Asian restaurants around the DU campus.

The University of Denver has a multitude of great dining options near its campus, but can sometimes lack variety. 7 of the restaurants in a 4 block radius around campus are Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. So how can a school with only 6% of its population composed of international students support this many Asian restaurants?

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DU students craving healthy food on campus

The "Healthy Options" board, located in DU's Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri

The “Healthy Options” board, located in DU’s Nelson Dining Hall, depict what particular food options students can find. Photo by Jillian Queri.

DENVER- A popular trend amongst millennials, healthy eating has been gaining momentum on college campuses, including the University of Denver (DU).

With three dining halls, three cafes and two convenience stores located across DU’s campus, students are provided with a variety of food options wherever they go, but not all of them are healthy.

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Food culture difference: the big issue for international students

The topic I chose is the different food cultures between the U.S. and where DU international students come from. Since I don’t feel very comfortable to be recorded myself, I decide to conduct this slideshow depending the interviews, so I had each of my interviewees introduce themselves and talk through on this topic. The photos I shot basically consist of photos of the interviewees, food, cooking and DU dining halls. I also went to the Chinese New Year Celebration. Continue reading

Students flock to Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta $1 Slice Night near DU campus

With this audio slideshow I wanted to tell others about the joys of $1 Slice Night at Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta on Evans Avenue. Through my slideshow I follow one restaurant-goer’s experience at slice night, from a student perspective, as well as from one of the pizza maker’s perspective.

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