DUPB brings inclusive events to DU students

Chloe Barrett

Hayley Posner

Jillian Queri

If you’re a student at the University of Denver, chances are you’ve gone tubing and crammed 20 of your closest friends into a one bedroom lodge at Winter Carnival. Maybe you’ve also enjoyed live music at DU’s Music Fest each spring or celebrated the Hindu culture by adorning your peers with colored cornstarch. But do you know who makes these unique DU events possible?

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Student events committee at University of Denver offers free fun for students

By Anna Gauldin, Hannah Gilham and Katy Owens

The University of Denver Programming Board, also known as DUPB, organizes affordable and enjoyable events for students on campus, ranging from homecoming to concerts to movie nights.

DUPB’s goal is “fun, free entertainment for students,” according to Richard Maez, the co-chair of the DUPB Traditions committee. According to Maez, DUPB is one of the largest student organizations on campus and seeks to provide programming for all students, whatever their major, year or interests.

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