The controversy of free speech at DU

The slideshow is related to my Issue Story – the topic of free speech at DU. For the first part I focused on what free speech meant to some people at DU and what DU does to accomodate inclusion among different ideas on campus. The second part is related to some other uses of free speech relating to a different way of protesting and how it affects journalism.

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The Controversy of Free Speech at DU

Graffiti on a DU building

Graffiti on the side of a DU building.

The University of Denver has a lot of history when it has come to students expressing their First Amendment right to free speech, and not all opinions have been welcome on campus.

In 1970, DU students attempted to protest the University’s decision to stay open after the events of the Kent State Massacre. The students lived in a makeshift village for several days, calling it ‘Woodstock West’ until The National Guard was called in to disperse the protest.

“I don’t think [The National Guard] was called in to necessarily restore the campus, but rather to ‘save face’ for the Chancellor.” Sheila Schroeder, a DU professor, said. Schroeder is working on a documentary about Woodstock West.

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