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What is KXDU?


Our story focuses on KXDU , DU’s only student run radio station which broadcasts entirely online. With around 30 DJ’s, and shows every day of the week, KXDU is readily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Radio broadcasting has deep roots in American history, from AM stations in the early 20th during the “Golden Age of Radio” , to FM stations debuting and changing media landscape forever. To get our story we interviewed two radio hosts keeping this tradition alive, Bohdi Cooper of the Shohdi with Bohdi, and Weston Eckloff of North South East and Weston. In addition we interviewed two freshmen to see what new students think of KXDU and whether they listen to any of the programs it offers.

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Crunch Times: Upcoming Finals Stress at DU

Ready or not, DU students are wrapping up the first quarter of 2016. Finals are around the corner, and each DU student has a personal game plan. A short time between mid-terms, however, leaves many students without space to breath. Even with much work to be done, students put their mental health first. For many, a break from the books makes the difference between an “A” and a mental breakdown. Even so, each student shows a different outlook on the situation.

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