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DU students shop on a budget.

I wanted to highlight the different ways that college students shop on a budget, and the choices available to students looking for affordable options.  This includes tips from the students themselves, statistics provided by various sources, and brief mentions of some of the various retailers available to college students (plus ways to take advantage of discounts and rewards programs).

DU prepares to welcome new sorority

This slideshow highlights the five PanHellenic sororities on the University of Denver’s campus. Truly describing the sororities would take much more than a simple slideshow, therefore I aimed at educating the viewers on the basics of the five houses. My issue story discussed the new sorority that will be joining campus. Since there were no events directly relating to the process of a new sorority joining campus, I chose to highlight the existing sororities.  The photographs still relate to the story because they depict the existing sorority environment. Unfortunately, the photo project did not inspire me to look at the issue differently.

I originally attempted to photograph Greek Week events but that proved unsuccessful. The events I was able to attend occurred in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall. The location was not conducive to my camera’s capabilities. The photographs turned out dark and unattractive.  Therefore, I decided to go to each house individually to take pictures of the members interacting. After this, I went to public places such as the library and dining halls to try to see sorority members wearing their letters around campus. Next time I might try to check out a nicer camera from the Journalism Department. In addition, I would try to capture a greater variety of photographs. The photos in my slideshow were chosen for many reasons. Firstly, I think the slideshow has a nice balance and even somewhat of a pattern. I also liked the angles and lighting in many of my photographs.

Students for Justice in Palestine and the Native Student Alliance hold vigil

This slideshow is a documentation of the vigil held last week on Driscoll bridge by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Native Student Alliance for the Palestinian villages and Native American tribes destroyed by occupying forces. Through this slideshow, I sought to tell the story of student activists on DU’s campus that are active and visible currently. Student activism is frequently something discussed in past tense as a hallmark of student activity decades ago, but though this presentation, I hope to show that student activism is an integral part of daily life for many DU students.

The vigil was held in conjunction with Holocaust and Genocide Awareness week, a larger event that included other examples of student activism. Hopefully, through this presentation, student activism will be seen as a vibrant and engaging component of the college experience and a way in which students can get involved to make changes to the college status quo.

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DU students invest time, energy and money in practicing and teaching yoga

For my slideshow, I decided to broaden the topic of my issue story a little bit, in order to focus on more than just the yoga teacher certification process. I wanted to take more time to develop and introduce the topic of yoga than I did in my issue story. So, I provided more information, quotes, and quantitative statistics about the actual practice of yoga. I thought this was necessary in order to match thought provoking captions with pictures. Therefore, I delved more into the topic of yoga by providing demographics and statistics about how the practice of yoga is spreading, in order to adapt my issue story into its visual counterpart. Continue reading

Balancing work with school

The slideshow consist of pictures taken of different University of Denver students who are employed and also are enrolled in school full-time.  I mainly focused on three students; Amber Swaim, Kinsey Knakkergaard, and Zac Debard.  This is because I interviewed these students for my previous story on  I chose to focus on DU students who are working because I wanted to show students who are paying off student loans that there are various ways in which they can utilize the University of Denver to obtain a job. Continue reading

Life in the LEP and DSP

The topic of this slide show is the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) and Disability Services Program. I wanted to try and show all the aspects of the LEP and DSP. I showed students using the tools they use like tutoring and advising. This shows how versatile and how LEP is used. The students use the tools to their advantage in many ways.
The LEP and DSP which is located on the fourth floor of Ruffatto Hall is also a place where students study. They either use the open spots of the building or have the help of LEP tutors. Many students use the tutors. The staff also is looking at making accessing certain parts of the departments easier by testing out a new website.

UTS Help Center employees personally assist with laptop troubles

This slideshow, in conjunction with an issue story, is meant to paint a story about the services offered by the DU University Technical Services Help Center and highlight the technical skills of UTS Help Center employees. Through pictures of the Help Center and shots of employees assisting customers with laptop problems, the complimentary technical services provided at the Help Center can be showcased and a series of valuable services emphasized. I accomplished this by beginning with a chronological set of photos meant to visualize the walk-in laptop appointment process. Continue reading

Facebook plays role in lives of college students, for better or for worse

This slideshow is a companion piece to my issue story on how Facebook functions within college students’ interpersonal relationships.   The story I was seeking to tell was the broader way in which Facebook is incorporated into the lives of many college students. My slideshow captured this through a wide variety of photos, from photos of the technology that enables Facebook users to connect online to pictures of the users themselves. The focus of the slideshow is the umbrella topic of Facebook and college students.

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Denver rugby headed to nationals

The slideshow consists of pictures taken of the DU’s Men Club Rugby team during their Pacific West Championship that took place April 6th and 7th at Infinity Park in Glendale. I mainly focused on the team celebrating because their win on Sunday meant they were now champions and headed to Nationals. I was trying to capture the joy and pride the team exuberated after their glorious wins. This win is a huge moment for DU Rugby and these photos are trying to express to the viewers what an accomplish winning the Pac West Championship is.

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University of Students Reveal Their Secrets for Shopping on a Budget

In the past couple of years, global increases in the costs of raw materials and labor have caused a nearly 10 percent rise in clothing costs.  In response to higher costs, college students budgeting their money are looking for new, creative ways to buy quality clothing at a manageable price.

Many DU students have successfully learned to budget their money without sacrificing their personal style.  They have learned where to find the best deals, how to get the most value for their money, and what to look for while clothes shopping.

Student Lexi Dienstbier shows off a workout outfit she bought at Nordstrom Rack.

Student Lexi Dienstbier shows off a workout outfit she bought at Nordstrom Rack.


What to spend money on: quality vs. quantity.

While shopping for clothing, it seems tempting to measure success by quantity instead of quality.  However, for some students, the quality of the clothing is important for long-term and practical wear.

“I’d rather have one really good piece of clothing that would last awhile than many poor quality pieces,” said 19-year-old Lexi Dienstbier. Continue reading