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Efficiency of protests: how to make the most out of your college protest


The purpose of this slideshow is to be a continuation of the article I published earlier on the efficiency of protests. The overall topic puts into question the tangible outcomes of protests. As seen in both the slideshow and the previous article I build off scientific studies that analyze the likelihood of protests become policy. The arching answer given by a Harvard study  is bit bleak, stating that protests themselves are not the causal change in policy but instead the motivated attendees becoming more involved in political spheres. This is both a jab and a silver lining – protests don’t solve problems, people do.

This is exactly the type of story line that I wanted to highlight in my slideshow. The reason I have people as my focus for the power point is because I want it to highlight that people have the power. The first three photos are my favorite, although taken with an iPhone camera. The first photo shows the sheer volume of people attending the Tax protest, its powerful. The second is of a little girl wearing a pussy hat, symbolizing women’s rights. The photo represents the importance of youth. The third photo is of a man selling political t-shirts. The vendor, to me, shows that people from all walks of life can unify under a single cause. The photos in sum, give a voice to the people. Continue reading

Our silent protector

Here is a slide show about DU WiFi, how it came to be, the security measures taken by UTS and about how our students feel about our wireless connection. The story discusses how many people use our WiFi, the “Heartbleed bug” discovered in 2014 and how that bug worked, free security software that is offered on PioneerWeb and where DU WiFi is lacking according to it’s users. It was hard getting photos about this subject because showing pictures of someone on a computer gets repetitive. Getting creative with this process was a lot of fun. I liked finding different ways of linking a photo visually to this topic.

It was interesting deciding what pictures to use as well. I do have a number of photos of my friends using the wireless network but using the graphic for the “Heartbleed bug” was my best decision. I think this graphic really helps the viewer understand what is going on without much text and confusing language. Technology in general is my preferred beat which is why I chose to do a story about DU WiFi. Specifically, security because so much information is online about each individual who uses the network, even guest users.

DU says no to divestment of fossil fuels

The purpose of the slideshow is to inform the audience about the efforts of Divest DU and the response of the school administration. The slideshow depicts the difficult process and relationship between the members of Divest DU and the administration. I chose to take photographs of scenic spots around DU both with and without student subjects. Additionally, I made an effort to match quotes with photos that visually would create a similar response. Another goal of mine was to alternate photos based on conflicting statements in order to show the struggle between both parties. If I had to do anything differently, I would include more human subjects and focus on events that Divest DU holds. Unfortunately, the organization was not holding public events during this project but I would have loved to include a picture of organization members protesting.
My slideshow links up to my written Issue Story in the order it was written. I enjoyed doing this story because as I went along I learned more about the movement and efforts of the community to make a change in our institution. Furthermore, I feel that the pictures line up well with the statements and feel of my story. Lastly, I definitely see the issue more accurately and understand the position of both parties.

Exploring the potential of a Jazzman’s – Starbucks transition

This slideshow and my story were focused on the issue of a potential plan to replace Jazzman’s Cafe in Driscoll Bridge with a Starbucks, which has been in discussion for a long time and is currently awaiting a decision from the University. There are shots of various parts of Jazzman’s, the Starbucks on Asbury and Evans, and Beans coffeeshop that all depict an element of what changes the transition to a Starbucks would bring. 

With a mixed bag of shots of people and settings, I intended to depict the realities of Jazzman’s’ current place in the campus culture and why a Starbucks would be considered an upgrade. I tried to make these as clear as possible by including elements such as the student sleeping in the Driscoll Student Center and the empty interior of Jazzman’s in order to “let the photos do the talking”, if you will.

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What do Chinese International Student do in Their Free Time


The slideshow is a collection of photos about DU Chinese students. This slideshow features many different types of photos such as long shots and medium shots.

DU. from Xuan Li

Journalism dying or transforming?

There is a common idea that journalism is dying; newspapers are read less, journalists are finding it more difficult to find careers in traditional journalism, and newspaper industries are running out of business. In the slideshow, I discuss facts and ideas that have cultivated the belief of the death of journalism, and use photos to describe the journalism industry as well as the attitudes of DU students about such a belief. I incorporate quotes and thoughts from the interviewed DU students, whether they are journalism majors or not, to understand how the generation that will be the world’s next career-seekers feel about their futures post-graduation.

The slideshow also discusses the declination of enrollment in the journalism field within universities. Contrast from the article, where I only explain the turmoil of journalism as a career, the slideshow includes a perspective of the journalism hardships in education as well. This allows viewers to understand the scope of what people involved in journalism are challenged with, whereas the article restricts readers to only considering life after college.

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Student safety at DU


 Campus safety has always been an important issue to many students at the University of Denver. Whether its walking home after a night out or keeping their personal belongings safe, students want to feel comfortable in their college environment. The story I have covered aims to give some insight into student’s opinions about their safety on campus and how they feel about the resources the university provides them. As I researched the issue I found myself wanting to capture the story from the students’ perspective since this is an article on a blog about daily college life, so I think the photos included are fitting for the angle I took.

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Plenty of stress on student athletes

This slideshow tells a story of the type of stress athletes go through on a regular basis. Whether it’s nutrition, social life, treatment, lifting or school work, student athletes can endure higher stress levels than a regular college student.

With intentions mainly to help share some athletes struggles with balancing life within a very busy schedule, I also wanted to share the stories of what student athletes may have to experience everyday. Although they may not have stress upon them personally, this slideshow consist of an average day in the life of a student athlete. Continue reading

Practice with DU’s Women’s Lacrosse Team

This gallery contains 27 photos.


Compiling a slideshow was a much different process than I had anticipated. I must say I underestimated the task, thinking that it would be a much simpler process than It turned out to be. I began by taking a large amount of photos. I had around 100 to work with when all was said and done. I was anticipating that I would have a hard time narrowing Down which photos I wanted to use, however It turned out that I have very shaken hands and that a lot of them were too blurry or unfocused to use! Lesson learned, I will use a tripod next time. Continue reading

Hookup culture at DU

The slideshow is a collection of photos that relate to my story about the hookup culture on DU’s campus and social media’s contribution. The point I want to get across is the fact that dating is not popular in this generation. College students tend to be involved in casual hookup relationships instead. This slideshows intention is to inform the viewer about that topic by using photos with captions.

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