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Women empower others during Tri-Delta’s Fat Talk Free Week

The photos I chose to take for this slide show are depictions of Fat Talk and Fat Talk Free Week.  I first of all took a lot of pictures of the two ladies that I interviewed because it was important to capture how they felt confident in their bodies and how they do things in their life to show self-confidence and pride.  Then I took photos of thing that symbolize eating, size or media pressure.  I also got pictures of some of the campaigns that Tri-Delta uses to promote their program.  A compilation of all these different types of photos certainly creates a sense of Tri-Delta is trying to accomplish with this campaign.  I am trying to exhibit what the campaign is, what it means, and how we can avoid using negative language towards ourselves and others. By following the example of the ladies shown, we can empower other women to feel confident and talk confidently.

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The Dangers of Irresponsible Drinking

This slideshow presents pictures of people drinking and general photographs of alcohol to show the prevalence of irresponsible drinking on college campuses.  The photos I chose for the slideshow are primarily focused on different means of consuming alcohol.  The pictures are meant to show that drinking games and aggressive drinking make it difficult for somebody to monitor exactly how much alcohol they are actually consuming.  Drinking is a major part of college, but the amount of binge drinking in college is often overlooked and serves as a major problem.

The pictures show several different ways that some college students choose to drink instead of the traditional means of drinking a beer or a mixed drink.  There are photos of people “shot-gunning” and cans that had been “shot-gunned,” which is a popular means of attempting to drink beer as fast as possible.  Other pictures show somebody drinking straight from a bottle of hard alcohol, Irish car bombs (a popular drop-shot drink consisting of Bailey’s, Guinness, and Jameson), a set up beer pong game, and drinking bagged wine.  All of these methods of drinking promote irresponsible and binge drinking but are very often used by college students to get drunk quickly.

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Transfer students at DU say transferring is not the end of the world

For my audio slideshow I wanted to focus on a certain group of people, I wanted to focus on transfer students. I chose to focus on transfer students because I think they are normally misunderstood. Many people sometimes don’t even realize that some students are transfer students but there is still this overall idea about transfer students. I wanted to discuss with my interviewees why they decided to transfer and what made them decide that they wanted to come to DU.

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Students make sandwiches for needy

Creating the audio slideshow on Final Cut Pro was an exciting challenge for me, as it is the first audio project I have had the opportunity to do, and it was exciting to be working in such a new capacity. I was also excited about the topic I chose and am now glad it is what I selected, as it did serve itself very well to this presentation format. I chose to do my audio slideshow on the PB&J program put on by the campus ministry every Thursday evening and Friday morning to make and distribute sack lunches for the needy in Denver. I took photos both of the events Thursday night- when the students make the PB&J sandwiches in Nagel Hall- and the Friday morning distribution, during which students go to Civic Center Park downtown to pass out the lunches to the needy waiting for them.

I really wanted viewers to understand the impact the PB&J program has on students and those it serves. DU students are often thought of as very privileged, and I wanted to focus on those students dedicated to helping and bettering the lives of those around them. Many students who regularly participate have also said the experience has opened their minds and made them more aware of struggling and the lifestyles of the needy, and I wanted to highlight this effect as well.

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Study abroad: the other side

Basically I focused just about all of my pictures based on what the subjects in my interviews were saying. At times it was a bit difficult to capture exactly what they were describing but I felt I used relatable photos to what the subjects were saying. My project focused on two aspects here at DU. I briefly described and explained the unique study abroad program DU has that allows a large majority of students to go abroad their junior year. I felt it was very necessary to point out how the university really supports and tries to make the study abroad experience available to all students. However, not all students go abroad and this is what I primarily focused my slideshow on. Continue reading

University of Denver students engage in environmental sustainability

My audio slideshow attempted to capture some of the best things University of Denver students, in congruence with the Sustainability Council, are doing to help promote environmental sustainability around campus. I chose to interview three people, Tay Dunklee, the co-chair of the Transportation Committee, Megan Kelly, the chair of Mindful Consumption Committee and Ira Simon, the director of DU’s food service company Sodexo. These people provided professional and interesting accounts of ways in which DU has worked to improve sustainability around campus.

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Sodexo employees and students enjoy friendly interactions and conversation

The Sodexo employees at DU often just become part of the landscape, people seen everyday and not well-known. With my audio slideshow, I sought to highlight the employees and what they do at the school. I wanted to give them a chance to say what they enjoy about working at DU, and also bring in a student’s opinion regarding their own appreciation of the employees here at DU. Through this I wanted to let viewers know more about people they interact with on a daily basis, give appreciation to the employees, and highlight the joy both parties take from friendliness, laughter and good conversations.

I chose to photograph a number of locations around campus to give the slides diversity and represent all the locations where students and Sodexo employees interact. I used a wide range of shots of people, places, using wide, medium and close-up shots. I matched images with the words in the interviews as best as possible, trying not to be too repetitive with the images. I chose to use Joseph’s interview first, and Ryan’s second, because I felt that was a natural progression. Joseph talked about enjoying interaction with students, then a student talked about enjoying the friendliness and good conversations and interactions with the staff. I chose not to use much text or special effects because I felt they would distract from the overall message of the piece. I used text to identify the people talking, and a few effects at the beginning, when switching between people and at the end. I didn’t want to take away from the piece and felt using lots of fades, rotations or shrinking canvases would be highly distracting from the audio aspect of the slideshow.

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The Pioneer Leadership Program at DU

Final Cut Pro Audio Slideshow Reflection – Anna Gauldin

The topic of my audio slideshow is the Pioneer Leadership Program at the University of Denver, a living and learning community in which students pursue a minor in leadership studies. To capture the essence of this program, I did my best to photograph the various aspects of PLP, ranging from classes to retreats to volunteer work.

I also incorporated photographs of the residence hall in which all of the first-year members live, as well as photographs of the directors and some of the members of the program. My goal with this project is to inform members of the Pioneer community what PLP is all about, as there are often misconceptions. Continue reading

The Clarion: being a student journalist



For the audio-visual slideshow, I really wanted to show the trials of being a student journalist, while also conveying the camaraderie and pleasant aspects. I focused on DU’s student newspaper, the Clarion, and particularly the Monday night production process of the Clarion staff.

I interviewed several people on staff; I wanted to get different perspectives from different positions on the paper. I also wanted multiple voices; towards the end of the slideshow, I broadened my interview to other members on staff to try and discover why these students have chosen to join and/or stay on the Clarion staff despite the stress and difficulties. Continue reading

How DU students cope with no library

For my slideshow, I chose to take pictures of various different things that had to do with students studying on and off campus and of the libraries construction itself. I took a lot of pictures at popular study spaces that students have found off campus. I tried to capture the atmosphere of those coffee shops and bakeries to show what a welcoming and homey environment they give off. I also wanted to show pictures of how the school actually looks with the construction going on. People who look at the pictures can form their own opinions about how the school looks with all the construction going on in the middle of DU’s campus.

If I could do this project again, I would definitely do some more up close shots for a more artistic view. I wasn’t thinking ahead when I was going to the off campus locations thinking that I could just walk in and start snapping photos. When I actually couldn’t really do that. I needed to have someone I knew come with me so I could take photographs of them because taking photos of random people up close is an invasion of privacy and most of the coffee shops wouldn’t allow me to photograph them on the inside. So I think my biggest issue was thinking ahead.

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