Dining Hall etiquette for DU students


Ellie Knott & Phalan Klein

  For first and second year Students at the University of Denver, the Dining Hall becomes their kitchen away from home. The first place where they eat without the company of their families, a consistent meeting place at meal times for friends and roommates after the hustle of class and extracurriculars. With an influx of hundreds of students daily, the Dining Halls are a hub for the University of Denver campus. The Sodexo employees who prep, cook, and maintain the food and dining environment, often feel as though students become too comfortable.  Continue reading

Steering through DU

Filmed and edited by Will Moss, Jane Zunamon, and Carson Baer.

Surviving the DU commute

By Chase Fisher, Xuan Li, and Caroline Field

Transportation at DU

Parking problems at DU

By Kayla and Leah

Parking and Commuting at DU

Traffic At DU

Parking Practice Video – Justin, Daniel, Jake

DU’s rising tuition and spending

Denver- The University of Denver has once again decided to raise tuition for undergraduate attendance. This will be the second time for many students that will will once again have to fork over more cash to enroll next year. With new big expenditures in the works students are feeling more and more constrained by growing cost of attending school at this prestigious university.

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Josef Korbel School



My audio slideshow is intended to tell a story about Josef Korbel School. I took photos after my interview with professor Robert Uttaro. In this interview, professor Uttaro mentioned his experience in Korbel School. He had been teach Contemporary Issues of Global Economy and International Politics in Korbel school since the fall of 2009. After couple years of teaching, he was allowed and asked to develop course of politics in Africa, (he done his research in Malawi) and it became his first upper level class. He also teach other upper level classes such as Migrants and Refugees, Global Environmental Policies.

I used four pictures I took of the interview, and two of them were medium shots of interviewee. I had the most picture of Korbel School’s building such as I took photos inside of the steeple top and meeting room on the fifth floor. I met with several difficulties in this project such as I had a ten minutes long audio but I need to cut it to less than three minutes. When I started editing, I found it’s quite difficult to match photos to audio. For example, professor Uttaro mentioned students in International Studies School, but I don’t have any appropriate photograph for it. Thus, if I were to do anything different, I would spent more time to shot some photos about students in classroom.