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Binging without purging: students consider the ramifications of their instant streaming habits

DU student in Anderson Academic Commons squanders his time

DU student squanders time in Anderson Academic Commons 

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Friday and Russell Anderson, a first year psychology graduate student at the University of Denver, sits on his bed, with a computer on his lap. As he settles into the comfort of his apartment, he reflects on his workload for the weekend: a neuroscience exam on Monday and several hours of assigned reading. Overall, Anderson feels certain he can manage with time to spare for visits to the gym and a party with his friends.

By Monday morning, however, Anderson has done none of this. The entire weekend has slipped away, into a black hole. Amnesia? A drinking binge? No. Continue reading

DU eSports embraces competitive spirit while maintaining love of the game

esportsPosterIn Aspen Hall Room 025 the DU eSports Club meets every Saturday from noon to five. Saturday April 4 was a special occasion for the club, as it marked the final day of qualifiers for the Heroes of the Dorm competition. Two teams of five students square off in a best of three match of Blizzard Entertainment’s online brawler Heroes of the Storm. The Pioneers had two matches on the day. Their first bout ended in bitter defeat, but they rallied in the second match in convincing fashion. Unfortunately for the club, they were not able to advance, but the joy was in the journey. Continue reading

Pulling back the curtain on DU’s ethnically underrepresented campus

University of Denver campus sign.

University of Denver campus sign.

The University of Denver is recognized as the oldest academic institution in the Rocky Mountain area since its founding in 1864, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a Colorado seminary. DU is currently home to about 11,500 students with over 100 undergraduate and 120 graduate academic programs, and according to U.S. News & World Report, is ranked #88 out of the nation’s top 100 universities. However, the DU website’s “Quick Facts” page has only one statistic listed for the ethnic breakdown of the fall 2014 first-year student demographic, 20.5%, with no further breakdown for the ‘students of color’ statistic provided.

While all of these accomplishments are things the university should be proud of, these do not answer the question of why there is a lack of racial and ethnic diversity at DU. Some could even consider this as being a drawback to the university’s illustrious history and reputation as a prestigious private institution.

An in-depth look at how diverse the institution is compared to others across the nation is provided, as well as DU’s 2006 adoption of “Inclusive Excellence” (IE) on campus. Several DU undergraduate students who come from ethnic minorities have also spoken up about being underrepresented on campus, how this affects their own identities, and how they relate to their peers and other students from their own cultural backgrounds.

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DU Senior, Spearheads $1.7 mil Solar Project on Campus

The massive size of the Gates Field House, is ideal for a large scale solar project.

The massive size of the Gates Field House, is ideal for a large scale solar project.

Climate Change is more evident than ever before, and is increasingly becoming worse. Because of this, sustainability efforts need to be increased and practice by more of our population, in order to continue to have the resources we so heavily use today.


Fourth year student, Kyle Sundman, is spearheading a project that can economically and environmentally rebrand DU. As a part of a $1.7million project to lower DU’s carbon footprint.,Sundman plans to install solar panels on top of the Gates Field House. “Up until 2014 there had been no sustainability classes in the Business School.-I had a professor in a previous quarter, who informed me she was teaching a class catered towards sustainability,” says Sundman.

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Delta Gamma has first exchange

DG's and SAE's compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center

DG’s and SAE’s compete in an intense laser tag game at Boondocks Fun Center.

This past weekend DU’s Delta Gamma sorority had their first exchange with a fraternity in 2 and a half years. The exchange took place at Boondocks Family Fun center in North Denver.

Since 2012, Delta Gamma has been on a probationary status with their national executive offices. This status, called ‘report to council’, prevented them from having many of the social events members of Greek life typically enjoy. No longer under report to council, Delta Gamma is excited to start hosting these social events they have been missing out on.  Continue reading

University of Denver seniors and the ticking graduation time bomb

Imagine DU: Creating Our Future Together

Imagine DU: Creating Our Future Together

The question is everywhere. It is an inevitable, haunting, yet exciting annoyance for students approaching gradaution.  Come this fall, about 1,500 University of Denver seniors will be entering a new life chapter. And so many of us ask them, “what will you do after graduation?”

Graduation and “the question” should not mean that it is time for panic. Post-college is a special time for opportunity and self-discovery.

As there are many post graduation paths, most DU students are on a serious job hunt the duration of their senior year. “Most of my friends are either planning on higher education or have been actively looking for jobs all of senior year. The majority of my roomates have set up jobs for June. This adds pressure, but it’s an exciting kind of pressure,” says Sid Warsinske, senior marketing major.

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Drones on college campuses: instrumental or detrimental?

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming prominent on college campuses around the world.

Drones are becoming more prominent on college campuses across the globe every year. Last year a lawsuit was filed against the Federal Aviation Administration by many United States universities classifying the administrations handling of the rise of drones as “a grave threat to science, research, education, and technological innovation across the United States.”

Notwithstanding the prohibition the FAA has put on drone use in classrooms, institutions are adding drone classes to their curriculum. Universities are using drones to do scientific research as well as utilizing drone footage for sports practices.

What is a drone and what are the regulations?

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly referred to as a “drone”, is a remotely piloted aircraft. Individuals who use these drones for hobby or recreational purposes are referred to as hobbyist drone users.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is struggling with creating federal and state regulations as the influx in hobbyist drone users are increasing.

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DU Students for Sustainable Food battles for real food on campus

Student Bianca Garcia eats Sodexo fare in Centennial Halls

Student Bianca Garcia eats Sodexo fare in Centennial Halls

“Rubbery”, “Not-quite-thawed-out”, “Violently over-cooked”, and “Obviously scraped off the back of some long-forgotten freezer” are a few of the notable reviews of Sodexo food by DU students, as posted on the Sodexo comment board in the Centennial Halls dining hall. But one student organization on campus is dedicated to changing all of that.

DU Students for Sustainable Food has been championing for a change in the University-sponsored dining for quite some time. But rather than focus on getting rid of Sodexo as some have suggested, this org is dedicated to working with the food concession firm to change food preparation practices.

The Real Food Challenge, which the University signed in May 2014 has presented an outline for serving healthier, locally sourced options in DU cafeterias over the course of the next five years.

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College luxuries on a budget: the secret world of student discounts

More power to your wallet: student discounts can make all the difference.

More power to your wallet: student discounts can make all the difference.

Today’s college students are acutely aware of rising tuition prices, but many are caught off guard by how much extra luxuries add up once they are no longer dependent on their parents’ bank accounts.

It is often said that college is less about education and more about experiences, however most experiences come with a price tag. Although the simple solution for college students to save money is to not spend any, this does not reflect reality.

“Yeah I’m trying to save money,” said second year University of Denver student Maddie Taylor. “But I still like to eat out, go to the movies, see shows, buy new clothes. Just because I’m in college doesn’t mean that I have to stop doing the things I enjoy!”

Taylor adds that this doesn’t mean she doesn’t still manage her money, but she often finds herself wanting to buy things she simply doesn’t have the money for. “I try [to make a budget], but I’m not very good at it,” said Taylor. Continue reading

Students weigh in: how appetizing are the restaurants around campus

Fat Shack, a new restaurant located on University Blvd.  Photo by Danielle Ivanovich

Fat Shack, a new restaurant located on University Blvd.
Photo by Danielle Ivanovich

Despite students at the University of Denver choosing the University for various reasons, one hobby that never goes without notice are the various levels of fitness and wellbeing that hold place in Colorado.

With athletic opportunities such as Alpine club, the Ritchie Center, and the various nearby mountains, many students are avid about utilizing their surroundings, but the issue at hand is whether or not local students’ eating habits correlate well with their physical activity.

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