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Art and academics, life of an art major

A piece by Rafael Fajardo, a professor in DU’s Emerging Digital Practices program.

A major that gets to play all day and party all night seems like a dream, the perfect major.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is.

While common misconception seems to paint a picture of art majors as students who don’t work hard or aren’t good enough to study anything else with an easy major that doesn’t matter in the real-job world, reality strikes a different note.

As with any major, there are always students who slack off and students who dedicate themselves.

However, the University of Denver’s art students are generally hardworking and passionate, whether their peers perceive them as such or not.

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University of Denver students focus on networking to gain employment

Graduating seniors can come to the University of Denver’s Career Center for career counseling, assistance with résumé building and interviewing practice.

When it comes to entering the job market after graduation, University of Denver (DU) students have a leg up on the competition. Graduating seniors at DU understand the importance of networking and internships to assist them with finding a job post-graduation.

A recent cap-and-gown survey, which is conducted by DU’s Career Center annually each spring, revealed that 82 percent of graduating seniors who sought out employment had a job within six months of graduating.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, half of college graduates nationally are unemployed or underemployed.

“Students who start early on through internships, career fairs and volunteer work build connections so that when they’re positioned to graduate, they’ve already made good connections,” said Patricia O’Keefe, Career Center Assistant Director.

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University of Denver student athletes juggle Division I athletics, academics

The University of Denver women’s soccer team practices on CIBER Field nearly every morning before classes begin.

For the University of Denver women’s soccer team, free time is a luxury rarely available. Between practices, traveling, games, classes, homework and studying, spare moments are reserved for sneaking in meals and getting enough sleep.

“A lot of people talk about time management, but all students need that, not just athletes,” said Head Coach Jeff Hooker. “You have to make a lot of good decisions. You need rest, and you have to make a lot of sacrifices that other students don’t. It is a total year-round commitment. You are an athlete for 12 months out of the year.”

Katy Van Lieshout, a senior forward on the women’s soccer team, demonstrates extreme commitment to both her athletics and her academics. In the 2011 season, Van Lieshout played in all 21 games for the Pioneers, finishing the season with a career-high five goals, three of which were game-winners.

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