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Students speaking out

This slideshow is showing that DU students do not always agree, and that is expected. More importantly, the slideshow is asking whether or not students feel comfortable speaking in class. Do students feel comfortable expressing their views in a classroom filled with students who may not agree and who may chastise them for speaking out and saying something ignorant or “stupid?”

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College students and social media

Social media is one of the biggest ways that college students, and young people in general, communicate with each other. However because social media is a relatively new phenomenon the effects of heavy usage on a persons psyche are not fully understood, and many people are not conscious of how sustained heavy use can impact their lives. In addition it can be difficult for universities and other institutions to reach their students on social media in ways that they will actively want to engage with.

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The untold opportunities of the Newman Center revealed

The Newman Center is one of the newest buildings at the University of Denver. You don’t have to step inside to know that Newman is full of beauty because the outside architecture of the building expresses what happens inside: art. Unfortunately, not many students on campus know the secret treasures that the Newman Center holds. Located on the southern end of campus, the Newman Center is out of sight for many students who are not involved with the music program.

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SAE gets suspended from DU’s campus

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's on-campus house.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s on-campus house is empty, yet still a beautiful presence on campus.

This past quarter, the Greek life Chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) was suspended from the University of Denver’s Fraternity and Sorority Life, an action that has not been seen since Phi Kappa Sigma’s closure in fall of 2012. This rare occurrence brought speculations, rumors, blame, and ultimately confusion.


Although SAE faced probation and violations in 2011 related to hazing and substance abuse allegations, the action of SAE being removed has never happened before. The issue regarding what led to the suspension and if this action was rightfully done so, is one that many DU students have been talking about. Continue reading

Costs of Trimming: Why DU males choose to grow beards Anyway

Some will say that beards are coming back into American Culture. Whether it is for a job interview, or a first date, facial hair impacts the reputation of men–especially young adults on a college campus. At Denver University–a school emphasizing business and networking–appearance counts. With studies linking facial hair to maturity, there had to be some trend on campus. Several Students from the DU campus, as well a few students from other colleges, had a variety of perspectives to add.


Travis Mason cleans up his beard before heading out.

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Parking problems piss off permit holders


When swiping a permit for the general lot in the general lot, the card reader reads, “invalid permit.”

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Lot C and Lot 103 permit holders received an email from a parking services representative at the University of Denver explaining a set of construction plans that would prevent them from parking in their lots from Nov. 1 to mid-January.

Though they were granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, the affected permit holders are not happy with the compensation, as Lot W and Lot L are located much further from their dormitories than are the lots that they originally paid to park in.

“I feel like I need to be able to park in the lot that I paid for because it is not safe for me to walk home in the dark from the other side of campus where I am supposed to park now”, said Claire Hammen, a nineteen-year-old business major at DU. Continue reading

Controversy in the classroom

A lot of young men and women use their time in college to search, learn and grow. The classroom becomes a place to explore viewpoints, test opinions and create a dialogue among other students. This is the common notion of the college experience, but does the University of Denver do well to generate such an environment? Do students feel comfortable speaking freely in the classroom, or are the silenced by an atmosphere unwelcoming of candid conversation?

It’s about comfort

Raising a hand and speaking out in class can be difficult, especially on a controversial topic that may condemn the speaker or offend another student. Danny Brown, a junior and Media Studies major, is well known across campus for breaking boundaries and boldly expressing his opinions, no matter how contentious.

DU students don't always agree. The graffiti wall outside of Driscoll shows conflicting viewpoints existing side-by-side.

DU students don’t always agree. The graffiti wall outside of Driscoll shows conflicting viewpoints co-existing on campus.

“I do feel comfortable talking about controversial topics in the classroom,” said Brown. “I have, though, faced much backlash when it comes to this. Once during freshman year, I was in a communication class with about 50 people and the classroom was stadium style so there were a lot of people behind me. I tried to make a point, but due to people disagreeing with me, as well as not being able to make myself clear, about five people started yelling at me for being ignorant.”

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DU students craving healthy food on campus

The "Healthy Options" board, located in DU's Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri

The “Healthy Options” board, located in DU’s Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri.

DENVER- A popular trend amongst millennials, healthy eating has been gaining momentum on college campuses, including the University of Denver (DU).

With three dining halls, three cafes and two convenience stores located across DU’s campus, students are provided with a variety of food options wherever they go, but not all of them are healthy.

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Is DU more traditional or 21st century?

Majority of University of Denver students would be able to make it

Japanese major student uses her laptop & notebook to study for a quiz, but she does not use her laptop in class. Photo by Savannah C.

Japanese major student uses her laptop & notebook to study for a quiz, but she does not use her laptop in class. Photo by Savannah C.

through the quarter with only a laptop, however, the remainder of students continue to use a classic note-taking style: notebook and pen.  Whether it is personal preference or policy induced, more and more students are beginning to bring their laptops to classes.  For some students the benefits of using a laptop outweigh the drawbacks and the opposite for other students.  College students and professors are skeptical of how technology usage in class affects students’ grades and retention of knowledge.

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College students: complicated relationship with caffeine

Latte Shot

Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms — Photograph by Shannon O’Mara

The University of Denver is home to Beans Coffee Shop. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location on campus, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.

University of Denver second year, Veronica Angell has been working at Beans for about 6 months. She loves her job because she is a part of something successful that people on campus love and support constantly.

One of the people that Angell serves is University of Denver, third year accounting major, Courtney Smith. Because of the vigorous expectations for accounting majors, Smith spends long hours awake in the library studying every element that is necessary for the accounting core. These long hours in the library cause Smith to rely on caffeine to function each and everyday. Continue reading