Monthly Archives: June 2013

Native Student Alliance celebrates culture with 3rd annual powwow

DU’s Native Student Alliance (NSA) hosted its 3rd annual New Beginnings Spring Powwow on Sunday May 19. The powwow was a social gathering of the Native American community and the Denver community in order to honor the cultural history of Native American people and their traditions.

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DU students and faculty discuss the benefits of summer courses

As spring quarter reaches its end, DU students and faculty are preparing for a summer quarter at the university.

Summer quarter starts June 17 and ends August 15, and the university is offering a variety of programs to fit students’ schedules.

DU undergraduate students can take a course for the entire term, or they can choose to opt for single 4-week sessions.  Three 3-week course sequences are also available to students looking to complete courses that require an entire sequence, such as natural sciences.
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