Making “Miss Julie:” Understanding theater at DU

The fact that they encourage us, not only allow us, to pursue those other endeavors—it’s really something special.” – Actor Cody Schuyler

Getting ready for rehearsal

Kim Morgan, left, instructs Kaitlin Clark, in the blue, Cody Schuyler, in the red, and Julia Owen, in the black and white.

DU’s Theater Department is known for its provocative and challenging dramatic pieces. Most productions revolve around a philosophical approach to the world and its people, and each cast creates its own portrayal of life and its meaning.

The latest main stage play, which will run alongside the main stage musical “Urinetown,” is called “Miss Julie,” and it paints the same characteristically dark view on society as do most other DU plays.

Cheyenne Michaels, who designed “Miss Julie’s” commercial, described the play’s importance within the theatrical world.

“It’s the first play that ever separated sex from love,” she said. “Streinberg [“Miss Julie’s” playwright] was also trying to create a realism play, which focuses on real world problems through an artistic view.”

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