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Student swimmers make a big splash in the pool and in the classroom

By Cory Lamz & Dian Sun

It is hard enough to be a college student, but when you add 18 hours of swimming practice every week, balancing everything can be even more stressful. The members of the DU swimming team, however, continue to be successful in swimming and college life, as they juggle their many responsibilities.

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University of Denver music students strive to make it in their industry

By Rhianna Dow and Gigi Sukin

The University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music provides a dynamic music experience for students to learn both the fundamentals and details necessary to pursue careers in the music industry. It allows for students to learn the fundamentals of music and promotes its students so that they can practically apply what they learn in school to the real world.

Students have the opportunity to study while composing, producing, recording and touring with their own work and compositions.

DU’s intimate music program maintains nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students, offering individualized attentions from faculty and staff members necessary in order for them to achieve artistically beyond the classroom.

Often students opt to play in orchestras, operas, string quartets, steel drum ensembles or jazz groups as outside projects to practically apply the skills and style learned at Lamont.

Two such students are juniors Brandon Meagher and Charlie Fitz, both majoring in jazz and commercial music performance.

Their band, Race Street Riot, started three years ago after the musicians met in an obligatory piano class their freshman year combines jazz and rock, with a groove backbone.

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The BFA senior exhibition

The University of Denver is giving students at the school of art and art history the chance to display their artwork at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th.

The BFA senior Exhibition is currently taking place at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th at DU.

The BFA senior exhibition is the culmination of six student artists work that they have been working on throughout the year and are finally getting the opportunity to put their work on display to the public.

Samantha Carantit, a senior art gallery director, gave a description of the process the students went through in creating their art that is currently being displayed.

“The BFA exhibit happens every year and it is exhibiting a handful of students that are presenting their final projects.”

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Are students at DU safe?

By Di Yao and Taylor Cedarholm


In recent months The University of Denver has experienced a higher than normal number of criminal incidents.

There have been several robberies and many incidents of sexual harassment on campus and in the surrounding area.

DU’s sends out safety alerts to inform students of these crimes through text messages, phone calls, and emails.

Wei Bai, a senior at DU said, “These emails suddenly make me worried.”


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First Fridays exhibit art and culture on Sante Fe Drive each month

For my Final Cut Pro audio slide show, I wanted to introduce college students to the First Friday Art Walk, a monthly event on Sante Fe Drive.

Denver’s Art District hosts over 60 galleries, restaurants and shopping spots. On the first Friday of each month, the Art District opens its doors from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for lively crowds to socialize, view the works and speak with the artists.

Though the event occurs every four weeks, the First Friday art walk never fails to draw a crowd, according to participants and visitors. Through my audio slide show, I attempted to give a visual depiction of the crowds that flock to the Sante Fe for the event. I also accumulated a series of photographs from before, during and after the event to give an image of the art works, the artists, the galleries and the area. No one specific medium or style is most prominent, as can be seen from the slide show, a wide variety of work can be found in the collections and even outside throughout the district itself.


Students struggle with parking availability around campus

For my final cut slideshow I decided to go along with the same topic from my issue story #2 regarding parking issues around DU’s campus. I really enjoyed writing about this topic and I figured I would be able to take a variety of different photos to go along with my story. I conducted my interview with the parking manager at DU for my issue story so I already had an interview for the slideshow, which really helped out the process a lot. For my photos I went through my issue story and wrote down certain photos that I thought would go along with the story very nicely.

I really enjoyed working with this project, I thought it was very interesting to watch my issue story come to life through photos and audio. I did have some issues choosing what dialogue i wanted to use and how I should in corporate some of the photos that I took, but overall it was a pretty smooth process. I also thought it was a simple way to get more experience with final cut pro before we have to conduct our video projects.

The Life of an RA

Final Cut Pro Reflection

            The topic I chose for my Final Cut Pro slideshow was the life of an RA at the University of Denver. I wanted to tell a story of all the duties an RA has and how it can be difficult at times to do their job and still balance all the other duties they have in their life outside of being an RA. I started out with a picture of my RA Nermina in front of her door, followed by a picture of all the RA’s in JMAC to show the diversity they have. I took a picture of Nermina with a student to demonstrate how they are there for the students on their floor to talk about anything. Then I showed a picture of another RA on my floor, Jackie, helping to provide lockout keys and manage mailboxes. RA’s must watch the front door of the dorms, so I had a picture of Jackie doing that too. RA’s do rounds at night, so I had a picture of Jackie and another RA walking the halls and then knocking on a door. RA’s put up bulletin boards monthly, so I had a picture of Nermina putting one up. Continue reading

College students switching from alcohol to marijuana

For my Final Cut project, I decided to interview someone about how a lot of college students are switching from alcohol consumption to marijuana. I interviewed a University of Colorado Boulder student. My interview isn’t great, it’s pretty wordy and not to the point. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain another interview from him. I tried to get an interview with a DU student but they were hesitant to be interviewed but helped with photos.

I really struggled with picture ideas a lot with this project. The photos of weed and alcohol were easy to obtain but other ideas were hard to come up with. I have far less photos than necessary. I kind of regret not switching my topic because pictures were difficult to get. I wasn’t sure how to depict a lot of the things he was saying in a creative manner.

I used a variety of shots and tried to stay creative with my photo ideas. I used photos of weed and alcohol, obviously. I used the condoms when he mentioned safe sex. I know this isn’t my best work but I did try to create a visually pleasing slideshow to accompany the audio.

The Arvada Skatepark


For my final cut slideshow, I chose to focus on the Arvada skatepark in Arvada, Colorado.  The park was opened this spring and I noticed that more and more students from DU were making the 20-minute drive to Arvada.  I chose the two people in my interview because they are two students that go to Arvada on a weekly basis and are both longtime skateboarders.  One thing that was certainly challenging in terms of the photographic process was that I shot my photos before I recorded the audio.  It actually was not as big of an issue as I thought because I basically did the process in a reverse order by laying down the slideshow first with the variety of pictures I had, and then I formulated the questions I was going to ask the interviewees somewhat according to the pictures.

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Sports help students relieve stress at DU

For my Final Cut slideshow I decided to show how students at DU use sports and physical activity to relieve stress. I composed my slideshow with a variety of shots from stressed students, to the Ritchie center where they work out, to photos of the students actually taking part in the sports. I was trying to tell a story of how students relieve stress through sports offered on campus at DU. Continue reading