A student’s perspective on the housing problem at DU

This audio slideshow features a students perspective on how difficult it is to obtain housing on and off campus. I really wanted to get a student perspective since students are the people who are impacted by this the most. I did this by interviewing Dana Reegen, who is a student who has had difficulties receiving housing as well as difficulties finding housing for the summer and next school year.

I took photos during various days after my interview with Dana. I tried to take photos of things that she mentioned, such as the different apartment buildings that DU offers to the juniors and seniors to live in. Since the DU housing fair that was mentioned was only put on during winter quarter I took a screenshot of the promotion that is still on DU’s housing page. I also took screenshots of what the dates and prices were to live in DU housing during the summer because I think that it is important for other people to know why this is an issue for students. The photos went in that particular order that I put them in because I tried to match up photos I had taken of things that Dana had said during her interview because it gives viewers a visual as to what she is talking about.

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