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How are the students at University of Denver learning Korean?

This slideshow focuses on Korean learning at University of Denver. It shows how students learn it with limited resources: No regular classes are offered and currently there is only one language partner for students at the Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC) students can practice with.

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Stepping out of the comfort zone

For my Final cut slideshow, I was working on a story about how a college student from CU-boulder step out of their comfort zone and try her best to make friends and keep up with her study and try to work to gain more experience from a new society at the same time. Continue reading

Students flock to Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta $1 Slice Night near DU campus

With this audio slideshow I wanted to tell others about the joys of $1 Slice Night at Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta on Evans Avenue. Through my slideshow I follow one restaurant-goer’s experience at slice night, from a student perspective, as well as from one of the pizza maker’s perspective.

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How to deal with Social network checking before hiring?

Be wise on using your own social network

Jenny Li's Facebook page. According to Jenny, she had almost hundreds of pictures on her page.

More and more people have been asked for their personal social network accounts or even the password during or after the hiring process. Employer will check on your social background before him or her make the final decision. Social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Continue reading

College student spending habits: how money, food and parents may differ

DU students are spending money on living essentials, not items like electronics, which contrasts what other students are buying nationwide.

College students are spending more of their discretionary money on electronics than anything else, according to a 2009 study. However, DU students seem to be going against this trend, focusing their money more on food and tuition than anything else

According to WWD, a company that reports marketing trends, students were projected to spend $13 billion on electronics in 2009, which was more than double what they were to spend on clothes, $5.77 billion. Room and board expenses, which average about $600 and $180 per month, respectively, were so insignificant by comparison that they did not appear in reporting results.

Yet, University of Denver students seem to be spending more on food, rent and tuition than any other consideration. So exactly how much are DU students spending on these college necessities, and why aren’t they spending more on electronics?

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Men’s lacrosse pioneer pregames boost school spirit at University of Denver

DU students have displayed an increase in school spirit throughout the 2012 men’s lacrosse season by attending the student-organized pioneer pregame tailgates before each home game.

Students showing their school spirit at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium.

Over the 7 games played at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium and the one game played at Sports Authority Field in Denver for the Whitman’s Sampler Mile High Classic, hosted by Inside Lacrosse, students have turned out to each game in large numbers not only due to last years final four run by the men’s team, but also the increased organization of the Pioneer Pregame tailgates.

Samuel White, the president pro tempore of the undergraduate student government, described the organization of the pioneer pregames and why they have become so successful.

“At the beginning it wasn’t so much work because we were doing it through Sodexho and through a lot of the administration,” White continued, “And now it has become more of a free for all with students bringing their own alcohol and serving it to people that are above 21.”

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College relationships less important, especially among female students


Ulga McCollom, 20, with a guy friend.

Couples on college campuses used to be commonplace. But things have changed and fewer students are in long-term relationships.

Some say this shift has occurred because college relationships are becoming less meaningful and less desirable to students. A hookup culture is prevailing on a majority of college campuses.

According to a study done by St. Olaf University, about 75 percent of students have engaged in a hookup with someone they had known less than 24 hours.

Students can identify with this.

Emily T., 20, a finance and international relations major at Tulane University.

Hooking up is big here, I feel like it’s part of college culture,” said Emily. “I’ve hooked up with 8 guys in the last year. I don’t really do relationships. I see myself more prepared for life when I graduate, hopefully with an awesome job. But definitely not married. Relationships just aren’t important to me right now, maybe by the time I’m 30 they’ll be more meaningful to me.”

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Chipotle vs. Illegal Pete’s: Battle between local and big business burritos

Chipotle and Illegal Pete's are two of the most popular burrito restaurants on campus, and with just a tenth of a mile separating the two it is a tough decision for students to make.

When students at the University of Denver are craving a burrito they have a tough choice to make between two of the top burrito joints in Denver, Illegal Pete’s or Chipotle. When I surveyed 30 students, 24 said that overall they prefer eating at Chipotle, because of their delicious ingredients.

Student Jack Jagla said he prefers the taste of Chipotle, which he claims has been a long time favorite of his due to the natural ingredients and great taste. According to Chipotle, the company strives to use organic and local products free from synthetic hormones. Although 80 percent of students surveyed said they like Chipotle better than Illegal Pete’s that still left 20% of students who preferred Illegal Pete’s, and choosing Chipotle wasn’t as easy of a decision as the survey may seem to infer.

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Dude, where’s my car?

The immediate three-block radius of the campus periphery has been designated a restricted parking area by the City of Denver

 Many students at the University of Denver find campus parking frustrating. The one-hour parking zones surrounding campus and the expensive costs for permits make it difficult for students to find a place to park their cars.

There are several parking garages and paid hourly parking available for students, yet the majority of students

live off campus and do not purchase parking passes, and occasionally use their cars to drive to class.

Claire Buchta, a junior at DU, voiced her opinion regarding parking around campus, “it sucks, I think the tickets should be ten dollars maximum and I think parking on campus should be more affordable in general.”

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The struggles of medicating at DU

Citi-Med is a popular dispensary for medical marijuana students near DU

There is no doubt that many who hold a medical marijuana card in Colorado do not legitimately need the card. Yet for those who truly need the medicine, it can be hard to be accepted by society and many schools, especially if you go to the University of Denver.

The DU Honor Code states that “Possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of any illegal drug, or any possession or use of any prescription drug or other controlled substance except under the direction of a licensed physician is prohibited. Marijuana, including Medical Marijuana, is prohibited on campus.”

There are many students at DU with medical marijuana cards, and while upperclassmen who live off campus are in the clear for the most part, underclassmen who are still living in the dorms risk getting suspended or expelled for using or possessing their medication. Continue reading