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A day in the rehearsal of University of Denver’s “Fiddler on the Roof”

DU student’s performing in upcoming musical performance “Fiddler on the Roof” rehearse three hours a day, five days a week. Yet, not many DU students are aware about this performance. Yet, the hard work of these talented individuals should be appreciated and applauded. Don’t forget to attend one of the performances premiering on February 28th and running until March 10th.

DU students begin rehearsing for Fiddler on the Roof musical performance

 Did you know about Fiddler?

                When asking around the DU campus if they had heard of the musical Fiddler on the Roof, a large portion of students were at least acquainted with the musical on some level. Some students knew all of the songs; some knew the basic story line and some had simply heard the name. Yet when asked if they knew that DU students were putting on this show at the Lamont School of Music, most students had no idea.DSC_0020 Continue reading

DU Students Relish Opportunity to Learn a New Language at Home and Abroad

The new library is almost here

For my powerpoint slideshow, I continued with the same topic as my Issue Story Number 1, which was about the construction of the new Penrose Library winding down. I wanted to show people how much progress has taken place over the past year and a half, even though many students were expecting the project to be finished sooner. I included not only pictures of the almost finished library, but also pictures of the construction workers and equipment. I included alternate study spaces that many students have been utilizing. I tried to include as many pictures with people as possible to make it more interesting. Continue reading

Campus safety is everyone’s concern

My photo slide share/slideshow depicts the issue of safety on University of Denver’s campus. To illustrate the different factors of campus safety, I photographed Campus Safety, various places around campus, students and things pertaining to crimes relevant to the University.  It is my intention to present these photographs with some interesting statistics provided by DU’s campus safety police. The photos are self-explanatory with further detail in the caption.

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The University of Denver makes recycling easy

The University of Denver offers many recycling centers around campus that allow for easy student access. I wanted my photos to reflect the efforts that the University is currently making. Those include: water bottle refill stations, the biking program, dinning halls, community gardens, and recycling centers. My issue story focused on the universities attempt to develop better sustainability practices around campus. It became clear through writing the first assignment that most students only recycle because the opportunity is readily available.

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Sodexo strives to make the University of Denver and the world a better place

In this slideshow I really wanted to capture the efforts that Sodexo puts into its work. I tried to show the different things that makes Sodexo a commendable company and focused on the positive. I tried to mix in pictures of people and food items to connect the employees with their work. I also made sure to get pictures of students, because they are the beneficiaries of all of the effort Sodexo puts in.

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Returning students learn to adjust post-abroad

In covering the topic of student’s re-adjustment to home and campus post-abroad, I wanted my photos to effectively show some of the aspects of campus that had changed while students were abroad. I also wanted to capture some of the ways that students learn to preserve their memories from abroad with things like their souvenirs, mementos and room décor. I also tried to illustrate the joy students feel when reuniting with their friends as well as the stress students endure from trying to juggle so many changes at once. I also gaves examples of ways students can help de-stress themselves and ease back into the normal rythem. Finally, I also wanted to point students in the right direction of where they can look to find support upon returning and get involved with sharing their experiences from abroad.

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DU raises student awareness of body image issues


For this slideshow, I wanted to discuss the dangers of eating disorders and what DU is doing to combat them. Eating disorders can be a very sensitive topic, and through this slideshow I wanted to raise awareness, but also provide information about them to those who may not be well-informed. I chose to take pictures of food, people and also resources to reflect this. Continue reading

DU music students in the limelight

The topic of my slideshow is Lamont music students at DU. I am seeking to tell a story about the time constraints and commitments that the music students have in order to achieve their degree and their dreams of becoming working musicians. Due to most of the music students full schedules, I was unable to photograph a lot of people, however the interviewees from my issue story allowed me to photograph them, and I got a few shots of their closed rehearsals. Continue reading