Plenty of stress on student athletes

This slideshow tells a story of the type of stress athletes go through on a regular basis. Whether it’s nutrition, social life, treatment, lifting or school work, student athletes can endure higher stress levels than a regular college student.

With intentions mainly to help share some athletes struggles with balancing life within a very busy schedule, I also wanted to share the stories of what student athletes may have to experience everyday. Although they may not have stress upon them personally, this slideshow consist of an average day in the life of a student athlete. Continue reading

Practice with DU’s Women’s Lacrosse Team

This gallery contains 27 photos.


Compiling a slideshow was a much different process than I had anticipated. I must say I underestimated the task, thinking that it would be a much simpler process than It turned out to be. I began by taking a large amount of photos. I had around 100 to work with when all was said and done. I was anticipating that I would have a hard time narrowing Down which photos I wanted to use, however It turned out that I have very shaken hands and that a lot of them were too blurry or unfocused to use! Lesson learned, I will use a tripod next time. Continue reading

ACL injuries test the love for the game


The training tables in the Ritchie Center where athletes complete their rehab and ACL treatments.

It is common for student athletes to end up with ACL tears during their collegiate careers.

Why do they continue to play? How do they continue to endure the pain? Are student athletes continuing to play in fear of losing the sport they love?

“I continue to play after all of these surgeries to prove that it’s possible.” Junior volleyball player Taylor Loyd says when asked after undergoing 2 ACL reconstructive surgeries and a port-hole filling ACL surgery.

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From the Locker Room to the Classroom: Diary of a Student Athlete

Beep, Beep, Beep. These are the first sounds of Senior Women’s Lacrosse player Molly Danko’s mornings. Each day she rolls over in her dark room to turn off the incessant beeping that begins her day at 6:30 am. Pleasant, right?

For most of the DU Student Body, 6:30 am is a time of sleep. For members of Denver’s Women’s Lacrosse team, this is breakfast time every day of the week. The best way to describe Life as a student athlete? “Imagine having a boss while you’re in College. Deadlines are final and second chances are far and few between. And being late? Well That’s just a sure way to get you fired.” Says Danko. Thus, a 6:30 am wake up call allots enough time to prepare for an 8 am practice time. Continue reading

Stress on college-athletes


Sophomore Cristiana Behnken leaving for class early in the morning before soccer practice later

The general thought of college-athletes having it all: school paid for, free gear, and keeping away from the freshmen 15 isn’t always the life these young adults endure. Although some enjoy the fun things college brings to those who attend such as: leaving home, meeting new people and learning about topics that interest them, the stress that one experiences as a student-athlete is much different and more intense than those that are not student-athletes.

As many regular college students endure stress relating to school, jobs, relationships and many other factors, the NCAA says, “While it’s not clear whether the source of challenges to student-athlete mental well-being is the same as those non-athletes face, collegiate athletes are known to encounter unique stressors that the general population doesn’t have to deal with, such as time demands, relationships with coaches, and missed scheduled classes.”

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Claire Hammen – DU student-athlete

In my audio slideshow, I have included photos of University of Denver gymnast, Claire Hammen as she competed in a meet against Utah State. However, though the photos only show her competing in one meet, they are very telling of her life as dedicated student-athlete, as they illustrate the athleticism and focus required by the sport of gymnastics, as well as they do the love, happiness, and satisfaction that comes with it. I chose the photos that I did and put them in the order I did for this reason and know that emotion and talent, ultimately, were what I aimed to capture. Continue reading

DU rallies for men’s lacrosse championship win

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.27.44 PM

Team member holding their trophy

UNIVERSITY OF DENVER — 5/25/2015 — On Monday, May 25th the University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse team won their first National Championship.

After winning in the final four against Notre Dame in an intense 11-10 overtime victory, students on the University of Denver’s campus were even more hyped up than before, given that their Men’s Lacrosse team would be playing against the Maryland Terrapins for the Title.

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DU’s Delta Gamma hosts Anchor Cup, the sorority’s philanthropy event

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Delta Gamma hosted its annual seven versus seven soccer tournament at Observatory Park, on May 11. All of the proceeds benefited the sorority’s national philanthropy, Service for Sight.

“Anchor Cup is a great time, it’s our biggest philanthropy event of the year,” Steph Winsor, a former Delta Gamma president said. “All the proceeds go to a local school, called the Anchor Center, here in downtown Denver.”

The Anchor Center

“The Anchor Center in Denver serves as a way to help visually impaired children from birth until they are five years old,” Karlie Rosier, Delta Gamma’s president said. “The center helps them assimilate into the public schools, learn Braille, and adapt to the difficulties of being visually impaired. The Anchor Cup is a great way for us to give back.” Continue reading

Denver rugby headed to nationals

The slideshow consists of pictures taken of the DU’s Men Club Rugby team during their Pacific West Championship that took place April 6th and 7th at Infinity Park in Glendale. I mainly focused on the team celebrating because their win on Sunday meant they were now champions and headed to Nationals. I was trying to capture the joy and pride the team exuberated after their glorious wins. This win is a huge moment for DU Rugby and these photos are trying to express to the viewers what an accomplish winning the Pac West Championship is.

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DU Rugby is the Pacific West Champions and is headed to Nationals

DU Men's Rugby celebrating becoming Pac West Regional Champions

DU Men’s Rugby celebrating becoming Pac West Regional Champions

The DU Men’s Club Rugby team became Pac West Regional Champions after winning their two games this weekend in Glendale. Their defeat against Cal Maritime on Saturday and Occidental College on Sunday advanced them to the final four.

This is the first time the DU Rugby Team has even made it to the Pac West Championship. They are now headed to the National semi-finals where they will compete to be crowned National Champions. Continue reading