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University of Denver sorority woman defying stereotypes

I have chosen a mixture of photos. These photos are able to portray to the audience that there are multiple aspects of being a sorority woman. Philanthropy was a main focus during all three interviews. I chose to have many photos from philanthropy events as well as woman mentoring younger woman which was also a key element during the interviews. I chose to place the philanthropy photos while the audio was discussing the philanthropic efforts and how much they mean to each woman. 

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DU’s Ritchie Center offers a unique on-campus job for students

The focus of my slideshow is a specific on-campus job at DU and the student I chose to interview about that job. The photos I chose to include were mainly of Iris Abraham, the girl I focused on, along with her tasks that go into her job, and shots of the kids in action during the party. With these photos, I’m trying to capture this specific on-campus job by showing the work that goes into and also the joy and happiness that it brings to the kids.
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Life after meal plans

For my audio slideshow I decided to focus on students and their eating habits, more specifically, DU students who live off campus.  The title of my slideshow is intended to give the viewer some insight as to what the video will address.  The goal of my slideshow is to make other students who live off campus aware of how their peers are going about college life without a meal plan.  The privilege of living off campus comes with many responsibilities that on-campus housing does not entail.   Continue reading

Steam Espresso Bar instills community in DU area

Focusing on Steam Espresso Bar, I wanted to capture the beauty and ambiance of the shop, along with telling the story of how two DU alum had a dream and a goal.

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Love Your Melon brings awareness to DU’s campus

The story I am aiming to convey through my audio slide show pertains to the recent establishment of a Love Your Melon chapter on DU’s campus, and of the organization as a whole—an apparel brand run by college students across the nation that endeavors to provide every child battling cancer in America a hat. I included photos of the product at the very epicenter of Love Your Melon, of the people that it benefits, of the people who are a part of it and of pertinent places. Despite the devastating reason for the very existence of this organization, I wanted my slideshow to strike a lighter tone, which I think I accomplished with the photos I included. Continue reading

Fighting waste, feeding people

The topic of my audio slideshow is the Food Recovery Network chapter at the University of Denver, started by junior Paul Sherman. The goal of my slideshow is to raise awareness for, and bring publicity to, DU’s chapter of FRN. In order to do this, I went along on a recovery mission and took corresponding photos of Paul and Zach getting the food, packing it into the car and delivering it to the Denver Rescue Mission. I spent time getting a lot of action shots and candid photos in order to express the movement and of the story and illustrate the work that goes into participating in a food recovery.

I aimed to get a variety of photos, and so I worked hard to feature as many aspects of the recovery that I could. What worked really well was the photos of Paul and Zach with the volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission. The photographs that he is in depict his enthusiasm and gratefulness towards FRN, and the photos do well to liven up the slideshow. Other photos that worked well were the still shots that I took of Paul and Zach when first introducing them to the story.

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Student safety on campus

My slideshow seeks to tell the story of the recent string of campus fondlings, thefts, and robberies plaguing the DU community. In the past year alone there have been armed robberies, car theft, bicycle theft, sexual assault and fondling, as well as a bomb threat. I interviewed 3 DU students and a sergeant in campus safety to get multiple opinions on this subject, from different angles. I think having the opinions of real DU students makes my audio slideshow more informative and engaging, and puts a real face, and voice, to the indirect victims of these crimes.

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Claire Hammen – DU student-athlete

In my audio slideshow, I have included photos of University of Denver gymnast, Claire Hammen as she competed in a meet against Utah State. However, though the photos only show her competing in one meet, they are very telling of her life as dedicated student-athlete, as they illustrate the athleticism and focus required by the sport of gymnastics, as well as they do the love, happiness, and satisfaction that comes with it. I chose the photos that I did and put them in the order I did for this reason and know that emotion and talent, ultimately, were what I aimed to capture. Continue reading

Beans Cafe: DU’s hidden gem

The photos in this slideshow serve to primarily add a visual element to an otherwise mostly audio story.  The photos I chose to make up the slideshow are, in most instances, photos that support what is being said in the interviews I recorded.  Continue reading

Women’s Safety On Campus

The story I aimed to convey in my slide show is that of the women of DU and how they feel about their safety. I included photos of both people and places to help frame the story in terms of who is being affected, where are they being affected and what can we do to change this. I wanted to make this a serious piece and I think I was able to accomplish this goal. Some of my photos were meant to be more symbolic rather than literal in their meaning so that the slide show had depth rather than just putting all very obvious photos up.

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