Drones on college campuses: instrumental or detrimental?

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming more prominent on college campuses across the globe every year. Last year a lawsuit was filed against the Federal Aviation Administration by many United States universities classifying the administrations handling of the rise of drones as “a grave threat to science, research, education, and technological innovation across the United States.”

Notwithstanding the prohibition the FAA has put on drone use in classrooms, institutions are adding drone classes to their curriculum. Universities are using drones to do scientific research as well as utilizing drone footage for sports practices.

What is a drone and what are the regulations?

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly referred to as a “drone”, is a remotely piloted aircraft. Individuals who use these drones for hobby or recreational purposes are referred to as hobbyist drone users.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is struggling with creating federal and state regulations as the influx in hobbyist drone users are increasing.

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Women’s presence dominates that of males in the MFJS department

The Media Film and Journalism Studies Department at the University of Denver makes up a significant portion of the DU community. It has about 250 students in four different majors, Media Studies, Journalism Studies, Film Studies and Production and Strategic Communications.

For many students in these majors, it is a great mystery as to why the vast majority of their classes are dominated by women, especially as they progress to the upper-level classes in these majors.

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UTS Help Center employees personally assist with laptop troubles

This slideshow, in conjunction with an issue story, is meant to paint a story about the services offered by the DU University Technical Services Help Center and highlight the technical skills of UTS Help Center employees. Through pictures of the Help Center and shots of employees assisting customers with laptop problems, the complimentary technical services provided at the Help Center can be showcased and a series of valuable services emphasized. I accomplished this by beginning with a chronological set of photos meant to visualize the walk-in laptop appointment process. Continue reading

Facebook plays role in lives of college students, for better or for worse

This slideshow is a companion piece to my issue story on how Facebook functions within college students’ interpersonal relationships.   The story I was seeking to tell was the broader way in which Facebook is incorporated into the lives of many college students. My slideshow captured this through a wide variety of photos, from photos of the technology that enables Facebook users to connect online to pictures of the users themselves. The focus of the slideshow is the umbrella topic of Facebook and college students.

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UTS Help Desk provides wide range of specific tech assistance

The UTS Help Center is located in the Anderson Academic Commons.

The UTS Help Center is located in the Anderson Academic Commons on the main floor.

The University Technical Services Computer Help Desk, newly relocated to Anderson Academic Commons, provides an extensive assortment of free technical assistance to University of Denver faculty, students and staff.

The desk, staffed by both students and administrators with tech support and computer backgrounds, includes personal phone, email, online and walk-in computer and laptop support for Mac and PC operating platforms and software. Confronting a number of varying technology issues daily, the staff at the Help Desk can and does actively assist in the resolution of a large collection of common tech problems experienced by the DU community.

Common issues and services

Specifically, UTS Help Desk employees deal regularly with virus and malware disabling, printer installation, wireless Internet/PioneerNet connection issues, common software malfunctions in Microsoft Office software and troubleshooting of software programs, along with general tech questions and computer operations. Continue reading

Technology opens blind students’ eyes to academics at University of Denver

Blind people are finding they can use computers, smart phones and other technology as tools to accommodate their disability and participate in the learning environment.

Universities across the U.S. are working to support those with disabilities by equipping programs with new technologies and disability specialists.

At the University of Denver (DU), students with limited to no sight are using this technology to improve their ability to learn and integrate into classroom environments. DU’s Disability Services Program provides counselors and specialists who help guide blind students through classrooms with the use of technology.

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Bob Yablans: The Heart of the Department

Bob Yablans is a senior support specialist at the University of Denver. Over the last 14 years he has worked his way up to his position he has today. Bob originated as the Director of Engineering for Mass Communications and Journalism Studies and is now the senior support specialist. Bob is known in this department for being an extremely upbeat and friendly person, and someone who loves his job.
Many faculty and staff would agree that Bob’s role in the Media Film and Journalism School is essential in managing the technology; however, students may not realize his significance. What makes him unique is that although his job requires a lot of attention, he is extremely passionate and constantly has a positive outlook about all of his work.

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