Denver’s Population: Still Safe to Drive?

For my audio slideshow, I looked at how people generally viewed driving conditions in the Denver Area. Recently, the city has experienced a population boom and I read a Denver Post report that traffic accidents are on the rise. In retrospect, my topic came to me from a close call on the road when I was heading to work. Having brainstormed many other topics, I was almost ready to throw in the towel and do another piece on swing dancing. However, I decided to venture into the background of my new co-worker. Recently, she had arrived from Miami, Florida. Ultimately, I wondered if Colorado’s road conditions were as bad as other major cities-especially given the population increase.
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Parking lot construction poses problems to permit holders

Due to construction, Lot C and Lot 103 parking-permit holders at the University of Denver have been unable to access their pre-purchased lots since the beginning of November. They have been granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, but are not happy with the compensation at all, as Lots W and L are located much further from their dormitories than are Lots C and 103. They are also unhappy with the parking tickets they have been receiving in their attempts to park close to their residence halls to stay safe. Continue reading

Commuter students: more than just a drive

This slideshow is about the challenge that commuter students may face in traveling to and from campus, especially with regards to joining in on extracurricular activities or clubs.  As I found in my issue story, at least some commuter students have trouble juggling their school and work responsibilities, with finding time to make the drive to and from campus.  Continue reading

Parking problems piss off permit holders


When swiping a permit for the general lot in the general lot, the card reader reads, “invalid permit.”

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Lot C and Lot 103 permit holders received an email from a parking services representative at the University of Denver explaining a set of construction plans that would prevent them from parking in their lots from Nov. 1 to mid-January.

Though they were granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, the affected permit holders are not happy with the compensation, as Lot W and Lot L are located much further from their dormitories than are the lots that they originally paid to park in.

“I feel like I need to be able to park in the lot that I paid for because it is not safe for me to walk home in the dark from the other side of campus where I am supposed to park now”, said Claire Hammen, a nineteen-year-old business major at DU. Continue reading

Does commuting keep DU students apart?

For most college students, going to college means living on their own in the dorms, an experience that many consider an integral part of college life.  But for some students, living off campus might be the better option.  Although there is nothing disallowing commuter students from joining the campus social scene, is commuting keeping them from enjoying it?

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Parking presents problems for University of Denver students

For many students who attend the University of Denver, walking or biking to class simply is not an option because they live too far away. For these students, finding somewhere to park near their classes can be a struggle, and sometimes just the beginning of their problems with parking their car on campus.

One of the biggest issues is the lack of space to park, which often results in students parking on residential streets in order to get to classes. Continue reading

RTD provides DU students with free, smart transportation options

The Regional Transportation Department (RTD) has partnered with the University of Denver in recent years to provide students and staff with free light rail and bus passes.

Using student tuition, DU buys light rail passes for all of its undergraduate students and some of its gradate students and staff at a discounted price from RTD. The passes then permit free transportation for all light rail and buses throughout the city, giving pass holders other, less expensive transportation options apart from vehicles.

RTD transportation benefits and convenience

“Why is simple, because it’s the right thing to do, ethically and morally for both the university, society, for the environment and for the students,” says Buddy Knox, University of Denver Parking Director. “Issuing RTD passes and negotiating that contract with RTD was the right thing to do.” Continue reading

The University of Denver: Parking and Transportation

Buddy Knox, director of parking services at The University of Denver, says the goal is for everyone, whether they are family, staff, students or guests, to have a chance for a place to park when they come to DU.

The University has over 5,000 parking spaces registered in their inventory, which is far more than the minimum required spaces for institutions in Colorado. Although DU sells 10,000 parking permits, twice as many permits as there are spaces, the parking lots around campus remain 80 percent full. “There may not always be a place in front of the building you want to go into, but there is always a place to park,” says Knox.  Continue reading

A day on the University Ski Bus

My topic for the Final Cut Pro slideshow was on the University Ski Bus, which takes DU students to different mountains every weekend. I took photos of George Cooper, founder of the University Ski Bus, students on the bus, different shots on the mountain, preparation for the departure, and more. I wanted George to tell people more about the company through his interviews, and what customers can expect. I also wanted him to talk about the differences between last year and this year. Continue reading

Dude, where’s my car?

The immediate three-block radius of the campus periphery has been designated a restricted parking area by the City of Denver

 Many students at the University of Denver find campus parking frustrating. The one-hour parking zones surrounding campus and the expensive costs for permits make it difficult for students to find a place to park their cars.

There are several parking garages and paid hourly parking available for students, yet the majority of students

live off campus and do not purchase parking passes, and occasionally use their cars to drive to class.

Claire Buchta, a junior at DU, voiced her opinion regarding parking around campus, “it sucks, I think the tickets should be ten dollars maximum and I think parking on campus should be more affordable in general.”

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