU station and concert venues around the city. I was extremely lucky with the timing of the presentation because it was a big weekend for music entertainment. Madison invited me to one of the shows that the radio station had been promoting so I was able to photograph her in a place where she feels the most at home-surrounded by groovy tunes. I felt that her perspective and knowledge regarding music is extremely relevant in the life of any Denverite. Denver is exploding onto the national music scene as a young and influential city in the dub-step genre. It’s important to get the word out about the music-centered opportunities around DU. Additionally, KVDU is relatively unknown on this campus. I’ve been listening for the last year because my friends have a show on weekend, but it offers students who are interested in media a great chance to develop broadcasting skills. I feel like student based programs could be better represented-so I wanted to highlight Madison’s interests. Continue reading

DU Pioneer Breakers share positive experiences in hip-hop community

My photos revolved around the individuals on the Pioneer Breakers team. Since this story centers on their personal experiences within the hip-hop community, I wanted to focus my photographs on their faces and body language. Combined, these two components would provide a more well-rounded illustration of the Breakers’ stories: the viewer would not only be listening to the tones in the individuals’ voices but would also be observing their visual cues. Continue reading

A day in the rehearsal of University of Denver’s “Fiddler on the Roof”

DU student’s performing in upcoming musical performance “Fiddler on the Roof” rehearse three hours a day, five days a week. Yet, not many DU students are aware about this performance. Yet, the hard work of these talented individuals should be appreciated and applauded. Don’t forget to attend one of the performances premiering on February 28th and running until March 10th.

DU students begin rehearsing for Fiddler on the Roof musical performance

 Did you know about Fiddler?

                When asking around the DU campus if they had heard of the musical Fiddler on the Roof, a large portion of students were at least acquainted with the musical on some level. Some students knew all of the songs; some knew the basic story line and some had simply heard the name. Yet when asked if they knew that DU students were putting on this show at the Lamont School of Music, most students had no idea.DSC_0020 Continue reading