Claire Hammen – DU student-athlete

In my audio slideshow, I have included photos of University of Denver gymnast, Claire Hammen as she competed in a meet against Utah State. However, though the photos only show her competing in one meet, they are very telling of her life as dedicated student-athlete, as they illustrate the athleticism and focus required by the sport of gymnastics, as well as they do the love, happiness, and satisfaction that comes with it. I chose the photos that I did and put them in the order I did for this reason and know that emotion and talent, ultimately, were what I aimed to capture. Continue reading

DU rallies for men’s lacrosse championship win

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.27.44 PM

Team member holding their trophy

UNIVERSITY OF DENVER — 5/25/2015 — On Monday, May 25th the University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse team won their first National Championship.

After winning in the final four against Notre Dame in an intense 11-10 overtime victory, students on the University of Denver’s campus were even more hyped up than before, given that their Men’s Lacrosse team would be playing against the Maryland Terrapins for the Title.

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DU’s Delta Gamma hosts Anchor Cup, the sorority’s philanthropy event

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Delta Gamma hosted its annual seven versus seven soccer tournament at Observatory Park, on May 11. All of the proceeds benefited the sorority’s national philanthropy, Service for Sight.

“Anchor Cup is a great time, it’s our biggest philanthropy event of the year,” Steph Winsor, a former Delta Gamma president said. “All the proceeds go to a local school, called the Anchor Center, here in downtown Denver.”

The Anchor Center

“The Anchor Center in Denver serves as a way to help visually impaired children from birth until they are five years old,” Karlie Rosier, Delta Gamma’s president said. “The center helps them assimilate into the public schools, learn Braille, and adapt to the difficulties of being visually impaired. The Anchor Cup is a great way for us to give back.” Continue reading

Denver rugby headed to nationals

The slideshow consists of pictures taken of the DU’s Men Club Rugby team during their Pacific West Championship that took place April 6th and 7th at Infinity Park in Glendale. I mainly focused on the team celebrating because their win on Sunday meant they were now champions and headed to Nationals. I was trying to capture the joy and pride the team exuberated after their glorious wins. This win is a huge moment for DU Rugby and these photos are trying to express to the viewers what an accomplish winning the Pac West Championship is.

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DU Rugby is the Pacific West Champions and is headed to Nationals

DU Men's Rugby celebrating becoming Pac West Regional Champions

DU Men’s Rugby celebrating becoming Pac West Regional Champions

The DU Men’s Club Rugby team became Pac West Regional Champions after winning their two games this weekend in Glendale. Their defeat against Cal Maritime on Saturday and Occidental College on Sunday advanced them to the final four.

This is the first time the DU Rugby Team has even made it to the Pac West Championship. They are now headed to the National semi-finals where they will compete to be crowned National Champions. Continue reading

International athletes add diversity to University of Denver sports


The photos I chose were mostly trying to represent abstract ideas that the interviews discussed. It was difficult for me to find things to take pictures of, especially because both sports teams were away on competitions a lot which made photographing them a challenge. Continue reading

A day on the University Ski Bus

My topic for the Final Cut Pro slideshow was on the University Ski Bus, which takes DU students to different mountains every weekend. I took photos of George Cooper, founder of the University Ski Bus, students on the bus, different shots on the mountain, preparation for the departure, and more. I wanted George to tell people more about the company through his interviews, and what customers can expect. I also wanted him to talk about the differences between last year and this year. Continue reading

Denver basketball journeys on the road

The photos that I chose tell the story of what travel consists of on the road for the Denver Men’s Basketball team. These pictures give an in depth look at look at what the daily activities are that occur on the road. Because of some of the team rules, I was not able to take pictures in certain areas, for example during pre-game meals or practices on the road. Continue reading

DU students express their pride and cheer on men’s hockey


Although the University of Denver can’t boast the same enrollment numbers as larger state schools, our sporting events can boast rowdy Pioneer spirit. With my Final Cut Pro slideshow, I wanted to capture the student enthusiasm at our games and dispel the myth that our school doesn’t show school spirit. I attended the the DU/CC hockey rivalry game to shoot the photos needed to express these goals. I also wanted to illustrate why school pride is important for a campus community and encourage those who watch the video to support their school in one way or another.

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DU students escape to the mountains

Through this audio slideshow, I am trying to tell the story of DU kids escaping to the mountains on weekends. I am trying to explain that skiing and snowboarding is a big part of DU culture, and that the mountains are the reason many students choose to study at DU and stay in Colorado for college.

I wanted to explain that many people at DU ski and enjoy skiing. I also wanted to include information about how students feel about the snowfall from last year compared to the snowfall this year and if it was affecting how much they were skiing.

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