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My story was about staying fit in college. I got a wide group of students to show all the ways that students can stay fit with working out and diet. I chose this subject because I think that with classes and hectic schedules students want to find the time to work out and stay fit but too often overlook the importance of it. Getting the interviews was really hard with many variables that made this an obstacle. For the photos I didn’t always use the person I interviewed in the slides to show the wide range of the people that work out.  The order of my photos was to really try and match up the audio with a relevant photo.  For instance when the person talked about soccer I had him kicking a soccer ball. I wanted the audio to stand for itself and thought that the interviews gave great insight so I didn’t use that much text.

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Padres Unidos participates in North High School’s health awareness week

This slideshow contains an interview from a DU student, Molly Clarke. Clarke has been interning with Padres Unidos, a non profit, for the past 5 months. This slideshow tells the the viewer what the organization is and what she has been doing for them. North High School was having a health awareness week and so Padres Unidos participated in efforts to reach the Latino community at the high school. The photos in the slideshow contain pictures from the health awareness week, focusing on the Padres Unidos booth. I took pictures of the people who came up to the booth and tried to capture the interactions. Continue reading

David Moffett, DU vocal performance major, prepares for junior music recital

For the pictures in my audio slideshow, I tried my best to provide a variety of close-ups and wide-shots. I intended to mix up the angles, follow the rule of thirds, and create interesting lines. I took pictures of David rehearsing for his recital, pictures of the Lamont School of Music, and David in his apartment performing warm up rituals. I attempted to gather pictures from as many settings as possible, in order to avoid repetition and to keep the pictures interesting.

It was challenging to match the pictures with the audio, but for the most part, I believe that I accomplished this. I should take more pictures in the future so that I have a wider variety to choose from, and more flexibility during the editing process. As far as the story I wanted to tell, I tried to create a clear beginning, middle, and end. For the conclusion, I used pictures as foreshadowing, pointing to David’s future. Since there was no clear way to represent this visually, it was more metaphorical, showing the Lamont School of Music as a jumping off point. Continue reading