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Islamophobia: how DU got it right

Islamophobia is a prominent issue being faced on college campuses across the country. In the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks, when the tenets of terrorism are being muddled with mainstream Islam by even our presidential candidates, DU has succeeded in educating its community and providing a more welcoming environment for all students.

In my photographs, I strive to convey the positive experience of Muslim students such as my interview subject, Samiha, at DU. I took the photographs of Samiha in front of recognizable campus landmarks to make them as unique to our campus as possible. Additionally, I included a photo of a poster in Sturm, the location of the vandalized poster, to give viewers a sense of how noticeable said message was to commuting students and professors. Finally, I took a plethora of photos of the Denver Islamic Society to shine light on the Muslim Community within the greater area of Denver. Continue reading

Images from the midst of DU’s Winter crime-wave


DENVER – As the Winter temperatures plummet and the workload of classes begins to weigh down on DU students, there’s yet another issue for people to be stressed over: crime. Just since November of 2015, there have been 84 Campus Safety reports filed; many of which concern sexual assault, armed robbery, or forced fondling. This is unfortunately not simply a spike in criminal activity, but rather a continuation of an alarming trend for the University of Denver area. Continue reading

Parking lot construction poses problems to permit holders

Due to construction, Lot C and Lot 103 parking-permit holders at the University of Denver have been unable to access their pre-purchased lots since the beginning of November. They have been granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, but are not happy with the compensation at all, as Lots W and L are located much further from their dormitories than are Lots C and 103. They are also unhappy with the parking tickets they have been receiving in their attempts to park close to their residence halls to stay safe. Continue reading

Caffeine culture on DU’s campus

How do college students start their mornings? With a big cup of coffee while reviewing a planner filled with academic and social obligations. The amount of caffeine intake on the University of Denver has become a health issue. This slideshow focuses in on the culture and the community that has developed around coffee and caffeine intake on the University of Denver’s campus.  Continue reading

DU campus lacks healthy food choices, frustrating students

Over the years, healthy and mindful eating has gained traction across the nation and it has especially taken off on college campuses. At the University of Denver (DU), students are active and interested in where their food comes from, caring about what types of food they are fueling their bodies with.

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DU students struggle to find suitable living arrangements: Slideshow

The slideshow features pictures from throughout the University of Denver neighborhood. All the photos are related to the story’s main theme of off-campus housing in and around the DU area. Given that on-campus living options are incredibly difficult for upperclassman at DU to attain, this story is of the utmost importance to the community.

With each individual slide, the story behind off-campus housing at DU is further revealed. By featuring two different DU students in the slideshow, and offering insight from other in the community, the story of off-campus housing at DU is personalized.

Throughout the slideshow I chose to photograph different parts of the DU neighborhood that further told the story of off-campus housing at DU. This meant thinking a bit outside the box. An example of thinking outside the box would be the slide which features construction workers building a new housing complex. Although most people thinking about off-campus housing at DU don’t necessarily think about construction workers, the workers are none-the-less an important element of the story.

The photographic process for this story was relatively straight forward. With that said, one challenge was trying to brainstorm ways in which off-campus housing at DU could become a compelling visual story. This was done by taking close up pictures, distance shots and remembering the rule of thirds. The latter was especially important in making sure the images were of top quality. The photographic process also offered important experiencing in deciding what content to use and not use. By applying different photography rules, I was successfully able to select content that would be most appropriate for the slideshow.

The slideshow itself relates very strong to the original issue story. By utilizing the slideshow to elaborate upon points made in the story, the audience will learn something new. An example of this is featuring a slide that informs readers about the average housing cost in the city of Denver, something the issue story did not focus on. Not only did the slideshow relate to the issue story, it complimented the story in an effective manner.

Saying goodbye to SAE

My issue story deals with the topic of Sigma Alpha Epsilons’ suspension from the University of Denver’s campus and the many questions that students have surrounding the suspension. With this story, I hope to answer DU student’s questions to the best of my ability regarding the suspension by gathering the facts from DU administration, reliable sources, and others involved in campus life and activities. I also want to portray the impact this has on an SAE student himself and his reaction to the situation as well as reflections about his time in the Chapter. Continue reading

Todays 21st classroom

In the 21st century, we are surrounded by technology from the minute our alarms go off in the morning to the moment we put our phones down before bed.  In my photo slideshow I tried to show University of Denver students using technology in class, as well as some students using notebooks.  My photos are representative of my story because they show how DU students do not prefer technology over notebooks or notebooks over technology.  It seems the subject of the class determines whether or not students bring laptops to class.  Although DU has no campus wide policy regarding laptop use in class, many professors have policies of their own.

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What to wear: snow and ice edition

My slide show focuses in on what types of winter weather clothing items students should wear when it is icy and cold outside. Being in proper winter gear for braving the slipper paths on campus is very important, and no one likes freezing on their way to class. My topic covered not only foot wear but also coats, layers, and other accessories students should consider investing in in order to be safe and warm during the winter months here in Colorado.

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Commuter students: more than just a drive

This slideshow is about the challenge that commuter students may face in traveling to and from campus, especially with regards to joining in on extracurricular activities or clubs.  As I found in my issue story, at least some commuter students have trouble juggling their school and work responsibilities, with finding time to make the drive to and from campus.  Continue reading