Senior Maddy Stevenson is playing for a Cause


Athletic trainers at DU

This slideshow explains the daily life of an intern at the University of Denver and explains the passion and dedication that goes into being an athletic trainer. I chose to use these interns for my project because they do a lot of work on a daily basis and do not get paid or receive enough recognition for everything that they do for student athletes. In the beginning of the slideshow I had a picture of the weight room sign and a picture of the turf to set the tone of the slideshow and show where these interns spend 12 hour workdays every single day of the week.

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Pioneers on ice: A look at DU’s intramural hockey league

I chose to write about the intramural hockey league at DU. I wanted to profile the teams and players involved in intramural hockey as well as capture the atmosphere of intramural sports at DU. I decided to interview sophomore Griffin Powell to get an inside look at the dynamics of the intramural hockey league and intramural sports in general. The photographs I included in my presentation are a mix of the players, ice rinks, and fans that make the league what it is. I wanted to capture the experience from both the fan’s perspective as well as the players’ and I aimed to do this through my photos and audio.    Continue reading

Intramural Sports Profile: Jack Roberts

I chose to focus mainly on action shots for my Intramural Sports profile on Jack Roberts. I felt that because the interview’s focus was on athletics, it was best to show my subject in action. Specifically, I ordered the slides so that the audio would best match the picture on the screen. For example, when Jack discusses playing basketball, football, soccer, and broomball, I made it so the pictures I had of those subjects aligned with the interviewees words. For my slideshow, I did not use a ton of text because I thought what Jack was saying made clear sense and that text might distract the audience from the action shots I included. However, using text for an introduction and end was necessary to inform the audience what the subject was about. Jack did a great job of describing his experience and I felt that the audio flowed well enough so that I did not need to include as much context in middle of the slideshow.

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Jeff Hooker: 25 years and counting

My slideshow consists of various photos of action shots of Jeff Hooker coaching, players interacting with one another, head shots, and even pictures of trophies and awards. This slideshow is intended to tell a story about Jeff Hooker. Hooker has been the head coach of the women’s soccer team at DU for the past 25 seasons.

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ACL injuries & the effects on DU students

This slideshow is about ACL injuries that DU athletes have had and focuses specifically on the processes and struggles that they go through after having surgery and an ACL injury. The slideshow depicts student athletes doing their rehabilitation programs and the resources that athletes have available to them after going through an ACL injury. It also gives insight into what the athletes think about their injuries and the steps they take to overcome the struggles.

Throughout this slideshow I wanted to give insight into the life of a student athlete and explain the life changing things that happen when someone has an ACL injury. Through my photos I was able to show the Ritchie center training room and show where the athletes go for doctor appointments, treatments, and where they complete their daily rehabilitation programs. I wanted to show the story of an athlete, Courtney that had to end her career because of three ACL surgeries and the success of  a DU athlete, Taylor who has had three surgeries as well but continues to play the sport she loves everyday.

I chose these specific photos because they depict the life of a student athlete and describe what it is like to go through a traumatic injury. I wanted to make an emphasis to show the Ritchie center training room because when an athlete gets ACL surgery it is where they spend most of their day trying to recover and get healthy again.  Continue reading

Plenty of stress on student athletes

This slideshow tells a story of the type of stress athletes go through on a regular basis. Whether it’s nutrition, social life, treatment, lifting or school work, student athletes can endure higher stress levels than a regular college student.

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Practice with DU’s Women’s Lacrosse Team

This gallery contains 27 photos.


Compiling a slideshow was a much different process than I had anticipated. I must say I underestimated the task, thinking that it would be a much simpler process than It turned out to be. I began by taking a large amount of photos. I had around 100 to work with when all was said and done. I was anticipating that I would have a hard time narrowing Down which photos I wanted to use, however It turned out that I have very shaken hands and that a lot of them were too blurry or unfocused to use! Lesson learned, I will use a tripod next time. Continue reading

ACL injuries test the love for the game


The training tables in the Ritchie Center where athletes complete their rehab and ACL treatments.

It is common for student athletes to end up with ACL tears during their collegiate careers.

Why do they continue to play? How do they continue to endure the pain? Are student athletes continuing to play in fear of losing the sport they love?

“I continue to play after all of these surgeries to prove that it’s possible.” Junior volleyball player Taylor Loyd says when asked after undergoing 2 ACL reconstructive surgeries and a port-hole filling ACL surgery.

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From the Locker Room to the Classroom: Diary of a Student Athlete

Beep, Beep, Beep. These are the first sounds of Senior Women’s Lacrosse player Molly Danko’s mornings. Each day she rolls over in her dark room to turn off the incessant beeping that begins her day at 6:30 am. Pleasant, right?

For most of the DU Student Body, 6:30 am is a time of sleep. For members of Denver’s Women’s Lacrosse team, this is breakfast time every day of the week. The best way to describe Life as a student athlete? “Imagine having a boss while you’re in College. Deadlines are final and second chances are far and few between. And being late? Well That’s just a sure way to get you fired.” Says Danko. Thus, a 6:30 am wake up call allots enough time to prepare for an 8 am practice time. Continue reading