Case de Paz: Providing hospitality to those affected by immigrant detention

For my audio slideshow I decided to highlight a local organization, Casa de Paz. As can be seen from the array of household photos the organization is manned by few volunteers in a suburban home across from the Aurora Detention Center. The photos range from home-made thank you cards, cozy living room furniture, eloquent meals prepared by college students, interacting with immigrants, and the everyday duties of running a 2-bedroom house. I was fortunate enough to meet Paul, a well-spoken Haitian staying at Casa de Paz who seeks asylum in the United States. I also interviewed Erin, a college student who volunteers at the Casa in her spare time. I feel as if the photographs captured the loving and cozy Casa. Continue reading

Student safety on campus

My slideshow seeks to tell the story of the recent string of campus fondlings, thefts, and robberies plaguing the DU community. In the past year alone there have been armed robberies, car theft, bicycle theft, sexual assault and fondling, as well as a bomb threat. I interviewed 3 DU students and a sergeant in campus safety to get multiple opinions on this subject, from different angles. I think having the opinions of real DU students makes my audio slideshow more informative and engaging, and puts a real face, and voice, to the indirect victims of these crimes.

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Women’s Safety On Campus

The story I aimed to convey in my slide show is that of the women of DU and how they feel about their safety. I included photos of both people and places to help frame the story in terms of who is being affected, where are they being affected and what can we do to change this. I wanted to make this a serious piece and I think I was able to accomplish this goal. Some of my photos were meant to be more symbolic rather than literal in their meaning so that the slide show had depth rather than just putting all very obvious photos up.

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Denver’s Population: Still Safe to Drive?

For my audio slideshow, I looked at how people generally viewed driving conditions in the Denver Area. Recently, the city has experienced a population boom and I read a Denver Post report that traffic accidents are on the rise. In retrospect, my topic came to me from a close call on the road when I was heading to work. Having brainstormed many other topics, I was almost ready to throw in the towel and do another piece on swing dancing. However, I decided to venture into the background of my new co-worker. Recently, she had arrived from Miami, Florida. Ultimately, I wondered if Colorado’s road conditions were as bad as other major cities-especially given the population increase.
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What to wear: snow and ice edition

My slide show focuses in on what types of winter weather clothing items students should wear when it is icy and cold outside. Being in proper winter gear for braving the slipper paths on campus is very important, and no one likes freezing on their way to class. My topic covered not only foot wear but also coats, layers, and other accessories students should consider investing in in order to be safe and warm during the winter months here in Colorado.

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