Writing opportunities for DU students

By Taylor Sienkiewicz and Daniela Santos.

The University of Denver (DU) holds various majors that tailor to prospective writer’s aspirations. For example, students are able to focus on their creative writing by majoring in english while fact-based analytical writers can major in journalism. Other writing practices can include business writing, short memos, long-form theses, etc. Nonetheless, no matter what the style is that pertains to the prospective writer, having a platform to publish their own work is important to polish one’s skills and continue sharing one’s stories. Continue reading

Moving On: Pioneers’ Christian Burgdorf

Ellie Knott, Phalan Klein

For Bill Tierney’s Pioneers, excellence is the unanimous standard. His end game however? that his players will have fun and excel in sport and life far past his time as their coach. For three time all American and two time captain Christian Burgdorf, Lacrosse still is and always will be a “Fun game.” We caught up with Christian to talk about the end of his career as a pioneer and the recent Major League Lacrosse Draft. Continue reading

DU Sports Medicine: all access


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Students speak out on gender

DENVER- It has long been a taboo to talk about issues and biases surrounding gender and here at DU is no exception. For many years there has been a negative almost dismissive stereotyping of gender rights especially surrounding feminism which is often greeted by older generations with an eye roll.

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DU’s longest running tradition


May Days at the University of Denver serves as an event that marks the end of the academic school year. This week-long event takes place during week nine every year to distress students before finals. This year, May Days brought five different events to DU’s campus. The end of the week was closed off with the annual MusicFest at the Ogden Theatre with artist D.R.A.M. as the headliner.

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Greek life’s demise at DU

Greek life is a popular social aspect on many college campuses, specifically on the University of Denver’s campus. However, recently there has been a lot of negative associations with greek life. This new view has caused a decrease in students participation in greek life. There are fewer members going through the recruitment process, and more members dropping from their chapter.

DU has a pretty big greek life for a small school, consisting of six fraternities and six sororities. In the past two years two fraternities have been kicked off for various reasons. The first fraternity to get kicked off was Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a long standing fraternity at the university of Denver. It was in December of 2015 when the school emailed the members of SAE and told them they had to move out of the house and their chapter was being removed. Continue reading

DU students frustrated over registration system

Registering for classes is a stressful time for students here at the University of Denver, and also for students on campuses across the country. The majority of students worry about being able to take certain classes that they need. Registration at the University of Denver is completely online. Students lookup classes or enter course number online in order to register, which can all be found on the University’s website pioneer web. Because the system is completely online, there are often frustrations and difficultly for students to create the schedules they want  and or need.

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Beans: “Coffee for Students, by Students”

Student-run coffeeshop Beans is a unique feature of DU’s campus. Offering “coffee for students, by students,” it serves a niche market and has a promising future.


Beans was originally a small operation started as a class in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, with a new staff every quarter. Nine years ago, however, it was turned into its current state: a full-fledged business Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.49.58 PMentirely managed and staffed by DU students.


“The idea was to turn Beans into an ‘after-school job’ for students, for lack of a better term,” explained Mary Margaret Monacelli, a senior Hospitality major and one of Beans’ two managers. “So the school OK’ed it, gave us a budget to buy food and pay people, and it’s just grown from there.”


While Monacelli and her co-manager are still supervised by Knoebel school staff, they are enabled to make a majority of decisions regarding ordering, hiring, and day-to-day operations.


“Beans is a learning lab,” said Monacelli. “Not only do the students working get to learn how to be baristas, but the managers get to learn how to manage.”

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Ride with DU skateboarders

We all notice the students skateboarding to class, landing tricks in the middle campus, or just attending class holding a board. The skate life is prevalent at the University of Denver, but what lies behind the curtain of everyday use are people who skate for a deeper reason. People who skateboard as a muse.

Three students at DU describe the skateboard culture, explaining why they love to skate and why it is such an important aspect in their lives.

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Parking at DU causes frustration and angst among students

At the University of Denver, the most agitating part of a student’s life should be class. Unfortunately for some, parking, rather than education itself, is one of the more dominant stressers in life. With limited space and time for street parking and expensive passes for on-campus parking, the options presented to students are often perceived as unreasonable.

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