Monthly Archives: February 2013

Food culture difference: the big issue for international students

The topic I chose is the different food cultures between the U.S. and where DU international students come from. Since I don’t feel very comfortable to be recorded myself, I decide to conduct this slideshow depending the interviews, so I had each of my interviewees introduce themselves and talk through on this topic. The photos I shot basically consist of photos of the interviewees, food, cooking and DU dining halls. I also went to the Chinese New Year Celebration. Continue reading

DU students escape to the mountains

Through this audio slideshow, I am trying to tell the story of DU kids escaping to the mountains on weekends. I am trying to explain that skiing and snowboarding is a big part of DU culture, and that the mountains are the reason many students choose to study at DU and stay in Colorado for college.

I wanted to explain that many people at DU ski and enjoy skiing. I also wanted to include information about how students feel about the snowfall from last year compared to the snowfall this year and if it was affecting how much they were skiing.

Continue reading

Discovering LGBT nightlife in Denver


The topic of my slideshow is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) nightlife in Denver. Initially, I wanted to tell the story of a gay Denver University student’s night out in Denver. Unfortunately, the student that I intended on profiling fell ill, and was unable to go out. Although the new idea for my story was relatively the same, my approach and execution were different from my original plans. Continue reading

Exploring the inner reality of Daniels College of Business ethics training

While gathering photos for my slideshow, I focused on human subjects whose energy would activate my presentation and infuse it with personality. The most challenging aspect of the photographic process revolves around the unexpectedness of capturing candid photos. I would find a perfect composition but just before I pressed the camera button, one person would move, and though I waited, poised at the ready, the composition would never return and I would be left empty-handed. Additionally, I struggled with finding the correct shooting settings on my camera. Continue reading