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College Yogis Find Balance

My Final Cut Pro Slideshow Video interviews three college girls at DU who regularly practice yoga. All three talk individually about how they became interested in the physical activity and how it benefits them both physically and mentally. I tried to capture a lot of photographs both of the practice and of things having to do with yoga, such as the studio location, the studio key card, and mala prayer beads often used in yoga. Because my video has a very relaxed tone, I tried to keep the images at a slow pace to match the music. The music I found on creative commons very much suits the mood of the video, and I enjoyed editing it along with the interview audio and images.

Lindsey is a very active yogi, so I got mainly action shots of her. Ainsley takes a more prayerful approach so I have meditative shots of her as well as photos of the Core Power studio that she mentions. Edie is the most holistic yogi I interviewed, incorporating aspects of her practice into her every day life. I tried to capture portraits of Edie as well as yoga shots using my DSLR, and they definitely turned out the best.


Inline hockey finds hardship season


I chose my photos based on how Gabe Morgione answered my questions of what the difference between this year and last year was and what do you have to do to get back to Nationals? He gave me some good answers, but to find the right matching photos was a little hard, so I played with the ones that I had to find the match that I thought would be best to the audio.

At the start of the slideshow however I did a voice over. I did this because Morgione did not talk too long which is partly my problem, and I did it because I felt that it would be good to have two voices in the slideshow instead of one. So I did the voiceover and then tried to get pictures that match it such as the one of the hockey sticks and the bag next to the sticks. I felt that they matched the audio pretty well.

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DU greek life battles negative stereotypes

For my first Final Cut Pro project I decided to continue with the topic I wrote my second story issue on, which was Greek Life at DU and how students are battling the negative stereotypes that are commonly associated with sororities and fraternities. While I have some knowledge of this topic, being in the Delta Delta Delta sorority it was difficult to try to get pictures of this, all of the sorority chapter meetings are closed door and I could not take pictures of them. It was also difficult because I could not get into many of the other sorority/ fraternity houses to take pictures, so most of the pictures I do have ended up being of the sororities.
Overall I think this was a great project to introduce us to Final Cut Pro because I do think it is a piece of equipment that we will need to know as we start to become more involved in the journalism world and it will help us in the future when we are trying to get an internship or a job in the journalism field.

University of Denver: From 1864 to 2012

This Final Cut Pro project was one that I thoroughly enjoyed and was excited to do. I modified its concept a bit in the respect that I contacted DU’s Penrose Library in order to request permission to use historic photos of DU as well as my own photos, as opposed to using only my own.

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DU students enjoy broomball

For my FCP slideshow, I decided to take photos of broomball games as they were occurring. I wanted to compile a variety of images, and because of this, I decided to take both staged and candid pictures. Action shots of the game were the most compelling images, and it was the most effective way to show the energy that is present on the ice during a broomball game. I took pictures of players that were both close up and far away to get a few different perspectives, and each photo shows the fun and competitive energy that occurs in every broomball game. I also photographed the players that provided audio to the slideshow to provide clarity as to who was speaking.
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Creativity and entrepreneurship on display at DU

I decided to do a slideshow on the Creativity and Entrepreneurship program at DU because I’m a part of it this year and I thought it would be a really cool program to profile. I wanted to get student input on the program and what they think of it, as well as the professor’s opinion on what the merits of the program are and how it can help prepare for a job in the future, even if it’s not necessarily in business.

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Expression and positivity through graffiti

For my slideshow, I focused on graffiti art. Rather than interviewing various graffiti artists, I decided to concentrate on one artist and asked him his thoughts about graffiti and the future of it. I felt as if my topic was slightly unconventional in the sense that I could not take literal pictures of what my interviewee said. Also it was difficult to take pictures of the artist’s work because he was kind of secretive about it or it did not exist anymore. The artist stated that in graffiti, artist always face the challenge of keeping their work up because often times it gets painted

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CAC raises cancer awareness at DU

For my Final Cut Pro Audio Slideshow, I chose to feature the club DU Colleges Against Cancer (CAC). I wanted to let DU students know about this club so more people can get involved, whether it be because their lives have been affected by cancer in some way, or they simply just want to help a great cause. The photos that make up the slideshow are a mixture of some of the people already involved in the club, as well as events that the club has had in the past and hopes to continue in the future.

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College students in Colorado’s most popular late-night eating spots

Similar to my After Hours: the culture of late night eating on college campuses piece, I wanted to show where students on Colorado college campuses go to eat when they are eating late at night. Late night eating is something that is prevalent on college campuses because students sleeping habits and their schedules are altered once they get to college.

Students are staying up later doing homework or out on the weekends drinking and these actions can instigate habits of late-night eating. At the University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder, students living on campus and off campus tended to still eat late at night and spend money.

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Zumba – the fun way to work out

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years due to the fact that Zumba is not your typical work out but rather an hour of dancing and having fun. As the music and dances might be different every time to keep it interesting, the choreography is very repetitive and easy to pick up.

The Coors Fitness Center at DU offers Zumba group fitness classes twice a week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays for an hour at a time, Zumba instructor Taryn lets DU students shake their hips, sweat and relieving stress.

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