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Cafe culture at DU

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International Students Faced with Cultural Adjustment

Assimilating to cultures and ways of life is not always easy.  For my Final Cut Pro, I explored how international students from the University of Denver cope with being away from home and adjust to new cultural experiences.  There are two sides to this inquiry.  Marlene Arnold, a Senior International Advisor with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) spoke to me about the various resources her office offers to members of DU’s extensive international demographic.  Continue reading

International athletes add diversity to University of Denver sports


The photos I chose were mostly trying to represent abstract ideas that the interviews discussed. It was difficult for me to find things to take pictures of, especially because both sports teams were away on competitions a lot which made photographing them a challenge. Continue reading

KVDU Broadcaster profile: Madison Watson

I chose to profile a broadcaster at KVDU college radio station. Madison Watson, a junior at DU, is very involved in the music scene in Denver as well as here on campus. The photos in my slide show were taken in the KVDU station and concert venues around the city. I was extremely lucky with the timing of the presentation because it was a big weekend for music entertainment. Madison invited me to one of the shows that the radio station had been promoting so I was able to photograph her in a place where she feels the most at home-surrounded by groovy tunes. I felt that her perspective and knowledge regarding music is extremely relevant in the life of any Denverite. Denver is exploding onto the national music scene as a young and influential city in the dub-step genre. It’s important to get the word out about the music-centered opportunities around DU. Additionally, KVDU is relatively unknown on this campus. I’ve been listening for the last year because my friends have a show on weekend, but it offers students who are interested in media a great chance to develop broadcasting skills. I feel like student based programs could be better represented-so I wanted to highlight Madison’s interests. Continue reading

DU Pioneer Breakers share positive experiences in hip-hop community

My photos revolved around the individuals on the Pioneer Breakers team. Since this story centers on their personal experiences within the hip-hop community, I wanted to focus my photographs on their faces and body language. Combined, these two components would provide a more well-rounded illustration of the Breakers’ stories: the viewer would not only be listening to the tones in the individuals’ voices but would also be observing their visual cues. Continue reading

A day on the University Ski Bus

My topic for the Final Cut Pro slideshow was on the University Ski Bus, which takes DU students to different mountains every weekend. I took photos of George Cooper, founder of the University Ski Bus, students on the bus, different shots on the mountain, preparation for the departure, and more. I wanted George to tell people more about the company through his interviews, and what customers can expect. I also wanted him to talk about the differences between last year and this year. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of the Lambda House Mom at the University of Denver

For my audio slideshow, I interviewed Jane Bryce, the house mom of University of Denver fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. This interview began as a day in the life of Jane, but quickly transitioned into more of an overall profile of her job responsibilities and experiences in her current position, as well on some background on how she acquired this job. My interview went very smoothly; she answered each question with a detailed description and formulated well-articulated responses. I had a bit of trouble offering non-verbal encouragement, as my natural instinct is to say my agreement or interest rather than simply nodding and smiling, but for the most part I was able to edit out my own interruptions and combine her responses in a way that made sense and flowed. Continue reading

Founding Alpha Phi at DU

For my audio slide show I wanted to tell a story of what it is like to start a new sorority at a university. Alpha Phi’s founding members are graduating this year so I wanted to get an inside look of how they first started their chapter here on the University of Denver’s campus four years ago. I interviewed the former Alpha Phi President Brittany Willis to share her experiences from starting the chapter from the ground up.

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Denver basketball journeys on the road

The photos that I chose tell the story of what travel consists of on the road for the Denver Men’s Basketball team. These pictures give an in depth look at look at what the daily activities are that occur on the road. Because of some of the team rules, I was not able to take pictures in certain areas, for example during pre-game meals or practices on the road. Continue reading

DU students express their pride and cheer on men’s hockey


Although the University of Denver can’t boast the same enrollment numbers as larger state schools, our sporting events can boast rowdy Pioneer spirit. With my Final Cut Pro slideshow, I wanted to capture the student enthusiasm at our games and dispel the myth that our school doesn’t show school spirit. I attended the the DU/CC hockey rivalry game to shoot the photos needed to express these goals. I also wanted to illustrate why school pride is important for a campus community and encourage those who watch the video to support their school in one way or another.

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