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Student safety at the University of Denver

“We have a 24 hour dispatch center located in this building and that’s always manned and we always have officers on the street that can respond to calls,” said Stephen Banet, a campus safety sergeant at the University of Denver

Du has taken many security precautions to prevent students from becoming victims of any sort of crimes on or around campus.  In the student dorms there are card-access only security doors and/or swipe pads inside elevators. Every students email address is registered in the University’s emergency notification system to alert them quickly of any crimes around campus. Continue reading

DU military students share past experiences and future dreams

Military students, both novices and veterans, make up a large percentage of the student population at the University of Denver; though, very few people on campus are aware of both DU’s military program and its members: they may see a trio of individuals in camouflage uniform marching by on Driscoll Bridge and readily assume that they are soldiers visiting the school. Continue reading

Non-major class at DU Lamont School of Music–opportunities for everyone


The Lamont school of Music, an accredited member of National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), founded in 1924, has been

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

providing music opportunities to non-music major students at University of Denver.


Popular classes

“Studio lessons are the most popular,” introduced Kerry Walsh, the student affairs coordinator at the Lamont School of Music. “But they are only offered based on whether we have a graduate teaching assistant in the area.” Continue reading

Member of University of Denver custodial staff shares her story

Meet Griselda

University of Denver’s housing department has a large staff that ensures the cleanliness of the school day and night. One of the staff members, Griselda (who did not share her last name), sat down to share her compelling story.

Continue reading

University of Denver students talk about final exams

The library is crammed and there are no seats left in Jazzman’s Café. Students are busy typing away and flipping through notes. It’s that time of the quarter again: finals.

Finals at the University of Denver can be a stressful time for students, as the ten weeks are coming to a close and the workload is building up. Luckily, many students have mastered the finals routine and have come up with effective ways to study and deal with stress.  Continue reading

DU students mourn loss of beloved campus celebrity, Yakov Neyman

The crosswalk at Asbury Avenue seems an empty place these days. Yakov Neyman, the cheerful and friendly hotdog vendor who dedicatedly served nearly a decade of DU Pioneers passed away in October 2012.

News of his passing reached the DU community in January 2013. The student body responded with an outpouring of sentiment and gratitude for the man who had become a loveable fixture on campus. Students reflected on their best memories of Yakov, and what he meant to the DU community. Continue reading

DU Global Medical Brigades going to Honduras this spring break

DU Global Medical Brigades student organization has been fundraising for their trip during spring break to Honduras, which is going to provide medical and dental care to the people and training to local communities in Honduras.




So far, the organization has received generous support from the community. Popular campus food venues such as South Philly Cheesesteaks and Beau Jo’s have agreed to donate proceedings towards the organization’s mission. Continue reading

Professors at the University of Denver lead interesting, yet busy lives

People are often impressed by the average college student’s ability to “juggle”. He or she is studying, experiencing the fun social aspects of college life, and frequently balancing that with a job as well. Rarely, however, do people look at the professors’ ability to balance just as much, if not more. Continue reading

The University of Denver: Parking and Transportation

Buddy Knox, director of parking services at The University of Denver, says the goal is for everyone, whether they are family, staff, students or guests, to have a chance for a place to park when they come to DU.

The University has over 5,000 parking spaces registered in their inventory, which is far more than the minimum required spaces for institutions in Colorado. Although DU sells 10,000 parking permits, twice as many permits as there are spaces, the parking lots around campus remain 80 percent full. “There may not always be a place in front of the building you want to go into, but there is always a place to park,” says Knox.  Continue reading

DU students navigate relationships while balancing other responsibilities

Students at the University of Denver are at all different stages of life when it comes to their relationship statuses. Some students deviate the traditional societal norms and are starting to tie the knot while they are still working towards their college degree. Others stick to the standard college experience and have different priorities during their time at DU.  Continue reading