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DU students petition for tuition “lock-in”


DENVER- The University of Denver has quickly become one of the most expensive higher education institutions in the United States. In 2015 it was the 144th most expensive college/university in the country to attend and at the time tuition was only $56,077. For the 2017-2018 academic year total cost of attendance, as estimated by the Office of Financial Aid, will be $62,345.

A petition has been started by a student Alex Becht to have a 4-year tuition guarantee. While Alex was unavailable for comment the words on his petition paint a good picture of his cause, “college tuition rates rise an average of 3 percent per year, in comparison to the average income rising at only 0.4 percent per year. Mea Continue reading

Legal marijuana at risk under Trump banner



The major topic explored in this slideshow is marijuana legalization, the affect it already has on the city of Denver, the state of the Colorado, the people within it and how Trump’s presidency will affect all this. I was trying to tell this story through relevant pictures that help visually show the industry, the users, the law and the drug that all are dependent on.


The story of legal weed in Colorado, and how it will be affected by Trump is in actuality a mixture of stories regarding the weed industry already in place in the state, so I wanted my slideshow to depict these stories via the agents of the Users, the Industry and the Law

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Campus safety works hard to provide protection to DU students

This gallery contains 12 photos.

With DU’s recent spike in sexual assaults around campus, many students are looking towards how the school can help prevent, educate, and heal from recent attacks. Female students, who are the most commonly effected by sexual assaults are encouraging DU and DU’s health and counseling center to step forward to provide more support as they fear the spike in sexual assault could become an epidemic. These photos work directly with my article to help emphasis the current state of stress around campus.

The photos chosen help to show the dangers of DU’s unprotected side while also showcasing how DU supports its potential victims and survivors. Certain photos show the viewpoint of a perpetrator while others show from the viewpoint of the victim. As seen through following women in dark alleyways, or seeing how they interact with DU’s emergency phone systems. While other photos showcase the Health and Counseling Center, CAPE, and Title IX around campus to show how active DU is with providing a safe environment. 

Most photos were taken candidly, however some were posed to work with light and timing. The hardest part was getting models to participate due to the hectic lives of college students. 

DU Students Smoking Seven Sears after the Ban

There has been a push by the American College Health Association to create smoke free college campuses. Five years after the announcement, the University of Denver became a smoke free campus. This slideshow features photos from around campus showing the state of DU seven years after the smoking ban was put in place.

Two students interviewed were photographed during their smoking breaks outside Nagel Hall. The spots they smoke show signs of residue from a plethora of smokers, ash can be seen on trash cans and walls, as well as cigarette buds all over the ground. Some smokers feel mislead by the ash trays around campus, some of which can be seen in the slideshow.

The slideshow also features some facts about the push for smoke free campuses, and statistics about tobacco products use and effects done by various studies. Continue reading

Where do students gather?

After the heavier article I wrote before I wanted to do something more simple and light-hearted, so I decided to just capture some of the unique places where students gather on campus. Continue reading

ACL injuries & the effects on DU students

This slideshow is about ACL injuries that DU athletes have had and focuses specifically on the processes and struggles that they go through after having surgery and an ACL injury. The slideshow depicts student athletes doing their rehabilitation programs and the resources that athletes have available to them after going through an ACL injury. It also gives insight into what the athletes think about their injuries and the steps they take to overcome the struggles.

Throughout this slideshow I wanted to give insight into the life of a student athlete and explain the life changing things that happen when someone has an ACL injury. Through my photos I was able to show the Ritchie center training room and show where the athletes go for doctor appointments, treatments, and where they complete their daily rehabilitation programs. I wanted to show the story of an athlete, Courtney that had to end her career because of three ACL surgeries and the success of  a DU athlete, Taylor who has had three surgeries as well but continues to play the sport she loves everyday.

I chose these specific photos because they depict the life of a student athlete and describe what it is like to go through a traumatic injury. I wanted to make an emphasis to show the Ritchie center training room because when an athlete gets ACL surgery it is where they spend most of their day trying to recover and get healthy again.  Continue reading

Emphasizing sexual health and education at DU

My topic came from the recent controversy and possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded by the GOP, which Paul Ryan said he “vowed” to accomplish earlier this year. With this story and slideshow, I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the organization to students at DU (and women everywhere,) explain the variety of services the organization offers (not just abortion,) and how women would be affected if the government were to stop reimbursing Planned Parenthood.

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College break-ups bring heartbreak

The slideshow aims to bring awareness to the seriousness of college break-ups. The interview participants made it clear that many people in their lives did not take their break-up seriously because most people think that break-ups do not have the capability to truly harm a person’s mental state.

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Fast pace of quarter system rushes student life

The University of Denver is somewhat unique in its quarter system educational format. The classes are shorter in length, but taught more quickly. This may seem beneficial, as it offers students more choice of classes and keeps them from getting bored. However, the reaction of the students to the fast pace was more negative than positive. Many students found that their lives had been altered or rushed more due to the quarter system, and in turn it changed their lives outside of class. Continue reading

College drinking and student health

This slideshow is all about drinking, detox and student health. This topic is significant because drinking is so integral to the college experience, and can be considered almost a ritual. I’m seeking to show how prominent alcohol is here at DU, but within college campuses across the country. Due to this massive consumption, I also seek to highlight the negative consequences of drinking. Underage drinking is seen as a public health issues, and can affect almost every aspect of student life. I also think its important to emphasize the services and or policies that are in pace to help over intoxicated students, which I attempted to do through this slideshow as well.

For this assignment I chose to photograph a campus security car, the campus bars (Crimson and Gold Tavern and Angels Landing), the RA desk at Nelson a sophomore dorm, red solo cups, beer, shot glasses, and friends of mine participation in drinking games (shotgunning and beer pong). I feel like all of these photos speak to drinking culture and campus as well as student health services. I wanted to show students actually participating in drinking culture, and I think that the pictures of my friends playing beer pong and shotgunning beer are good examples of that. The images of beer, the red solo cup, and the shot glasses are also physical embodiments of drinking culture. I think it is also important to show campus security and also the RA desk to illustrate the people who are there to help overly intoxicated students. Also, it was important to depict the spots and bars that students frequent to drink around DU.

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