A Faith Community for DU Students

An organization on campus is striving to provide a community for students to express faith in the midst of a largely non-religious school.


The DU Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF) is a campus organization that serves Catholic Christian students through various services and events. The organization functions as a club with a student-run board, as well as a ministry served by priests and graduate student volunteers.


“I think the mission of CSF,” said student president Zoe Klein, “is to enhance students’ faith and allow them to express it in the most comfortable way possible.”

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Islamophobia: how DU got it right

Islamophobia is a prominent issue being faced on college campuses across the country. In the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks, when the tenets of terrorism are being muddled with mainstream Islam by even our presidential candidates, DU has succeeded in educating its community and providing a more welcoming environment for all students.

In my photographs, I strive to convey the positive experience of Muslim students such as my interview subject, Samiha, at DU. I took the photographs of Samiha in front of recognizable campus landmarks to make them as unique to our campus as possible. Additionally, I included a photo of a poster in Sturm, the location of the vandalized poster, to give viewers a sense of how noticeable said message was to commuting students and professors. Finally, I took a plethora of photos of the Denver Islamic Society to shine light on the Muslim Community within the greater area of Denver. Continue reading

DU’s Culture Fest celebrates diversity

While doing research for my issues story on the lack of racial and ethnic diversity and representation at DU, I discovered on DU’s “Quick Facts” page the Fall 2014 first-year class has only 20.5% students of color, with no further breakdown provided. This compelled me to dig deeper to try to understand what life at DU is like from the perspective of a student of color. I found that while it might be hard sometimes to have your voice heard, there are multiple diverse communities at DU that strengthen and empower these underrepresented student voices. One day that unites and celebrates the many diverse DU student backgrounds, organizations, associations, and alliances on campus is Culture Fest.

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Unknown clubs at DU will forever impact the greater Denver area

Produced & Written by: Brenda Rohn, Carly Ann Moore, and Samantha Selincourt

“A private university dedicated to the public good,” is the mission statement of the University of Denver (DU). This mission pertains to more than just DU itself as it is echoed by the goal of most of the student organizations on campus.

DU has 40 active intramural and club sports and more than 129 clubs based on academics, culture, religion, politics, service, and Greek life on campus.  Clearly not everyone can know everything about all these organizations; therefore, many successful organizations that make a huge difference on campus are sometimes over shadowed or even unknown.

When students are asked what kind of clubs are on DU’s campus, usually the answers are Alpine Club, DU Grilling Society (D.U.G.S.), the Clarion, intramural broomball, etc.  Although these clubs are composed of quite a few students, there are a number of organizations that make a significant impact on the DU and Denver Community, but may not be the first to come to mind.

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF), DU Service and Chance (DUSC), and Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) are among those organizations that reflect the vision of the University of Denver.  All of these organizations make a difference to DU students themselves, and to the greater community around them.

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