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Students persevere without library

Students study in driscoll library, as construction of Penrose continues     As Penrose Library construction tears the DU campus in two, students continue with their studies and persevere without the staple study climate once provided at the University of Denver.

According to the Penrose website, the library reconstruction should finish by the end of January. Until then, students will have to seek help and research in the Driscoll Center.

“It’s pretty unfortunate, especially because in Korbel, the school I’m in, doesn’t have study rooms, so it’s pretty inconvenient.” Said, International Studies graduate student, Micky Lendenmann. “I have to work around it. “

With the ever deepening school year, new procedures to request research materials and lack of study space could cause increased difficulties for students.

During construction, all research materials and books from the library are being stored in Aspen Hall and in an off-campus storage facility. Current students must request research materials and research appointments beforehand through the Penrose website. Students must also work through the local library system.

“It’s just a hassle,” Said Rhiannan Price, an International Studies graduate student, “but otherwise I think that DU has done a really good job in making sure those resources are available elsewhere.”

Rebuilding DU

This slideshow illustrates the impact of construction on the student body without altering the environment. I primarily photographed the building materials across campus and the construction workers themselves. I waited for a particularly cloudy day to avoid overexposure of the subjects and allow an increased number of angles. At the time I feared the sunlight would weigh too heavily on an emotional impact through the shadows. I felt that the best shots were action shots of the construction workers,

Overall, I felt that the pictures worked well with the story, however, I wish I had gotten shots of the storage area where the library books are being held. I would give myself more time and not shy away from sunshine.

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Are those lollipops or condoms? What happens when DU kids are having too much sex

It is no surprise when parents walk into a college dorm, there is generally a large glass jar full of colorful condoms. People associate college with sex and booze, right?

While the free condoms might be convenient for a guy to slip into his back pock before heading out for a night, and a solid option to avoid STDs, they’re only 11-14% effective in preventing pregnancy. And while girls can protect themselves against STDs with condoms too, to further protect themselves against pregnancy costs a pretty penny, even with the new insurance plans. Oral contraptions and IUDs can add up to $300 to $900 a year. These birth control options cause hormonal imbalance, can be uncomfortable and are an all-around pain in the ass. Regardless of how much security one employs, between mis-use of contraceptives, lack of contraceptive use at all, in July 2012 The Guttmacher Institute released  released a study that proved evidence that roughly 107 out of 1,000 women between the ages of 20-24 are bound to get pregnant. Continue reading

Diversity at DU transcends numbers

Located off of the University of Denver (DU) campus, wedged between apartment buildings and University Blvd restaurants, sits a small building entitled the “Center for Multicultural Excellence”.

The Center for Multicultural Excellence, located off of University Blvd, provides programming for students in issues of diversity and inclusive excellence, as well as student support and education.

With “diversity” included as a provision of DU’s values statement since 2002, the Center for Multicultural Excellence reflects the university’s mission to inflect a face of diversity .

Five years after the commitment to “inclusive excellence” was added as a core value of the university, staff and students have mixed assessments of how well the administration has implemented these values into DU culture.

“We have made lots of progress in eleven years,” said Dr. Nikki Latino, the head of the Diversity Action Team, which works with Student Life to embed diversity in day-to-day practice. “We have a lot more to accomplish, but we are making progress,”

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The effect of sororities and stereotypes on college students and their campuses

The sophomore class of Delta Zeta gather to take a photo to remember times with their sisters.

Greek life on university campuses can carry different meanings depending on who you ask. It is not only dependent on whom you ask but also what university campus you are looking at.

University greek life varies greatly depending upon the campus and its location.

Many universities in the south, for example, are known for being very intense and over the top. These are the types of things that bring stereotypes to sororities.

What is a sorority?
A sorority is defined in the dictionary as a social club or society for university woman. Though many sorority members would define it differently and say that it is more than the definition.

“It’s hard to understand sorority life looking from the outside in,” said Gaia Altshuler, a sophomore at the University of Denver, “Overall sorority life has given me the opportunity to be a better women.”

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SAE at University of Denver returns with second annual Autumn Classic

SAE and philanthropy from mkm1856

This November marks the second annual benefit concert, the Autumn Classic, hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Denver.  Last year the event raised nearly $4,000 last year for the Gordie Foundation, a charity focused on preventing alcohol abuse and hazing.

This year the artists feature up-and-coming DJ’s TheFatRat, Pruitt, and DJ Mike Deez and is being sponsored by  The event will be taking place at Casselmans Bar and Venue, a location that Sigma Alpha Epsilon has become very familiar with over the past years.  This year a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Foundation.

Although the Autumn Classic is moving from the Gothic Theater on South Broadway to Casselmans in downtown Denver, the event should prove to deliver the same results as its inaugural year did.  SAE will be selling tickets on DU’s campus and online.

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DU students struggle to break through the stereotypes of Greek life on campus

Greek life symbols at DU that make some proud.

Mixed feelings about fraternities and sororities have some questioning the gray area between perceptions and realities of Greek life on the University of Denver (DU) campus.

Only 23 percent of DU students are involved in Greek life.  However, according to a qualitative survey of nearly 50 University of Denver students participated in last week, about Greeks Life at DU, 58 percent of students felt that Greek life was a “big deal” on campus.

Greek Life at DU is said to form “perpetual bond of friendship among its members.” A surprising 77 percent of Greeks and non-Greeks a like recognized how Greek Life can create lifelong friendships.

Greek students at DU seem to think they do not fit the mold of the stereotypical Greek System.  The Greeks at DU call themselves a “Greek Community” and they feel that they embody their four pillars.  The pillars on which they build their community and which each house must support and reflect are Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

Some DU students feel that Greek members do not reflect those pillars.

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Preparing for ‘higher’ higher education


It’s never too early to start thinking about your future after undergraduate life.

It’s fall again and undergraduates across the nation are returning to school in droves. Whether you’re a wide-eyed first year or a jaded fourth year, it may be time to start planning your life after undergraduate school as application and testing deadlines are coming up in the next few months.

Applying and preparing for school, whether that be medical school, law school or a liberal arts Master’s program, can be incredibly stressful, time consuming and frustrating.

First step: the tests.

The Tests
Senior Jenny Lamphere from Highlands Ranch is majoring in English and has been preparing to take both the GRE and the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) test since June. Continue reading

How DU Students are Dealing with the Penrose Renovations

Ongoing construction of DU’s Academic Commons at Penrose Library.

The remodeling of the University of Denver’s (DU) soon to be Academic Commons at Penrose Library has been a buzz-worthy topic amongst DU students for the past year.  Many DU students have mixed feelings about not having a traditional library on campus.

The remodeling of DU’s library has been in progress for over a year.  Penrose has been relocated to an alternate location in the Driscoll Student Center.

The new Academic Commons at Penrose Library are scheduled to open by the beginning of March, spring quarter of this year.

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Poor snowfall last year raises questions: will students still ski?

Although the ski slopes of Steamboat Springs don’t have snow yet, winter is fast approaching

With the blistering heat and drought that summer brought finally dissipating into the cool wet of autumn, Coloradans can finally switch their focus from that of manic pandemonium because of fire dangers to that of relaxation and reflection during the fall.

However, with the first snow of the season being sighted in Summit County less than two weeks ago the state is abuzz and focused on one thing: winter. To the typical DU student winter means so much more than just snow and cold, it means ski season.

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