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DU Basketball competes off the court

This slideshow focuses on the ways in which athletes on the University of Denver Men’s Basketball prepare for school. The goal of these photos is to show everyone that there are some programs available to help these athletes, but they are generally pressed for time with practice and travel. Continue reading

DU seniors gear up for new challenges

This slideshow focuses on what University of Denver senior students plan to do after graduation. It displays the different avenues that students can take. The goal of these photos was to capture the University of Denver in a broad sense. I didn’t want to only focus on seniors planning to go to graduate school. Having different perspectives played an important factor in my story.

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University of Denver students dress for success to exercise self-expression

For this slideshow, I wanted to discuss the necessity of dress code—or lack thereof—in the University setting. I am interested in fashion and wanted to apply the topic in a way relevant to the University of Denver. Through these photos, I explain the importance of dressing professionally in the classroom, as well as what is appropriate in the college environment, vs. the desire of students to express themselves and dress in whatever they feel suits them. I interviewed both teachers and students in order to get a broad range of responses and create an unbiased view on the topic. Continue reading

DU students’ opinions differ about levels of safeness on campus

Campus safety is a primary concern of every college or university. Given the young demographic and student activity there is cause for worry. At DU, statistics confirm that crime rates in the community are higher when school is in session and students are living in close quarters.

Stephen BanetCampus safety is a concern

Consensus is that students at the University of Denver feel relatively safe on campus and statistics from the Department of Campus Security Crime Log which is available to the public, indicate the crime rate has remained at a consistent level without increasing. While Campus Safety strives to do an excellent job patrolling the campus, investigating reports of incidences and reprimanding offenders, students’ opinions as to their effectiveness, however, are mixed.

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DU combats negative body image

Body image can be a big stressor for college students.

Body image can be a big stressor for college students.

With the change of lifestyle and the dreaded “freshman 15,” dieting and exercise is common on college campuses.  But with the increase in those who foster a poor body image, the fad of being thin is heightened to a new extreme.

Although it starts mildly, a few extra minutes at the gym or counting calories, this can ultimately lead to disordered eating which in turn results in an incredibly hazardous illness: an eating disorder.

As this dangerous trend grows, the University of Denver has put forth an effort to keep its students informed and spread awareness regarding eating disorders.

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Study abroad boosts students’ interest in foreign language

Students pursue independent study in a second or third language

Students pursue independent study in a second or third language

Winter Quarter is a period of limbo at the University of Denver, when Juniors return from Study Abroad while Sophomores are selecting where they will be the coming fall. The travel bug is certainly biting and giving students itchy feet, but have any tongues been tickled by linguistics?

The ability to communicate effectively in a second or even third language has become increasingly important in our globalized world. DU students are coming to see the value such knowledge will bring to their professional and personal lives.

This is evident in the facts behind Pioneers studying abroad in locations where English is not the lingua franca, so to speak.

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University of Denver students more likely to recycle on campus


Water bottle refill stations are located all over DU campus. This station in J-Mac has eliminated waste from 47907 disposable plastic bottles.

The University of Denver has taken progressive action towards developing a sustainable campus, however, many students continue to exhibit flippant attitudes regarding “green”living.

“I recycle everything that has a label. I love that DU provides easy opportunities for recycling but, I feel like a lot of students don’t care about sustainability at all,” said Paige Mills, a third year R.A in Johnson-McFarlane Hall.

Since 2009 DU has formed an active sustainability council, increased recycling efforts, introduced a sustainability minor, started water bottle refill stations, and offered organic meal options. Yet, many students remain unaware of the potential harms associated with high-consumption lifestyles.

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Sodexo employees reveal their feelings about working for DU students


They see most students every day. They stand behind the glass barriers that separate them from their patrons as they prepare and present the food that is frequently a source of complaint for DU students. They are the Sodexo employees that feed and clean up after everyone without receiving much appreciation. Yet, they are there day after day. Continue reading

The danger of practicality: DU business students prepare for ethical dilemmas

Alma Limon, a DCB graduate with a double-major in Marketing and Communications

Alma Limon, a DCB graduate with a double-major in Marketing and Communications

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But maybe it can provide a good down-payment.

After spending thousands of dollars on higher education, it seems the most practical thing for students to do is invest in self-preservation. And so, they choose a money-making major like business, regardless of how passionate they are about the subject. Students concerned with practicality are willing to endure years of dissatisfaction for a sizeable paycheck promising financial security for them and their loved ones. These students often formulate such plans: major in business, make as much money as soon as possible to pay back interest-accumulating loans, buy a house for a future family and build up a savings fund for aging parents. After fulfilling this string of heavy responsibilities, the students then return to college to pursue their true passion. Continue reading

DU music students take center stage


Lamont Music School students rehearsing for "Lamont Opera Scenes".

Lamont Music School students rehearsing for “Lamont Opera Scenes”.

Walk into Joy Burns Plaza at Denver University’s Newman Center, and you will most likely find the lobby to be scattered with  music students; Some taking a quick break to chat with friends before heading to the next rehearsal, and many, speed walking to their next class, toting cases that hold trumpets and saxophones, among other instruments. With dreams of composing modern opera, and possibly scores for Pixar movies, following in the footsteps of Michael Giacchino, 22 year-old John Jones, a junior at DU, battles the grueling time and schedule demands that most music students at the Lamont School of Music have become accustom to. Continue reading