Efficiency of public protests: Will students make a tangible change?

Hundreds gather for the Tax march on the Denver Capital.

Hundreds gather for the Tax march on the Denver Capital.

Since the historic election of Donald J. Trump protests have been ubiquitous and worldwide. Take for example the Women’s March which took place the day after Trump sworn into office, millions of people took to the streets in almost every major city in the United States. Even more renowned were the shocking photographs that captured the sheer mass of people participating in the march in places such as India, Serbia, Kenya and many more.

Across the country, airports such as John F. Kennedy and San Francisco International where filled to the brim with thousands of protesters – both standing in alliance with immigrants and against the Trumps temporary immigrant ban which prohibited people form the seven proclaimed Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

The famed No Dakota Access Pipeline protest, also known by its trendier name #noDAPL made waves as protesters flew into North Dakota from around the United States to partake. The protest which began in 2016 has been ongoing and in the media limelight even after the Trump administration has removed civilians from the land. Business Insider stated in Sep. 2016 that, “Whether or not the tribe is successful in stopping the pipeline, it is clear that the protest is reshaping the national conversation for any environmental project that would cross the Native American land.” Continue reading

Steam Espresso Bar instills community in DU area

Focusing on Steam Espresso Bar, I wanted to capture the beauty and ambiance of the shop, along with telling the story of how two DU alum had a dream and a goal.

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Images from the midst of DU’s Winter crime-wave


DENVER – As the Winter temperatures plummet and the workload of classes begins to weigh down on DU students, there’s yet another issue for people to be stressed over: crime. Just since November of 2015, there have been 84 Campus Safety reports filed; many of which concern sexual assault, armed robbery, or forced fondling. This is unfortunately not simply a spike in criminal activity, but rather a continuation of an alarming trend for the University of Denver area. Continue reading

DU students craving healthy food on campus

The "Healthy Options" board, located in DU's Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri

The “Healthy Options” board, located in DU’s Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri.

DENVER- A popular trend amongst millennials, healthy eating has been gaining momentum on college campuses, including the University of Denver (DU).

With three dining halls, three cafes and two convenience stores located across DU’s campus, students are provided with a variety of food options wherever they go, but not all of them are healthy.

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Making “Miss Julie:” Understanding theater at DU

The fact that they encourage us, not only allow us, to pursue those other endeavors—it’s really something special.” – Actor Cody Schuyler

Getting ready for rehearsal

Kim Morgan, left, instructs Kaitlin Clark, in the blue, Cody Schuyler, in the red, and Julia Owen, in the black and white.

DU’s Theater Department is known for its provocative and challenging dramatic pieces. Most productions revolve around a philosophical approach to the world and its people, and each cast creates its own portrayal of life and its meaning.

The latest main stage play, which will run alongside the main stage musical “Urinetown,” is called “Miss Julie,” and it paints the same characteristically dark view on society as do most other DU plays.

Cheyenne Michaels, who designed “Miss Julie’s” commercial, described the play’s importance within the theatrical world.

“It’s the first play that ever separated sex from love,” she said. “Streinberg [“Miss Julie’s” playwright] was also trying to create a realism play, which focuses on real world problems through an artistic view.”

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