University of Denver

Businesses around DU strive for sustainability

By Daniela Santos and Taylor Sienkiewicz

As reported in 303 Magazine’s Earth Day report card, Denver businesses are not doing all it takes to be environmentally conscious and minimize their ecological footprint. But, around the University of Denver (DU), local restaurants, such as Beans, a student-run coffee shop on campus and Illegal Pete’s, a local mission-style burrito restaurant located on Evans, are doing a good job showing the initiative to be a sustainable organization that reduces waste going to the landfill. Continue reading

DU community breaks down walls surrounding mental health

By taking these pictures, I attempt to document and bring awareness to mental health on college campuses, specifically the University of Denver. This slideshow links to my issue story as it regards the importance of making mental health part of conversations on-campus. Through it, I attempt to help the viewer visualize campus life and how those struggling with mental health can blend into a crowd. However, I also show the resources available. The most contradictory photograph to this sad concept is the nine out of 10 booth, which features resources for students to reach out to each other and students themselves.  Continue reading

ACL injuries test the love for the game


The training tables in the Ritchie Center where athletes complete their rehab and ACL treatments.

It is common for student athletes to end up with ACL tears during their collegiate careers.

Why do they continue to play? How do they continue to endure the pain? Are student athletes continuing to play in fear of losing the sport they love?

“I continue to play after all of these surgeries to prove that it’s possible.” Junior volleyball player Taylor Loyd says when asked after undergoing 2 ACL reconstructive surgeries and a port-hole filling ACL surgery.

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Fraternity and Sorority Life at DU work to defy stereotypes


Chalk art promoting a Delta Zeta philanthropy event.

Fraternities and Sororities across the nation are often portrayed in media as partiers. There are incidents that support this stereotype, this is not always the case and members of Fraternity and Sorority life across the country work hard to change this stereotype.

At the University of Denver there are many different fraternities and sororities on campus. There are seven Interfraternity Council Chapters, seven Panhellenic Association Chapters, five Multicultural Greek Council Chapters, and three National Pan-Hellenic Council Chapters.

Each of these 22 chapters has a philanthropy that they support through fundraising events. Sigma Chi’s philanthropy is Huntsman Cancer Institute, Delta Zeta supports The Starkey Hearing Foundation, and Delta Delta Delta supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, just to name a few.

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DU community breaks down walls surrounding mental health

University of Denver students write encouraging notes to each other and leave on display in Driscoll Bridge.

University of Denver students write encouraging notes to each other and leave on display in Driscoll Bridge.

Mental wellness is an under-discussed aspect of college life. While everyday conversation surrounding mental health continues to be stifled, the concern over college student’s mental health is growing, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Often, students struggling may want help, but are not sure how to get it. They are afraid of reaching out to those around them due to negative stigma. They are afraid of reaching out to professional help because they aren’t sure what the resources are or are afraid they won’t be able to afford counseling.

In the fall of 2015, University of Denver (DU) programs received the Garrett Lee Smith Grant, administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. This has allowed the university to expand mental health programs. Continue reading

Love Your Melon brings awareness to DU’s campus

The story I am aiming to convey through my audio slide show pertains to the recent establishment of a Love Your Melon chapter on DU’s campus, and of the organization as a whole—an apparel brand run by college students across the nation that endeavors to provide every child battling cancer in America a hat. I included photos of the product at the very epicenter of Love Your Melon, of the people that it benefits, of the people who are a part of it and of pertinent places. Despite the devastating reason for the very existence of this organization, I wanted my slideshow to strike a lighter tone, which I think I accomplished with the photos I included. Continue reading

College students: complicated relationship with caffeine

Latte Shot

Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms — Photograph by Shannon O’Mara

The University of Denver is home to Beans Coffee Shop. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location on campus, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.

University of Denver second year, Veronica Angell has been working at Beans for about 6 months. She loves her job because she is a part of something successful that people on campus love and support constantly.

One of the people that Angell serves is University of Denver, third year accounting major, Courtney Smith. Because of the vigorous expectations for accounting majors, Smith spends long hours awake in the library studying every element that is necessary for the accounting core. These long hours in the library cause Smith to rely on caffeine to function each and everyday. Continue reading

DU’s Inclusive Excellence promotes acceptance towards Muslim students in the wake of terrorism

This past November, more than 120 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a series of attacks of unprecedented scale by the terrorist group, ISIS. The fear that followed this violence has resulted in unjust treatment toward Muslim people everywhere, with communities in Texas to Florida to Nebraska reporting threats and defacement of mosques, passengers refusing to get on flights with people who “look Muslim” and much worse.

DU's commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community Photo by Chloe Barrett

DU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community
Photo by Chloe Barrett

Additionally, following the Paris Attacks, national attention has been drawn to Islamophobia on college campuses, a charge that DU is not entirely innocent of. Second-year business marketing student, Kylee Skall recalls seeing an abundance of hateful, Islamophobic slurs on the anonymous social networking app Yik Yak following the Paris Attacks in November.

“I remember there being a lot of really graphic, violent threats,” said Skall. “Stuff like ‘murder all Muslims’ and ‘ban Muslims from America.’”

Arguably, cruel and ignorant messages such as this are nothing new for anonymous forums like Yik Yak, but it would seem that this malice has begun to transcend the virtual realm into the everyday life of students at DU. Second-year political science and public policy student, Cheyenne Hunt, reports seeing a poster in Sturm hall in mid-January showing a woman wearing a hijab—the purpose of which is to encourage cultural sensitivity on DU’s campus—with the words “go back home” written on it.

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DU students shop on a budget.

I wanted to highlight the different ways that college students shop on a budget, and the choices available to students looking for affordable options.  This includes tips from the students themselves, statistics provided by various sources, and brief mentions of some of the various retailers available to college students (plus ways to take advantage of discounts and rewards programs).

University of Denver students talk about final exams

The library is crammed and there are no seats left in Jazzman’s Café. Students are busy typing away and flipping through notes. It’s that time of the quarter again: finals.

Finals at the University of Denver can be a stressful time for students, as the ten weeks are coming to a close and the workload is building up. Luckily, many students have mastered the finals routine and have come up with effective ways to study and deal with stress.  Continue reading