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Romantic relationships among college students

Relationships among college students

I chose to write my story on romantic relationships among college students. I focused on a few couples, two of which go to DU and another couple whom attend the University of Wyoming. The basis for this slideshow was basically to see the ways in which romantic relationships may affect the average students life during college. There are many different aspects to college that are hard to get a hold of and I feel as though this is a huge part of many college students lives.

Through this slideshow I decided to add pictures of not only the couples that I interviewed, but also other photos that I thought related to this topic. For example, I went to Washington Park and took pictures of nature and people in a natural setting. I thought this would be an appropriate place because a majority of DU students spend their free time in places such as this around campus and it is a good place to photograph people with a nice setting around them. I also tried to incorporate photos of students and close ups of people because I thought that relates to the topic of love which was a theme in the story.

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Zumba: Group fitness that’s not just for female students

Writing Reflection:

The topic of this photo story is the lack of men enrolled in Zumba classes at the University of Denver and its associated gender division. I used photos of women in the class, a photo of a male runner at Wash Park and two photos of Nick Pisciotta, one the men who attends the class – one extreme close-up and one of his face.

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The prevalence of fake IDs at DU

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For my powerpoint slideshow I chose to shoot a variety of photos that related to fake IDs and underage drinking.  I followed the guidelines of having the slideshow match up with issue story number one by planning before I shot what different components of my story I wanted to capture.  I scanned my issue story and picked out the crucial parts of the feature in order to figure out what I wanted to shoot for the slideshow.  Since my subject was slightly more difficult to shoot I knew I had to be proactive and go out into the community to take photos, which was a great experience.  I am pleased with all of my photos that I incorporated into the slideshow and even though I only have twelve, I felt that was appropriate for my project in particular because these were the highest quality shots that I took and I feel that they illustrate my issue story in an effective way.   The only aspect of my photo taking process that didn’t turn out the way I wanted was the shots that included people.  In my project it is evident that I only have two pictures of people and that is the one major flaw in my opinion.  It was certainly a struggle that I had with the photo taking process because it was difficult to both take a quality photo and conceal the identity of the subject.

College students have mixed feelings about life post graduation

My slideshow is a series of photos that conveys the topic of life after college and the pressures faced by students to do well academically. I wanted to convey the huge amount of time and money spent on college, so I got that photo of the books and the photo of students studying. I chose the photographs I took carefully because the topic is interesting but hard to convey in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way. I wanted to create a creative variety of photos that told the story so it took a lot of planning for my photographs.

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The impact of empty shelves at the University of Denver Bookstore



Written Reflection

My slideshow aims to walk the audience through the impact of University of Denver’s bookstore not having enough textbooks for student’s classes. First they are introduced the bookstore itself, and then when they enter inside they see the empty shelves. Students search for their textbooks but found order forms instead. I wanted to show the audience that some students were still able to buy their books and their readings and course work was not impacted.

After the brief intro which shows the missing books, I try to demonstrate the impact it had on the students that weren’t fortunate enough to get all their course books. Pictures of students with back order forms show that book still need to be ordered. Then a picture of a student reading with a caption below shows the catch up work that must be done due to the missing books. Next I aim to show how students have turned to Amazon to start getting their books, because books are cheaper, shipping is faster, and books are always in stock. Finally to show the full effect I conclude the slide show with a picture of a failing reading quiz, a fate that students such as Jens Olsen came across due to the fact he was unable to do his readings.

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Need help in learning languages at DU? Try the Center for World Languages and Cultures!

Language learning program at DU

This slideshow represents my recent research about DU language program. In order to help students’ learning, DU provides lots of different programs on campus that can help students. The Center for World languages and Cultures is the most significant one.
 By interviewing the tutor and visiting the website, I learnt that CWLC is an independent and a growing department. CWLC provides independent language study for people who are interested in learning beyond the school’s requirement. The mission of CWLC is to help DU students preparing for the globalization by providing excellence in teaching and learning of the world’s languages an cultures. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU

The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU


Slideshow Written Reflection

            The slideshow topic I chose is a continuation of the on-campus dining options available to students at the University of Denver. I took pictures of both dining halls on campus (Halls and Nelson), of the dining options in Nagel Hall and the law school, the to-go options in the business school and the pub, the comment cards, and some of the flaws and common complaints students have of the on-campus dining. Some of these complaints were the lettuce, the poor vegan and vegetarian options, and the sushi on campus. I ended with a picture of the unfinished Penrose Library, which will provide more on campus-dining options in the future.

I wanted to tell a story sort of chronologically, starting with the places most frequented by students, then showing the most popular places for students (according to the students I interviewed for my issue story 1), and then some of the problems with Sodexo dining. I feel like it had a nice flow to it, as I started with more popular places, but then went on to places that are higher ranked by students. After showing some problems with on campus dining, I wanted to end on a positive note. The final picture of Penrose Library gives students hope that there will be better dining options in the future. While there may be problems today, hopefully changes will be made to cater to all students’ tastes in the future.  Continue reading

University of Denver Chinese students are participating in new culture

This slideshow represents the life of Chinese students in these two weeks. It shows how they are facing and participating in new culture. It is like a follow-up story for my issue story one, which talks about University of Denver Chinese Students and Scholars Association (DU CSSA) and problems of Chinese students living in the U.S.

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Men are missing out on one of women’s best fitness secrets: Zumba

Zumba instructor Taryn Brandt leads a group of 32 female students at the University of Denver.

Denver is one of the healthiest cities in the United States, taking the 5th spot in Forbes’ America’s Top 20 Healthiest Cities survey.

The University of Denver, with its active student population, may be equally fit – due, in large part, to its state-of-the-art fitness facility, the Coors Fitness Center, which is fully equipped with machines to target every muscle group, a cardio deck with treadmills and elliptical machines and even a swimming pool that, if anything, is underused.

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To learn a foreign language or not to learn?

More and more DU students are starting to become interested in learning languages. At the same time, University of Denver provides a variety of programs to suit DU students’ need. DU is doing so because it believes that studying different cultures through foreign languages are crucial in this globalization era, according to the website of DU language and literature department.

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