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Delta Gamma has first exchange with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Boondocks

This slideshow is about Delta Gamma’s first exchange in two and half years with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Boondocks Family Fun Center. The students enjoyed a theme of “what do you want to be in ten years?”, dressing up at lawyers, tennis moms, retirees and doctors. As I discussed in my Issue story #1, there was a lot of excitement for the exchange because most of the girls have never been able to attend social events like this one due to Delta Gammas probationary status with their national chapter. After years of hard work and improvement, the chapter was allowed off probation and can now have the social events and formals they have been missing out on.

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Students for Sustainable Food fights to improve Sodexo fare on DU campus

This slideshow continues to tell the story of the Real Food Challenge proposed by the DU Students for Sustainable Food and signed by the University of Denver in 2014. This story features the hydrotower that has been installed in the Centennial Halls cafeteria, quotes from SSF members, and the contrast between the food offered currently and the goals of the Real Food Challenge. It is clear that there is still a long way to go, and a lot of hard work to put in.

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Not hungry for long: DU’s food choices on and around campus

My slideshow continues with the topic of what options students have on and around campus for their meal choices. Both the story and slideshow did not highlight copious amounts of healthy choices without students taking the personal initiative to customize their meals. I wanted this slideshow to represent all types of food, not only fast food or healthy food in order to get a full background on the restaurant choices students attend on and around campus. This slideshow highlights both options on campus provided by the University and restaurants around campus to which students who obliged were documented attending.

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The rise of the hobbyist drone on college campuses around the world


While sitting in class on the first day our instructor, Dr. Christof Demont-Heinrich, starting talking about his fascination in drone use. I have personally had first-hand experience flying a drone over the summer for my father’s real estate business. I immediately asked if this could be my topic for our first two projects and he gave me the go-ahead! I wanted to dig into the world of drones and find as much information on them as I could. I found I didn’t know as much about drones as I thought I did.

I wanted to steer my story in more of an informational direction. I wanted to provide students reading this article with the rules and regulations on drone use in the United States. In doing this I started looking into the benefits and disadvantages of having drones on a college campus. Could they be harmful to academics and/or safety or are they beneficial to our growing culture of electronics? This was the question I wanted to answer for my story. Continue reading

Seniors and the graduation time bomb

My slideshow continues on the topic of what seniors will be doing post graduation. I wanted to emphasize how well the University of Denver prepares students for the future. In the process, I was pleased to find such positive feedback from students. Most seniors reported that they feel their DU education has been valuable and prepared them for careers and plans ahead. I wanted to tell a story throughout the slideshow of different opportunities and advice for seniors come graduation in the spring.

I chose to photograph seniors that I interviewed and popular places to study, work and relevant photos to graduating college. My topic allowed a bit of freedom in the photography. I was able to be creative in what I felt were important images and themes to portray. For example, I thought capturing seniors and buildings around campus was important to show that the people are still in student mode and are gearing up for graduation.

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Experiences ≠ expenses: how DU students save with student discounts

My slideshow explores the many ways that college students can save money with student discounts. The article I wrote with regards to this topic largely dealt with the same topic, but at a national level. I tried to then give my slideshow a more local focus, dealing with savings students can find around the university and around the state. I chose to photograph establishments that offered student discounts, as well as students enjoying their savings. Money and budgeting can be a fairly uninteresting and bland subject, so I tried to have my photos make it a bit more interesting. I thought that if students could visualize what student discounts look like (i.e. horseback riding in Estes Park, watching a Colorado Rockies game), they would be more likely to seek out discounts in the future.

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DU Ritchie Center struggles to support growing number of gym-attendees



This slideshow contains images of the University of Denver’s Ritchie Fitness Center. The issue being dealt with here includes that fact that the Ritchie Center is getting smaller and less able to support the gym attendees as time goes by and the student population grows. This directly refers to my online story posted on Every year the DU population of students rises as admissions over-admits more students to the freshman year class. The issue at hand is the Ritchie Center and all of its facilities are not growing as the population at and around DU is growing. The gym becomes very crowded and facilities become inaccessible to students as both school, and public functions reserve them. Continue reading

DU’s efforts towards making a sustainable campus

This slideshow, is a continuation of my issue story on a large-scale solar project a DU student is spearheading. Solar energy is a viable solution to high-energy cost and unsustainable ways of generating electricity. DU has implemented some strategies to increase sustainability, like the water bottle filling stations, recycling bins, and solar panels on the bike stations, but nothing has been done on a large scale. The $1.7 million project that is being executed by various DU students is the first of its kind.

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DU’s Culture Fest celebrates diversity

While doing research for my issues story on the lack of racial and ethnic diversity and representation at DU, I discovered on DU’s “Quick Facts” page the Fall 2014 first-year class has only 20.5% students of color, with no further breakdown provided. This compelled me to dig deeper to try to understand what life at DU is like from the perspective of a student of color. I found that while it might be hard sometimes to have your voice heard, there are multiple diverse communities at DU that strengthen and empower these underrepresented student voices. One day that unites and celebrates the many diverse DU student backgrounds, organizations, associations, and alliances on campus is Culture Fest.

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Women outnumber men in MFJS

Written Reflection

          The power point assignment that built off of our Issue Story #1 was satisfying and even a little fun to make. It was rewarding to go around campus and peek a little bit more into the lives of the community of the University of Denver. I was very interested in convering the topic of the representation of women in the media studies department at DU because as I have gotten into higher level classes in my major, I have noticed more and more that my classes are overwhelmingly made up of females. This was remarkable to me not just in the fact itself, but because I never really saw journalism as one of the programs that is known for attracting females more than males. I am also taking a class (in the MFJS department) that focuses on gender relations especially in different industries. We just finished an introduction to feminism, which I think is what got me thinking about the disparity in general. I thought that this would be a unique and relevant topic to cover because it is very apparent but it is not talked about very much. Continue reading